1. Robert Powell says:

    do you put an 10% stop loss on all stocks when buying? ..Thank you

    • Jason Bond says:

      No, if I took 10% losses I’d crush my portfolio since I’m putting $50,000 into trades. My goal is 10% profit and a few % loss. Generally I’m trying to get out just a few % off my entry if I pick the wrong direction. From time to time I will let a stock drop 10% if I make an error but think it’ll channel back up for me.

  2. Doug says:

    So Jason, if you don’t start out with a 10% stop, what percent do you set your stop below when you 1st buy a stock ?

    • Jason Bond says:

      I’m not setting stops anymore… I don’t like showing my hand I do it manually.

  3. Doug says:

    Who and how see’s your hand ? Can somebody actually see your stop’s ? Your kidding me ?

  4. robertlederman says:

    interestingly enough both PULS and PLUG both made 5% within a day which is my goal RAD is still in play, give it another day or two and I’ll sell it

    Since I’m new to trading (not to investing) I’m only paper trading at this point. But so far I like what I see

  5. suren says:

    couple weeks ago you had APGS at 11cents as your buy stock. Now it is at 2 cents. I have lost 80% of my money. How did this come on your radar. I had sent an email earlier but got noreply. Is there any hope this APGS can come back to even 8cents. Please reply what is your suggestion.


    • Jason Bond says:

      You have me confused with someone else, that was never alerted here at JBP and definitely not as a buy?

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