Blaming Others For Your Failures In Life Is A Recipe For Failing Again

Today a client was kicked out of chat for swearing, not banned but kicked out of chat. He blew up his account at SureTrader, swore, I kicked him out and said if he does it again it’ll be a ban. These rules are clearly laid out in the chat guidelines. He came back in the evening in front of 130 clients and suggested I’m committing a federal crime. Therefore I need to defend myself, as that is a very serious accusation to make and I will be looking to take him to court for defamation.

Below I’ve commented on all his insane comments which he cowardly did in my chat when I was not around this evening, the day I kicked him out for blowing up his account. The conversation is highlighted in red / blue. He’s been emailing me all night, I’ve lit him up with at least 100 choice words and if you’re wondering why I’d swear at him in an email… we’ll you work your tail off for 2 years straight and then have a coward come in your place of business and claim your committing fraud. I had to jump in chat and explain to 130 clients what’s going on… you do that to me and I’m going to swear a lot. He thinks this is a joke, but clearly he has never dealt with a defamation suit before. Knowing how rumors fly and that perception is important to a brand, I’m setting the record straight tonight and dismissing that coward.

[07:29 am] david devereaux : im new here… what are we lookin at?
[07:30 am] michael bennett : i think that is some premarket david
[07:32 am] david devereaux : well that makes sense…thanks michael
[07:32 am] michael bennett : np
[07:32 am] JB Barry : Morning, all
[07:32 am] michael bennett : morning
[07:32 am] JB Barry : @Jason: Looking forward to the Forum. That’s something I thnk will be a great addition!
[07:38 am] A MOON : Does anyone know how to change your username in chat?
[07:39 am] JB Barry : in your personal profile
[07:39 am] JB Barry : from the main site
[07:39 am] A MOON : Thanks JB
[07:41 am] Jason Bond : ya JB and jeff, i agree a forum would help further bind this community – especially since it’ll be closed to free clients
[07:47 am] Richie 2 : Good morning all
[07:48 am] JB Barry : morning
[08:03 am] carlh . : good morning JB and everyone
[08:05 am] Rand R : @ JB are you burning that fire would yet !!! cool here in NJ
[08:06 am] Sean Campbell : @mark Thanks for the info last night
[08:06 am] Rand R : wood
[08:09 am] JB Barry : VRNG just poked $3
[08:12 am] Rand R : mabe will start to move today VRNG i grabbed dipp friday
[08:14 am] JB Barry : Maybe. I’m looking at it.
[08:15 am] JB Barry : It was only 800 sharses, though…
[08:15 am] Rand R : @ 2.83
[08:17 am] JB Barry : Nice. You’ll make a nice scalp today if that holds up this morning.
[08:17 am] JB Barry : Unless you’re holding into the trial…
[08:17 am] Zirn Acob : 18 cent spread on VRNG right now 2.90-3.08
[08:17 am] JB Barry : pre market and no volume.
[08:22 am] Rand R : scalp- it got me pretty good lol- i ll just watch may hold some for a little longer to trial — would like see another dipp today
[08:23 am] Rand R : 4k position
[08:27 am] Jennifer Powell : What does “overweight” mean in reference to a stock? anyone
[08:27 am] Mic B : depends on the context
[08:28 am] Mic B : but as far as a rating it means they like it
[08:28 am] Mic B : more than the average stock
[08:28 am] Jennifer Powell : JP Morgan called ZAGG overweight
[08:29 am] Mic B : my explanation applies
[08:29 am] Bob Muehlebach : Thank you
[08:29 am] Jennifer Powell : So it is a good thing, thanks
[08:30 am] Mic B : lol…yes in finance it is!
[08:30 am] Mic B : well in ratings terms at least
[08:36 am] Mic B : link to definition in coffee for anyone that cares.
[08:37 am] Gary Thomas : Good Morning
[08:38 am] Patty Goldberg : gm room
[08:39 am] Patty Goldberg : last price for GEVO was 2.21.
[08:41 am] K Graf : Anyone on a mac using the hot keys? Pls PM me.
[08:41 am] Saroq Saroq : Does anyone know if JB’s equity feed screen displays only the stocks he’s following or all stocks based on the most amount of money flowing at the time?
