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50 Reasons To Join Jason Bond Picks

January 2011 I left NYS public education to teach on Wall Street. That conversation didn’t go over so well with my wife. Today my portfolio is up just shy of 20% and I have thousands of clients. The testimonials you’re about to read aren’t just my clients but my friends and I consider them family. Like any head of a family, I care about their success which is why I work late on the weekdays and through the weekend. It’s a sacrifice I enjoy and wouldn’t trade in for the world. To my friends who wrote me below, my most sincere thank you!

  1. “<—just popped in, THANK YOU JB!!! i would have NEVER known about this without the trade room and all of your work! Hey Jason, I love your system! I rec’d your alert while sitting in a meeting on VRNG and realized I had make $5,000 in 4 market hours. Thanks so much!” ~ Dawn M.
  2. “I took off 1/4 of my investment of VRNG +$4,800 (A lot of money for a 24 year old) letting the rest sit through the coming weeks. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. MUCH LOVE TO THE MODERATORS AS WELL!!!!! Member for life.” ~ Christian I.
  3. “Thank you so much for not bowing to subscribers pressures to pick stocks when the market doesn’t look good.  This week is supposed to be volatile for trading; Jim Cramer told everybody to be all cash by Thursday.  I know that some people want trade alerts every day, but sometimes the best advice is ‘Just don’t do something, sit there’!” ~ Diana S.
  4. “Trading improved 1,000% – less trades but all profitable – really helped with confidence – I had studied all your videos and Nison candles but it really has come together on the site with your & Luke’s input i.e. when you have Bird & McHale on your team you automatically play better!!!” ~ Chad J.
  5. “I’ll take the opportunity to compliment you on your business model. I am learning so much which only makes your service more valuable as we become a tighter group, and well, it’s a blast… thanks! I made a ton of mistakes trying to trade by myself and I have lost a lot of money too, but now knowing what to look for I am way more successful.  And having you actually helping us through each day is phenomenal. You are brilliant. Whoever your mentor is giving you really good advice. I applaud your success and I am very grateful to be part of JBP!” ~ Andrea M.
  6. “I had tried many different ways to trade and make money, lost some won some. But had always been told to avoid any trades below $10 stocks. Since joining with Jason, I have been learning how to make more money faster trading below $10 stocks than the high dollar ones, and my losses are smaller because my trade plan works through Jason’s picks. He is helping people understand how to create income with his trading methods and selections. Thank you Jason for introducing some profitable teaching for all of us.” ~ Ed J.
  7. “Love your video lessons – it’s better than taking a class with a live instructor because I can go back and check specific charts and examples!.  Note taking is easy and being able to go back and review the main theme is HUGE! Your references for which books to read are invaluable.  Without guidance a person can spend a lifetime reading the wrong stock guides – with your advice it becomes focused AND meaningful – Thank you!” ~ Leo D.
  8. “Jason, I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do. I am just an average guy who works second shift as a machinist for a large company. Because of your teaching and coaching I made more money this morning before I went to work then I will make for the entire week from work. You can say that I am a very happy customer, what you are doing is life changing.” ~ Todd R.
  9. “Worth every last penny ten times over. This site will probably be called Bond University eventually LOL…and the service worth a college education. Not only that, but our moderators are actually in the fire with us and online in a live chat. Iron sharpens iron. Don’t buy some cheap second rate website because your account will flatten out like lead. Jason goes to bat for us every day. I would say you can’t afford not to be a part of this community if you’re new to investing. Bond picks are on point. We’re having fun making money. Hope you come along for the ride with us.” ~ Nicholas B.
  10. “JB, love your site, once again I used your video lessons to make a 12% gain on NOK and an 11% gain on JOEZ.  I had to go a little longer on JOEZ than I liked but I knew to wait and watch then made my move.  I’ve made more money using your site since MAY 2012 than my financial advisor was able to in 6 years.  In May 2012 I set a goal to make 12% for the next 12 months and reached it today, 8 months early, THANK YOU!!” ~ Jim J.
