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Luke’s original email to me on May 2, 2012 10:51 a.m. EST

Dear Jason,

I feel like I’m the worst trader in the world. I had a superb last 3 months of 2011, however I stated shorting overvalued stocks into the 2012 rally and got burned. I was so frustrated I turned to penny stocks to recoup some gains and am now looking at an acct value of $8,000 down from $32,000. I need some help and I need to get some of this money back. If I buy your program, listen, learn and follow your instructions; what is a reasonable timeframe that I could see at least $25,000 back into my acct? I’m currently with etrade and my day trade acct is restricted so I am looking at cash only transactions. 

Thank you in advance,


My response that same day May 2, 2012 12:06 p.m. EST

Hi Luke,

I can’t promise a return but I think you’ll find a lot of value at $297 / quarter.

We’ve all been burned, it’s how you come back that matters.


Luke’s testimonial 2 months later…

I’m at the 2 month mark with your service and have to say that I am very happy and a much more confident trader. I found your site through a series of unfortunate events. I was watching the global markets on money.cnn.com and saw a stock promo advertisement on the bottom of the page. I clicked it and it took me to Sefe Inc. (OTCBB:SEFE). I liked the story, so i put it on my watch list. After a 20% rise, I bought in and made a quick $4,000 and sold.

Then I started looking at penny stocks different and signed up for a newsletter from a guy called “Darth Trader”. My original investment in the market was $31,500 and I was at $26,000 at the time I linked up with Darth. In 15 days my account value went to $8,000 and I started to search for the top rated newsletter and yours came up on top. I emailed you and you got back to me in minutes and I signed up May 1st (great timing right). At the same time, I received a loan from my trust for $100,000 which I have one year to pay back. I started with small positions and lost close to $1,000 before I went a little bigger on VRNG and made my first $4,000 with you.

Now it’s win after win lately and you have a customer for life.

Anyway, you should enjoy this:

ATPG has now paid me 4 times this month! 6/1-6/7 +$3,815, 6/14-6/15 +$4,141, 6/26-6/27 +$4,156, 6/28-7/2 +$2,312. Thanks JB!

So I now have $152,080 in my account plus e-trades 3x margin for day-traders (even though I don’t consider myself one yet) and will be able to pay the loan back a lot sooner than expected! Thanks again for your hard work, teaching and guidance. ~ Luke A. 

J , you are the master teacher at this game!!! Keep it up!

Max M.


  1. Doug says:

    What a great comeback story !!!!

  2. Luke Murray says:

    Great story Luke, nice rebound!!!!

    Will those girls be in Atlantic City? I am asking for the room as a whole not for myself as I am a team player.

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