[08:43 am] Batman598 598 : GM all
[08:44 am] NYC Trader : Good morning
[08:46 am] Anthony R. : good morning
[08:48 am] Robert Patterson : Sarog…he sets price limits on the stocks that you see in the morning…shows in stocks between those prices
[08:49 am] Saroq Saroq : Thanks Robert
[08:49 am] Robert Patterson : your welcome
[08:49 am] jon bernal : anyone paying interest to Dave & Busters IPO?
[08:50 am] Flyer 01 : good morning
[08:50 am] Flyer 01 : I’m new here
[08:51 am] JB Barry : Good morning.
[08:51 am] Saroq Saroq : Welcome Flyer 01
[08:51 am] Flyer 01 : thanks
[08:56 am] Ron D : anybody see any news on HUSA. Trying to figure out why the big drop
[08:57 am] Brian Moulton : gm: anyone have Otto (Username’s) chart for ANAD from Friday?
[08:59 am] Norm R : @Brian Yes im in ANAD
[09:00 am] Brian Moulton : Hi Norm – thanks – would you happen to have the chart (if Otto provided one)?
[09:00 am] Thomas McCoy : Morning
[09:01 am] Brian Moulton : I checked the new Mods section and did not see ANAD’s chart in Otto’s
[09:02 am] Norm R : Sorry Brian….. no chart
[09:03 am] Brian Moulton : ok no worries thanks – I’ll see if I can pick it up today – g. luck all!
[09:03 am] Andrew Lapp : gm everyone
[09:03 am] Andrew Lapp : jb i like the new layout of the website! much easier for me to follow!
[09:04 am] Norm R : Morning Andrew..
[09:04 am] Anthony R. : ok…first order of bsiness is to make back some money on my small AAPL options loss from Friday…3 AAPL trades..the last one got me
[09:05 am] Anthony R. : JB, excellent wibsite re-org. I like it
[09:05 am] Anthony R. : website*
[09:06 am] Jason Bond : thanks a lot anthony
[09:06 am] mi bad : ditto on website
[09:06 am] Jason Bond : ZAGG have news?
[09:06 am] Mark Augustini : gm room, newbie here
[09:06 am] Jason Bond : morning mark
[09:06 am] Anthony R. : i dont see any ZAGG news
[09:06 am] levern ferguson : raised to overweight
[09:07 am] Randy Lively : morning all
[09:07 am] Jason Bond : nice i bet thei upgrade was done by the bidder on friday
[09:08 am] Jason Bond : k brb
[09:08 am] Gregory Fernandez : Morning All
[09:08 am] JB Stalwart : Saw your email JB this morning. I can’t wait to get the DVD now. Just waiting for your email. I sure it will be very useful.
[09:08 am] Pink Investor : @Brian- here is a link Otto posted on Friday (it’s a timestamp 3:29pm on FRiday’s general chat log)
[09:08 am] Jason Bond : it’s coming along well, had it professional edited
[09:08 am] Theresa Trimilove : New here, where is a good place to start?
[09:08 am] Jason Bond : should have the order form for the dvd out soon
[09:08 am] Anthony R. : im thinking about F $10 calls today
[09:08 am] Jason Bond : hi theresa i’d start by reading the chat guidelines and watching the video lessons
[09:08 am] JB Stalwart : Thanks JB. You are so hard working
[09:09 am] Jared M : need some big wins next two weeks, just bought a house
[09:09 am] Theresa Trimilove : Will I be getting the DVD’s soon?
[09:09 am] Jason Bond : GRPN gap in our favor it looks like
[09:09 am] carlh . : you’ve already started Theresa
[09:10 am] Granny Mack : Good morning JB, all
[09:10 am] carlh . : @JB SPY looks great to start today, do you think it’ll hold through?
[09:10 am] Jeremy P : @ Anthony, I think the F call might be a good one. Could be a really good one if their numbers are nice tomorrow
[09:11 am] Anthony R. : Jeremy…my thoughts exactly
[09:11 am] carlh . : *great = green
None [09:11 am] Eric Litvak : Good morning, my first day. Is there audio for moderators?