  11. “I have been going through the video lessons and watching the blog/chat, etc. Was able to close out of an unproductive RGR holding that has languished for three months. Was able to utilize your charting guidelines to close out at the high for the day (I know…dumb luck but it worked) and recover what had been a loss. Now I can start mirroring your swing trades and get serious about all of this!” ~ Leo D.
  12. “I wanted to take the time out to tell you what a wonderful service you offer. I’ve only been with you a few weeks but already I have learned so much. You take the time out to actually teach us and show us why you make the moves you do and I appreciate that. I actually feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. I have not seen a service like yours. You are definitely one of a kind!!! Thanks again.” ~ Megan T.
  13. “I don’t want to sound shallow or trite so I’ll word this in a way natural to me: your service is so F..ing awesome. Honestly, no sh*t, you’ve got it figured out. Please, never lose the honesty and integrity. It resonates.” ~ Nick I.
  14. “Jason, I enjoyed your class tremendously and will be looking forward to the next three classes. I never thought I would be interested in learning something new after retirement, much less in trading after losing $60K years ago. Thank you and hope you will keep up with your fantastic work.” ~ John P.
  15. “Yesterday marked my first 3 month’s with JB picks. In my first month I lost $5,000 learning how to properly use the information and watching the videos. I have also learned patience is very key in trading. Layering in buys is the second most valuable key I have learned. Now at the end of 3 month’s I am up $10,000!  Thanks for the great tips! This service is an amazing tool! Keep up the great work everyone.” ~ Jeremy G.
  16. “Hey man, I’m getting married on the OR coast this week and just woke up to my JPM Sept. Calls @ $38 executed for a ridiculous 110% profit!  This was a Luke trade and would have like to share in chat, but I’m iPhoning it.  110% seems crazy, but it just happened.  Oh this pays for the reception too!” ~ Martin C.
  17. “Interesting thing when your website went down today. I was tracking some chat room info and had gotten into YGE at the opening before it jumped 7% for the day (Thank you!) But, when the website went down I never felt worried. The Saturday classes were PERFECT for watching the market, making some decisions and being responsible for myself and my trade and knowing what to do. But, all that being said, it is a lot more FUN when you are out there throwing out hints and quotes!” ~ Leo D.
  18. “Scored 22% on MCZ… thank you! I’m new to all of this and love it!! with your vids and unrivaled teaching abilities, I plain to just keep plucking away. turning some small funds into a large portfolio. you are turning my pennys into gold so on that note you are WORTH EVERY PENNY TY” ~ Tevis W.
  19. “Hi Jason, you listed DIMI several months ago on your watch list. Well, I watched it carefully and then picked it up off the bottom for an 84% gain in 3 days. If I hadn’t signed up for your service and learned from your videos, there is no way I would have had the patience and knowledge to pick up this winner! Thank you!” ~ Stephen P.
  20. “I had to go on a test flight at 3 missed the market close and your webinar – but I see FB and SBUX crashed – I have PUTS on both, I’m long GLUU @ $4.51 (missed a lot of money) and I’m long S @ $3.88. Can’t wait to get home to login. Crushed it today – I will give you the numbers tomorrow!! JB and Luke are the BESt!!” ~ Plato S.
  21. “Jason, scored BIG today on alerts for PCX, MVIS and GMXR from alerts and also applying your fantastic teachings to the watchlists. More importantly I am learning SO much. You are a fantastic teacher. I trade while at work so can’t always be paying attention and have learned and still learning to look at your daily reccomendations in the a.m. before work and apply what I have learned from you to make some big profits. You are a fantastic teacher. Thanks!” ~ Karen L.
