A Retired Army Veteran With 25 Years Service Reviews Jason Bond Picks

“Before I found your service, I had tried learning on my own and attending some seminars where they tried to impress with glitz but had no substance. I immediately connected with Jason’s style as my undergraduate degree is education. His lessons are easy to understand and the pattern is easy to re-create, “research, buy, sell, rinse, repeat”. My problem was that I was fixed on “liking or not liking” a stock. Now I only like trends and the numbers they represent. To that end, in the first period of membership, I have made more then twice what I paid to become a member. I have a small portfolio so the steps are small right now but even with that, the system works. My sincere gratitude to Jason for his sincere but no-nonsense approach to making money; he is really trying to help those who want to learn and his fee for such great instruction is phenomenal. He ┬áis not trying to take advantage of anyone and is trying to keep it affordable so people without a lot of money can join and follow the techniques and tactics of operating in the market. I retired from the Army after 25 years and I understand “laser focus”. Jason is the MAN!!! Thank you Jason. Keep up the good work and God continue to bless you in your business.” ~ Anthony R.

First of all Anthony, thank you for serving our country. Secondly, congratulations on your success so far, I can’t wait to hear more. Finally, your review means more to me than most because you’ve commented it works with a small account and is of value to traders with small accounts, something I’ve claimed since day one but carries much more weight coming from a client.


Jason I really hope you get good feedback on these lessons. They are outstanding.

Kevin C.

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