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$24,300 Profit Overnight! In Sprint (NYSE:S) Calls Wednesday $.34, Out Thursday $1.15 For 238%, Learn How!

If I told you that you could buy Sprint (NYSE:S) at $.34 cents Wednesday afternoon when the stock price was trading around $5 and sell it the next morning at $1.15 when the stock price was trading around $6 would you be interested?

That’s a return of 238% overnight and was in fact alerted in the Jason Bond Picks chat room by head moderator Luke Murray who bagged just over $24,000 on the trade.

Wednesday [12:55 pm] Luke Murray (P2D): in S Nov 17 $5 calls @ $.34

Thursday [11:22 am] Luke Murray (P2D): out S Nov 17 $5 Calls @ $1.15 +.81 or +238% CHACHING I was looking for $6 today and took it!

This basic call and put option strategy we use at Jason Bond Picks is literally no different than buying and selling stock and we can teach you how to do this.

The best part is these make excellent account builders. Think about it… each contract Luke bought is equivalent to 100 shares and he bought 3oo contracts or 30,000 shares at $.34 Wednesday afternoon.

His total risk was 30,000 x $.34 or $10,200. Remember, when Luke bought Wednesday the stock was trading around $5, he’d have had to put around $150,000 into stock to get 30,000 shares i.e. options give you leverage and allow you to play bigger companies at a lower price.

The very next day when Sprint stock was around $6 up about 20%, Luke’s calls bought at $.34 were trading at $1.15 for a massive 238% profit. He literally turned his small $10,200 investment into $34,500 overnight for a
massive $24,300 profit. Now for the sake of argument, say you didn’t want to risk $10,200 like Luke did… even if you went in with 1/3 his size buying 100 contracts which we now know to be 10,000 shares your investment was $3,400 Wednesday at $.34 and worth $11,500 Thursday or $8,100 overnight.

So the point of this blog post is this… basic option calls and puts give you leverage in the market to play expensive stocks like Google and Apple at lower prices and when you pick the right direction, the percent gains can add up much faster, as seen above when S options when up 238% when the stock only rose 20%.

To learn more about these explosive and extremely profitable opportunities, be sure to watch Luke’s webinar and video lesson on options under the Moderator Notes section of the website for premium clients only.

JB, I bought the S Nov 17 $5.00 Calls on Luke’s alert at $.40 and sold at $1.10 for a 175% win. Definitely my biggest win so far. Thank you and Luke for all you guys do. I am in for life. This is fun. ~ Randy H.


  1. nancy says:

    Hello Jason, Rather than options, I buy Canadian mining warrants. EG. P.WT, I made 1.50 in just a few weeks. Now have FDR.WT. at. 10. Could have sold at .38 but holding on since the warrants are good for another 2 years. They will go up with the underlying stock. Just wondering if you every trade Canadian stocks,

  2. jim says:

    do you offer fund management service?

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