  22. “Jason, I’m glad I joined your service. As I write this I am watching ANTH break out into the gap and for the first time I am seeing fat cheddar build in my account.  Thank you for the video lessons.  I needed them to trade with confidence. I picked this trade all on my own, by use of scanning which was taught through you service.  I’m up over $2,000 this morning and it’s only lunchtime in NYC.” ~ Marty C.
  23. “Started day trading with Luke this week and “only” doing about $1,000 / day. Went back to my options roots with a Luke play on AAPL calls & did a double for $6,000 in a half hour. Big thanks JB & Luke. Hello out there – START THIS SERVICE TODAY IF YOUR TIRED OF LOSING MONEY!!!!” ~ Clyde S.
  24. “We did it again JB! I got into ATPG on your alert last week and sold my shares today on the squeeze for a total profit of $6,459.  Your service is the best thing that has happened to me. Signed up with you 3 months ago and am up over $15,000…WOW….this year and next year’s vacation paid for!!! JB i can’t thank you enough! You have taught me to be a successful trader, and I’m doing this all while having 2 jobs! You Da Man!” ~ James J.
  25. “I just want to thank for your service, I enjoy the webinars and in following the chats I realize that I have a ways to go. You need two things to start off as a new trader confidence and patience. I strongly believe your service will benefit a lot of people, the webinars with Luke and yourself are unbelievable, you have a great team. In summary I hope to grow as a trader with you, if there are any books or DVDs to compliment your lesson I would greatly appreciate the input.” ~ Arthur R.
  26. “That’s 3 times now in 2 weeks. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, Etc. How does a stock pay you a 20% return 3 times in this amount of time? I don’t comprehend fully, but I have made about $12,000 off ATPG now. I sold the last of my shares this morning at $3.59, in at $2.90! Thanks JB for teaching me!” ~ Luke A.
  27. “We are very, very glad to be trying your service.  This is the 3rd stock service we have tried already this month.  At first we were hesitant because you haven’t been in existence for as long as most of the others.  We’ve been with you 2 days and traded TVIX through your alert today.  We’ve already paid for more than a 3 month subscription!  Your service has offered us more trades in one day than the other two offered us in 2 weeks.  We aren’t ready to start shorting stocks, so we appreciate the longs and the TVIX.  I’m looking forward to watching all of your videos and learning so much more. Thanks for making us believers that a service can be worth the investment!” ~ Dan J.
  28. “Since signing onto your service on June 1st I have added $11,500! I have to admit that I have lost about $1,000 just from stopping out and was frustrated for the first few weeks. I watched all your videos two or three times and have actually gotten into a few of your trades before you, which should be an honor since your videos taught me what to look for. I just wanted to give you a formal thank you and keep up the good work.” ~ Luke A.
  29. “After becoming a member a couple of weeks ago and much skepticism on my part I decided to take the plunge and thanks to your watchlist and how to videos, I bought 1,500 GLUU shares (as I only have a small portfolio) @ $4.15 and sold at $4.45 realizing a $.30 per share in 2 days which makes me $465 richer…I am with you all the way and can’t wait for next week and your new penny stocks additions!!!!” ~ Lee Y.
  30. “I was J N on your day trade service before you went back to JBP.  I just relocated to OKC, OK and have to adjust to my new job before I can start again to trade. I see the website with all of the awesome picks.  You guys (moderators and yourself) are awesome.  I would recommend everyone I knew who was interested in trading to your service.  You guys have a solid program/approach with a lot of background work on your behalf.  Great work, hope to be back soon.” ~ Jaffar X.
  31. “Also, wanted to take a moment and say thanks, I am finding your site to be everything I was looking for in a trading profession. You are serious about making money and the success of your subscribers. I especially appreciate your effort to moderating the chat room in maintaining a professional and family atmosphere.  I just look over my April results and for the month I’m up $3,200 dollars, +6.9%. It would have been higher, but still learning my lessons. My biggest losses were the first couple weeks when leaving the disciplines you preach… This gain will allow me to move [carefully of course] to the next level of my trading endeavor, the day trading room.” ~ Nolan H.
