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  1. Jason,
    Got into AONE on Friday and out this morning (+$217). I watched your 1st and 2nd videos and have been watching & learning in the chat room since last Monday. I tried one trade and took a $50 loss. I got into AONE and hit an 11% winner! Yeah, I could have made a LOT more, but it was an extremely disciplined sell. Another trade like this pays for the cost of membership but well worth it! Just want to say thanks and I look forward to more of your account builder alerts. It’s fun watching and learning and learning to fish!
    Thanks Jason!

    • That’s awesome Michael – 11% wins are huge on real stocks like AONE.

  2. JASON, YOU KICK ASS !!!! I just looked up AONE before I jumped over to your site and OMG !!!! 58% UP !!!! Good pick buddy !!!! Have a great night !!!!

  3. I just wanted to say I’ve learned a lot just from the information you offer for free. Your try-before-you-buy results are money-makers in their own right. Pulled 28% out of AONE after the gap up.

  4. Hey Jason,I been watching some of these amazing picks,and I had a question about opening an account with a small amount of capital.Is there any brokers you recommend who allow shorting small cap stocks?

    • Interactive Brokers is good.

  5. Signed up for your swing trade service 3 days ago. Have yet to make a trade, as I’m freeing up cash right now. Will start with 3 grand, should I do one trade for 3 grand or 2 for 1500, just to get started?

  6. Okay, so… you basically tell us a stock that you think is going to go up within the next day or 2. We buy low, then once it hits it’s 10% jump, sell? I bought SVNT at $.75. It hit $.88 but your chart said it could go to $1.20 so I was gonna wait one more day and see what happened. It’s gone back down to $.79 since. Should I sell now and break even or hold on for another jump?

    • I alert 3-5 swing trades per week by chat, text and email. We always target 5-10% and pay ourselves in the process. I’m not sure on SVNT sorry… chart is looking weak of late but it certainly could squeeze if it holds above $.70.

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