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A Family Of Traders, Bigger And Stronger Together

Despite what you might think, I read and respond to every email sent and almost always the same day. I left teaching in public education to teach on Wall Street so I could work longer hours and reach more people, as I type right now I’m breaking into 16 hours for today and I have about 3 hours to go… but this is how I connect, how I motivate and how I teach. More importantly, this is what I love. Hard work and family approach is the core of Jason Bond Picks. Every once and a while a handful a testimonials come through that are too long for this page and while it takes more time to post them to the blog, I feel obligated to share them because stories like these are what I set out to achieve. Donna, John and Mark’s comments mean the world to me, touch my soul and reaffirm I’m still making a difference in people’s lives. I don’t promise you’ll make money with my service but I do promise you will get my very best day in and day out and if you apply what I teach, I can help you become a better trader. If you’re a free client, a premium client or just surfing the web, I hope you are as inspired by these stories as I am.

“Hi Jason, I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU!!!  I signed up for your services back in June on the free service you were offering.  I was very tentative to even invest in anything.  I sat in chat off and on for a month making trades to account build.  Come July 15, I had to make the decision to actually pay for your service, which I did and at an excellent rate. As I close in on month number two with you, Luke, Matt and Otto, I have learned so much and have been account building.  Since Monday, I am up $1,000 more than I would have been had I been doing this on my own.  Yes, I know it’s small, but I am account building.  Yes, I am still tentative, but I took your advice on HGG @ $6.70 out @ $7.  I paid myself and left half in for another ride up.  PSUN @ $2.08 out @ $2.18. Your chat forum, both Coffee Lounge and General Chat have EXCELLENT people that are willing to answer newbie questions.  It’s a great energy watching Luke and everyone else when they all get on a good roll. I’ve been doing all your video lessons, over and over.  Had a TOS (Think Or Swim) Representative call me the other day and he walked me through the platform.  I had a TD Ameritrade Account for 15 years, just didn’t know how to “use” it. I am recently divorced after 16 years and lost the company to the ex.  I really had no idea what I was going to do next.  Your services and team have got me back in the game. Thank you.” ~ Donna

“Wow Jason. You have really opened my eyes. I have been playing around in the market for about 5 years and keeping a journal of my trades – mostly losing by the way. I went back through my journal and evaluating the trades I have made and applying your system to them – WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! Poor overbought entries one after another. I look at charts so differently now thanks to your videos and teaching. I know I am on the right track now and will report to you in a month or so about the results. I am very excited! Thanks again.” ~ John

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for making what I love fun again. I’m sure that a few of your subscribers feel like you owe them your left arm because they forked over a few hundred bucks but I want to assure you that for every one of them there are 50 of us that actually get it. I joined your service on 8-2 and this has been my best week of 2012.  I’ve been trading for over three years and was doing OK but since joining the chat and studying your strategy I’ve regained my confidence as a trader. I love the no nonsense back to basics approach you take because it’s easy to understand and above all else it works. I had intended to join JBP a few months ago and just kept putting it off that was probably the biggest mistake I’ve made this summer. Not to sound cheesy but JBP is like the Rosetta Stone for swing traders, all you have to do is follow your lesson plan and it’s winner after winner. You can read endless books and articles about swing trading but having the information provided in a tutorial format makes it so much easier to understand and apply. The combination of knowing what you’re doing and being a part of the support system you have in place takes away the indecisiveness. I think the game changer for me is now being able to accept small losses and move on because you know the next winner is only a day away. The small fee you charge is peanuts compared to what you receive in return and was the best $300 bucks I’ve ever spent. I have no doubt your new CD will be well received and I’ll be the first one to recommend it to my fellow traders. Laser focused, now all we need is some tee shirts.” ~ Mark


  1. robert schmid says:

    so how does one find your live trading room ? thank you

  2. George Weber says:

    I am planning to join the Bond Swing Trades for $297 quarterly*. After the first quarter, do I the opportunity not sign up for the next quarterly fee and stop my membership? Are your recommended buys and sells sent via email to my inbox? When do sent the alert emails? How often are these emails sent to members? Once I join, how soon will your email alerts be sent to me?

    Thanks for the service that you provide. I do need assistance to invest in the market. I am currently doing day trading myself with bad results. I am looking for an experience adviser who can recommend good investments. I hope this is you.

    George Weber

    • Jason Bond says:

      Thanks George. Billing is recurring and you can cancel at anytime. Buys and sells by email and text for that program. 3 – 5 swing trades a week each week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

  3. Devan says:

    Hi JB, where can we see all the past trades of 2014 and its result? Much thanks.

  4. rehoboth19 says:

    Hi Jason, how do I open think and swim account?
    I am United Kingdom based

    • Jason Bond says:

      If they don’t allow it, maybe go with Interactive Brokers instead, I’m certain that’s effective in U.K.

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