  32. “For the past four to six months I have been trying to formulate a trading plan to execute a path to financial freedom.  Without your service, I can honestly state that I would not currently have a plan.  Your service has shown me, and many others, how the markets and individual stocks operate.  Great work and thanks!   I still have a long way to go but I’m better off because of your service and dedication to your subscribers.” ~ Chris F.
  33. “J….I do not know where to begin. I bought LQMT at .20 from your alerts and since AAPL was involved I bought 100k shares. I sold all 100k today at .6259 for a realized gain of $42,590. Wow, less than a week hold and this is the biggest trade of my life to date. I am with you to the end!!!” ~ Luke M.
  34. “Jason, what an excellent idea.  I have often said that if someone wants me to sign up…what’s wrong with showing me “what’s under the hood” and I can pay the subscription with the proceeds. I just love the way you have set up your company.   It smacks of integrity and that is absolutely necessary in this genre. Thanks for the opportunity to see your work. Have yourself a fantastic week in everything you do!” ~ Candy T.
  35. “So glad I went to Atlantic City. It was so great to meet with you and your wife, your moderators and staff, and of course some of your members. You have a great following. I was extremely impressed to say the least with how hard you work for your members. It is obvious that you want them to succeed! I have learned a great deal from your service already and I am looking forward to many more good trades ahead!” ~ Gary M.
  36. “Terrific Platform. I was most impressed with your “Learn It To Earn It” philosophy – start small, stay focused, work smart and watch the Next Egg build. I will be joining and I realized your Affiliate Program is an added bonus! What a terrific idea for an investment club to pitch their members. For novices like myself – it is so refreshing to find someone willing to be very honest about the market, the dedication needed, and the “Work-At-It-As-A-Job” mentality. Too many penny-stock pushers, Options and Commodities dealers out there looking for your membership $$ today and be out of business tomorrow. You system seems to be the only one I have seen that allows small moves, progressive build-ups and protective stop-losses.” ~ Leo D.
  37. “Should thank you for GPRN, bought it on your alert, doubled my shares at $7.17, scaled in again at $6.75 (because you wanted to buy them at $6.50 you said and it went to $6.50 and then back up), sold at $7.99 before close. Got me a nice 13 % average. A bit risky (more than 1/3 of the portfolio in 1 stock) but heck, there was no reason it shouldn’t go up after that massive no real reason fall down. Even got some money on ATPG Friday ($1.39 to $1.51  at open and $1.31 to $1.41 at close), good for a combined net 14% too. I really get your system in my fingers! Those together got my portfolio back up where I wanted it. (after some stupid other newsletters broke it down)” ~ Thierry L.
  38. “Before we get started today. I just want to tell you that I’m so impressed by you. Been a member of all your services since February of this year. I am a full time options trader since I was 20. I’m 26 now and you have taken me to the next level. I’m now more than an options trader and I wanted to thank you and also let you know I look up to you bc of your leadership and work ethic. Great job JB I know your “boss” or “mentor” is very proud.” ~ Hunter S.
  39. “NEOM out at $.035 for $3,585 win today.  My biggest win since joining with you in July. Picked up 100,000 at $.016 then scaled up to 300,00 at $.021.  Thanks so much for your service.  Missed out on SNPK last week but glad I locked in it in this week.  Looking forward to keeping it going. Take care.” ~ Vajra H.
  40. “I also wanted you to know that I bought FCH on your alert for $3.08 on 1/19 and sold for $3.53 on 1/24 making $2250 profit!  I was so afraid to hold, after holding several other stocks rather than taking profit.  Of course, right after I sold, FCH shot up to a high of $4.06 and closed at $4.00.  However, I’m really glad I sold for profit when I did rather than holding and taking a chance.  If I had held, it would have doubled my profit in this case.  However, I needed to learn the lesson of taking profit rather than taking the risk of a loss.” ~ Rhonda B.