[09:12 am] Granny Mack : Welcome Theresa and Eric!
[09:12 am] Jeremy P : agreed carlh, especially since I am a “Call” heavy right now. Didn’t have enough puts last week
[09:12 am] Darnell J Moore Jr : Good morning all
[09:13 am] NYC Trader : Anyone having ahard time launching etrade pro?
[09:13 am] Alan Lambert : some times eric
[09:13 am] Charles Adams : Wow. GEVO’s up 5% premarket. happy monday
[09:14 am] Captain SWAT : Morning All
[09:14 am] Anthony R. : Charles…thats only on 5100 shares though….hopefully it sign of better days
[09:17 am] marjorie zwak : became a 1st time grandma this weekend-thought I would share with my trading family….to excited not to say something-lol
[09:18 am] Crimson Tidez : congratulations!
[09:18 am] Anthony R. : congrats Marjorie!
[09:18 am] Captain SWAT : Congrats!
[09:18 am] DAVID LUNA : congratulations marjorie
[09:18 am] Tyler Savoy : morning all…congrats marjorie
[09:18 am] marjorie zwak : thanks all!
[09:18 am] Darnell J Moore Jr : congratulations
[09:19 am] anuj khosla : Congrats!
[09:19 am] D. M. : Luke – FSLR headed back down to 50 ma?
[09:20 am] Gary Belkin : Macy’s ups seasonal hires by 2.5% to 80,000
[09:20 am] Jason Bond : excellent marjorie that’s awesome and congrats
[09:20 am] marjorie zwak : thanks
[09:20 am] Stephen J : Congrats Marjorie…cigars?
[09:20 am] Larry B : virtual
[09:20 am] marjorie zwak : lol
[09:20 am] Donna F : Congratulations marjorie!
[09:20 am] Gregory Fernandez : Congrats Marjorie!
[09:21 am] andrea mazing : good moringin every one. Oh, Marjorie, Lucky you! I love the smell of clean babies!
[09:21 am] H alfahad : congrats
[09:21 am] marjorie zwak : thanks everyone
[09:21 am] Stephen J : Now you need to make your gandbabies college fund
[09:22 am] marjorie zwak : still working on my daughters-lol
[09:22 am] Janet W : Clean babies smell much better than dirty ones! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself . . .
[09:22 am] NYC Trader : For anyone looking for a saclp option trade I have been looking at IBM all last week. It tried to breakout a few times. With a good market we may get a breakout.
[09:22 am] Janet W : BAck to trading
[09:22 am] Tyler Savoy : FONR up pre-market
[09:23 am] Tyler Savoy : former runner so could get some good action
[09:23 am] Pink Investor : @NYC- thanks. I’m always looking for those opportunities.
[09:23 am] Janet W : Good idea, NYC
[09:23 am] JC Mac : @NYC — call or put side?
[09:23 am] NYC Trader : Jut look at that chart. It bokr out Friday in a weak market but pulled back.
[09:23 am] NYC Trader : Call
[09:23 am] JC Mac : Sorry didnt read post right…. call
[09:24 am] JC Mac : Thanks
[09:24 am] NYC Trader : It will be a quck scalp
[09:24 am] NYC Trader : But who knows IBM may pull back today but it’s right at breakout and is very strong last weel
[09:24 am] NYC Trader : Just got raised right now
[09:25 am] Tyler Savoy : SSH another former runner up large pre-market
[09:25 am] Stephen J : Good luck everyone!
[09:26 am] Stephen Zwonitzer : Hello everyone, I just signed up!
[09:26 am] Gary Belkin : Congrats Stephen
[09:27 am] Stephen Zwonitzer : Thanks, I’m starting with $2,500 and we’ll see what I can do.
[09:27 am] A MOON : Welcome Stephen
[09:27 am] haroen calehr : cool stephen welcome
[09:27 am] Bill Lib : Hello Stephen and congrats!You are welcome!Nice choice,you will not regret!
[09:28 am] Stephen Zwonitzer : Thanks guys! I work out of my house, it’s good to have some friends!
