427 In Chat; Landmark Day At Jason Bond Picks

In January of 2011 I walked away from a 10 year career teaching in public schools to teach on Wall Street… I had 0 clients and was making $1,000 a month. It was a HUGE risk leaving a $55,000 salary, full benefits and pension behind.

A year and a half later we’re on top and I owe it all to my clients. Tuesday the premium chat alone hit 427 blowing up my 400 seat allowance at Omnovia, my chat provider forcing me to buy the 500 seat package. As you can imagine this was reason to celebrate so I tied one on Tuesday night throwing a digital party that rolled with about 100 clients in chat until 4 a.m. EST Wednesday morning. The celebratory drink of choice was red wine (Bad idea looking back). Being a role model and leader of this service, you won’t see me drinking with clients often but this truly was a landmark day worthy of celebration.

Bottom line, Tuesday July 24, 2012 Jason Bond Picks broke 400 in chat and we partied like it was 1999 last night. Celebration behind, I’d like to thank any clients that were not able to attend an promise to continue working my tale off to make this community the #1 stop for winning small cap trades.  In addition to thanking my clients… I’d like to also thank my friends and moderators Luke, Matt and Otto as well, I’m proud to work alongside you guys daily.

Halfahad: sold another 5k shares VRNG at $4.28 for $2,500 profit. total $5,000 profit so far. Letting another 5k run for more

Jason: +$740 on VRNG call options brought yesterday

Eric: Out VRNG +11% +$4,132 profit less than 24 hrs on VRNG…thx!

Mark: out ZNGA  AUG 18  $5.00 calls  +$2,700

Geno: Jason, I love you man. You nailed ZNGA (a day earlier) and VRNG. I paid myself here total $4,300

S I: Hi jb today I make +$2,600 on SRPT thanks to Luke

Jedi: ZNGA calls + $4,100, 1/2 my VRNG calls + $8,000. Thanks JB

Jackson: I had an amazing run with VRNG. In 3.8, out 4.2 (just shy of HOD). Locked in more than 10% w/ profits $1,500+. 

Swimming in cheddar!!!

Another $4,300 this week and I do not do options. Thanks JB!

Michael P.


  1. johnhudson says:

    Sorry I missed the party, I did enjoy that tipsy webinar a couple weeks ago though. lol

    • Jason Bond says:

      Ha good point… other than Atlantic City you won’t a party like last night again though. Not even sure we’ll get that crazy in Atlantic City… I was a teacher / still am and have a reputation to keep up ha… or so I think anyway 8)

  2. Jeff Emerson says:

    All work and no play will make anybody a dull boy… Nothing wrong with having fun once n’ a while. When you have this type of work ethic, no prob.. Hope I can make it to AC…

  3. robmadrid says:

    over here we’re 6 hours behind so when I went into chat, it was like, whoa, what’s going on here, party love it!!!!!! See you in chat again today

  4. G13man says:

    could not get in but others from super nova said to say hi
    ps congrates

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