10 Stocks Under $1 Capable Of Outperforming The Market

The following stocks; IVAN, MOTR, CGR, NNVC, QTWW, PEIX, BIOF, PWAV, MCZ and CDXC stock all have the chance of outperforming the market. All companies other than NNVC and CDXC are listed on a major exchange. I scanned for a price below $1 with a market cap between $10 million and $300 million. The ideal market cap is between $50 million and $100 million because they’re small enough to move 20%+ in a day and will draw institutional buyers at times. Here’s what I’m watching.

Ivanhoe Energy (NASDAQ:IVAN) engages in the development and production of oil and gas properties. IVAN has a 52 week range of $.72 – $2.38, market cap of $262 million, Beta of 2.67 and impressive short interest of 16 days to cover.

Motricity (NASDAQ:MOTR) provides mobile data solutions for mobile operators, consumer brands and enterprises, and advertising agencies. MOTR has a 52 week range of $.54 – $9.95, market cap of $30 million, Beta of 2.18 and impressive short interest at 19 days to cover.

Claude Resources (AMEX:CGR) engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of precious metal properties in Canada. CGR has a 52 week range of $.56 – $2.37, market cap of $106 million, Beta of 1.48 and short interest of 1 day to cover.

Nanoviricides Inc (OTCBB:NNVC) is a nano-biopharmaceutical company, engaging in developing drugs for antiviral therapy. NNVC has a 52 week range of $.52 – $1.56, market cap of $101 million and a Beta of 1.15.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies (NASDAQ:QTWW) is an integrated alternative energy company, develops and produces natural gas, fuel cell, and other propulsion systems, and renewable energy generation systems and services in the United States and internationally. QTWW has 52 week range of $.41 – $6.29, market cap of $24 million, Beta of .88 and a short interest of 2.93.

Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ:PEIX) produces and markets low carbon renewable fuels in the United States. PEIX has a 52 week range of $.25 – $2.87, market cap of $60 million, Beta of 1.7 and short interest of 2 days to cover.

Biofuel Energy (NASDAQ:BIOF) produces and sells ethanol and its co-products in the United States. BIOF has a 52 week range of $.15 – $1.24, market cap of $34 million, Beta of 5.34 and short interest of 3 days to cover.

Powerwave Technologies (NASDAQ:PWAV) designs, manufactures, and markets end-to-end wireless solutions for wireless communications networks worldwide. PWAV has a 52 week range of $.69 – $19.50, market cap of $30 million, BETA of .94 and short interest of 6 days to cover.

Mad Catz Interactive Inc (AMEX:MCZ) designs, manufactures, markets, sells, and distributes accessories for videogame platforms and personal computers (PC), as well as for iPod and other audio devices. MCZ has a 52 week range of $.39 – $1.87, market cap of $30 million, Beta of 2.73 and short interest of 7 days to cover.

Chromadex Corp (OTCBB:CDXC) supplies ingredients, phytochemical reference standards, and related phytochemical products and services to the dietary supplement, food and beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. CDXC has a 52 week range of $.44 Р$1.84, market cap of $50 million and Beta of 1.55.

Great week here +35% YHOO options, +60% ZAGG options, +37% AMZN options, up $1,200 on LYSCF, -8% on JRCC, plus some wins on daytrades. Still open IBM options. Thanks JB and Luke.

Climb R.


  1. Dirk Lenaerts says:

    Thanks, Jason, I`ll surely watch them. My financial possibilities are limited though.


    thanks JB

  3. Chris Livengood says:

    Love the this format, thanks for the hard work, I appreciate it. See you in Chat.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Picked up MOTR at .71 because I liked the short interest. Out at .78 for a quick almost 10% in less than an hour. You’re the man JB.

  5. GaryJPalys says:

    Jason, what are your thoughts on IVAN? I can’t find anything to justify the sharp drop last Friday…

  6. GaryPalys says:

    Guess I should have followed my instincts… IVAN had a nice bounce!

  7. TevisWiker says:

    Scored 22% on MCZ.. thank you! I’m new to all of this and love it!! with your vids and unrivaled teaching abilities, I plain to just keep plucking away. turning some small funds into a large portfolio. You are turning my pennys into gold so on that note you are WORTH EVERY PENNY TY

  8. TevisWiker says:

    *NEOM* This stock is not on this post and Sub Penny at this time but you have playd it in past. I have been watching it doing some DD..and I have feeling going to make a run soon! Your opinion??

  9. TevisWiker says:

    Ok thank you. Hope you had good time on your vacation!
    Where did you go if you dont mind?

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