10 Liquid Small Caps Between $1 And $2 To Consider Swing Into Next Week

From time to time I like to scan for stocks between $.25 and $2 because they can provide an easy double on your money if you pick the right entry and have the patience to let it develop. Just think about it, Google would need to hit $1,200 from here to double and Apple $1,000. TAT on the other hand just moved from $.60 back in October to $1.60 just a month later meaning a small 10,000 share position would have made $10,000 profit in a month, now that’s good money.

To watch in HD, first expand the video and then select 720p in the settings just below the chart.

To watch in HD, first expand the video and then select 720p in the settings just below the chart.

I have been a member for only 2 and half months but i have learned a lifetime of trading knowledge from your video lessons and chat. Thanks.

Edwin M.


  1. Frank Kolnacki says:

    Hi Jason. Thanks for these picks. Do you do a final check for news and hype one final time for a stock that’s been on watch for a week and is ready to play today? Can you ignore news and hype on sub 5 buck picks and just play them off technicals or do you need a marriage of the two to profit? Thanks for your hard work and willingness to help us newbs.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi and yes Frank, I check everything in detail before my trade alerts are sent to my subscribers live by chat, text and email in real time. You still need hype on $5 stocks, it helps a lot. For example this morning I’m writing a piece on how I alerted LGF 30% before Jim Cramer etc… then when Jim alerts it for us it’s like a pump and it moves higher… those are the type of stocks I look for, companies whose catalyst could become a major network story so they pump it for us while we own it.

  2. George says:

    great info i want to join up it seems that you want to make big gains

  3. SM says:

    What is ‘fin buis’? Can’t find it on a web search. Tks., SM

  4. TJH says:

    Jason – do you see TAT still pulling the same after the news of their letter of intent to sell off their oilfield services business?

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