  41. “I joined in December.  I watched for a while and didn’t make any trades until after right Christmas (Which were just accumulations of your watch list). I trade in a couple accounts, so I’ve made more than this, but one account I trade in is an old 401K that I rolled over into an IRA. Started with $48,000 and in less than 30 days, it’s already over $54,000. That would have been a pretty good annual return when the fund managers were running it.” ~ Shawn A.
  42. “I’ve been with Jason for the last 7 months and even in the worst of market conditions, like last fall, he finds ways to make money.  I found him by accident while looking for something to spend some of my time on since I retired.  Seems that I’ve found another way to make some money.  Don’t let his success fool you,  he is still a teacher and I believe he can teach anyone how to make these swing trades.  He has taught me more than I could ever have hoped to learn about this business.  Anyone looking to find success in the stock market needs to consider joining his service.” ~ Dave D.
  43. “I know you said you were staying out, but I wanted to at least take advantage of the huge drop. I bought CLWR @ $1.46 and sold today @ $1.60. I know it could of definitely gone the other way but I didn’t put to much in it. I just wanted to say, from what I’ve been learning from you it not only helps my confidence but also makes me aware of the risks.” ~ Howard N.
  44. “I also wanted to say that out of all the penny stock guys I have ever seen…I don’t like any of them. That is until I reviewed you. I watched your web presentation and for the very first time saw a very well taught real presentation on a very sound methodology. Do I still consider it gambling? Who cares what I think. Clearly, it is working for you. Rare find. Good job.” ~ Mike W.
  45. “Once you build everything up you need to do some seminars. I’m not trying to hype you up, but in just a few days of chatting with ya and your videos and tonight’s webinar (all together maybe a few hours), I’ve learned more from you then I did all weekend at the seminar from TD Ameritrade.” ~ Chris J.
  46. “GLUU! What a pick! I was in at $2.78. I had to leave my computer Monday so I put a stop in at $2.87. Of course, it went higher, but I scored $360 profit. Got home late Monday, saw what happened, and got right back in at 2.75. Just sold at $3.07 and scored another $406.  Pretty good week for me on this one!” ~ David P.
  47. “I just wanted to say that I appreciate the way you give us members an insight to each stock pick in the sense that some are categorized as “real risky” vs. normal type trade, etc. It helps with my money management to know how much to allocate per trade from a risk standpoint, so thank you for that. Great job with the updated site by the way. Keep up the good work.” ~ Rudy B.
  48. “Just wanted to let you know that, thanks to your vision and forethought regarding TVIX, I bought last night and sold today for approximately a 24% profit.  With the advice already given, and insight into the purchase and sale of penny stocks, my finances are improving to a great degree.” ~ Ken S.
  49. “I just want you to know I’ve only been on your service for about a month. I have tried various other services and not one has ever been successful (everyone can win in up market). It has cost me a lot of money and now I’m starting over, I watched your trade of JVA when I first got on your site, since then I think you and your service is great (I’m in the green with you). I don’t want to bore you with all the services that I’ve tried. Just want you to know your service looks great.” ~ Levern S.
  50. “I’m delighted to have signed up for your service and while I’ve been slow on the uptake I’m making baby step progress as I feel I have a clue about what we are doing.  There aren’t many people who share their knowledge so freely- which makes you a very extraordinary person.” ~ Ayesha V.


  1. Vitaly says:

    I’m little confused. with your results.
    “Today my portfolio is up just shy of 20%” for two years sounds like <1% monthly, when you post a tons of results like 5%-10% per trade.
    Do you have some table with your monthly results?


    • Jason Bond says:

      Well I have losing trades too Vitaly and remember, you can make 5% but if you only put $5,000 on the trade that’s only $250 which doesn’t have that much of an impact on a $300,000 portfolio. We’re adding a trade performance feature soon.

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