[09:29 am] Hank D : Good morning Jason, Luke, Matt and all
[09:29 am] Matt Galpin : Morning
[09:29 am] Jason Bond : morning hank, matt and all
[09:29 am] Jason Bond : markets looking good off europe and into ben’s speech on monetary policy, feeling good righ tnow
[09:29 am] HOWARD MCDOWELL : good morning
[09:29 am] Jason Bond : will be making early moves
[09:29 am] JC Mac : Morning. Let’s trade green everyone.
[09:30 am] Pink Investor : I’m in FB Oct 20 Call $21 @ $1.55 from FRiday. I hope it pops thanks to the Sandberg show and tell tour this AM.
[09:30 am] Hank D : congratulations Marjorie
[09:30 am] Wendell Jordan : Good morning JB and all
[09:30 am] Wendell Jordan : happy trading today
[09:31 am] marjorie zwak : USU moving big today
[09:33 am] Jerry Day : good morning all
[09:34 am] Leland Barlow : out of ZAGG +.30 on 1000shares = $300.
[09:34 am] Kar Lork Ng : whats wrong with ocz?
[09:35 am] Wendell Jordan : out ZAGG +.68
[09:36 am] Theresa Trimilove : may be dumb question, but please explain the strategy scanner I see on my screen?
[09:36 am] NYC Trader : Out IBM @110 weeklies – +40%
[09:36 am] NYC Trader : 210
[09:36 am] Sean Campbell : Hi all, is there a website in particular you use to follow today’s news
[09:36 am] Pink Investor : @NYC- did you get in that this AM?
[09:36 am] Steve Naremore : VRNG asleep
[09:36 am] NYC Trader : Right at the open
[09:36 am] Pink Investor : @NYC- nice!
[09:37 am] NYC Trader : It’s still strong and got upgraded today
[09:37 am] Brian Moulton : in ANAD 1.35
[09:38 am] M B : stopped out of PRKR, -100
[09:38 am] Michael Aid9an : out RIMM oct 5 put. +115%
[09:38 am] MICHAEL DOUGHERTY : my HUSA is at 1.44?? immediately after I received the message
[09:38 am] NYC Trader : There were some good scalp – GS was on front page of barrons as well
[09:39 am] Tyler Savoy : market up AAPL down??
[09:40 am] H alfahad : GEVO filled the gap and now moving back up again
[09:41 am] Michael Aid9an : out FSLR put. +22%
[09:42 am] Alive Trader : SYNC good accum play now its breaking out
[09:42 am] Janet W : Liking my FB calls from Friday. THanks, Luke!
[09:42 am] Chris Taylor : JB whats up with OCZ?
[09:42 am] marjorie zwak : in TC @ 2.89
[09:43 am] Richard Davis : OCZ looks to me to be down into Oversold
[09:43 am] Jason Bond : no update on OCZ here, it’s just flat out weak right now not holding pattern as suspected
[09:43 am] carlh . : LEAP could b/o
[09:44 am] Michael Aid9an : out FB call. +26%
[09:45 am] carlh . : anyone else in LEAP?
[09:45 am] arthur beta : OCZ oversold in the intraday chart, should go up from here
[09:46 am] Honey Badger : stopped out ZAGG at 8.98 in first couple minutes, +.95
[09:46 am] RKR : out of RIMM Oct 8P @0.86 for a $200 profit
[09:46 am] Casey Matteson : JB, are you still watch GEVO?
[09:47 am] Matt Ogle : When is Ben speaking?
[09:47 am] Leland Barlow : nice JB
[09:48 am] Casey Matteson : Nice trade on MWW JB
[09:48 am] Pink Investor : Out FB call from Friday….+16% (after fees). Applying rinse and repeat to options 🙂
[09:48 am] Jason Bond : thx leland and casey, right from swing watch list
[09:48 am] spider- dan : AAPL on a move
[09:49 am] Richard Davis : Looks like OCZ is bouncing backj
[09:49 am] Jason Bond : ya so far so good there
[09:50 am] NYC Trader : Anyone that is in the BAC calls – Can take a profit today then buy on dips.
[09:50 am] Bob Garrett : hello ALL
[09:50 am] Andrew Lapp : in SPY 145 weekly puts @ 1.01
[09:50 am] Sudhir Mulpuru : @JB – MWW – my first trade to make a profit since missing the trend for the last 2 weeks and trying to learn. Small profit but just in three weeks … thanks for all your help
[09:50 am] marjorie zwak : WFR looking good
[09:51 am] Jason Bond : np sudhir and congrats
[09:51 am] HOWARD MCDOWELL : Jason, Luke. first trade as a paying member. mww took a profit . thank you
[09:52 am] Luke Murray (P2D) : nice howard congrats
[09:52 am] carlh . : out LEAP +860 from friday
[09:52 am] Jason Bond : excellent howard, hopefully many more
[09:54 am] Matt Galpin : 10AM ISM Index and Construction spending.
[09:54 am] andrea mazing : NYC are you saying to buy more calls on dips?
[09:54 am] Gregory Fernandez : KWK is up 4%
[09:54 am] Sudhir Mulpuru : @Luke – any thoughts on BONT?
[09:57 am] Angel Miranda : BONT
[09:57 am] Angel Miranda : nice Luke
[09:58 am] Luke Murray (P2D) : sud I like BONT here its your call
[09:59 am] Luke Murray (P2D) : i am still holding
[09:59 am] Count Zack Mondego : went ahead and took profit – out FSLR put 1.90 or +.18
[09:59 am] Sudhir Mulpuru : I know I was just trying to find out how long you intend to hold it
[09:59 am] The Paper Prophet : @Luke still like the SWKS 25 call?
[10:00 am] Jason Bond : SPY
[10:00 am] Mic B : ism
[10:00 am] Andrew Lapp : out SPY puts @ .85
[10:00 am] Theresa Trimilove : would someone explain what I see here in the strategy scanner?
[10:01 am] Jason Bond : check luke’s content on the website theresa and also read the chat guidelines
[10:01 am] zsolt 2026 : QCOR running up
[10:01 am] Theresa Trimilove : ok, thanks…
[10:02 am] Jeff Lee : SPY boost = Good #’s?
[10:02 am] Jason Bond : ISM jeff
[10:02 am] Ahad Shafiq : yes good #s
[10:02 am] Gary Belkin : ISM production index increases to 49.5 from 47.2
[10:03 am] Gary Belkin : ISM new-orders index climbs to 52.3 from 47.1
[10:03 am] csaba np : JCP up +5%
[10:03 am] Jeremy Lueck : MWW still going
[10:04 am] Quince X : AMKR on the move!
[10:05 am] Jason Bond : i like AMKR here
[10:06 am] Granny Mack : Anyone in USU?
[10:06 am] Sudhir Mulpuru : @Luke .. out XCO … took profit for second time today
[10:06 am] Gregory Fernandez : PRTN, awesome penny stocks latest promotion just finished crashing it seems. Down 60% today
[10:06 am] Chris Taylor : Out XCO $300 profit
[10:07 am] A MOON : Lost $150 on MWW. By the time the broker put the trade on it was at the top, bailed out as it went down.
[10:07 am] Sudhir Mulpuru : I am so glad I got out of that crap when I read JB’s article and joined this group
[10:07 am] Sudhir Mulpuru : PRTN
[10:07 am] Jason Bond : @greg stocks like PRTN for coffee lounge
[10:08 am] Gregory Fernandez : Thanks JB! Will do.
[10:09 am] spider- dan : Luke are you still in AAPL 680 options?
[10:09 am] Crimson Tidez : anyone elses suretrader just go down on then??
[10:10 am] anuj khosla : out rimm puts 100% gain
[10:11 am] Pink Investor : Nice Anuj!
[10:11 am] anuj khosla : buying appl calls now!
[10:11 am] Roger C : Jason what is your thoughts on OCZ. Are you hanging on a while longer?
[10:11 am] anuj khosla : txs
[10:12 am] AJ. – : VRNG hod trying to test 3 again
[10:12 am] Leland Barlow : all right a little action VRNG
[10:14 am] Justin Haase : That SPY pop sure moved nearly every stock on my watch list
[10:15 am] Gary Belkin : Does anyone know when Ben speaks today?
[10:15 am] gb B : VVUS!
[10:15 am] Gary Belkin : no time listed.
[10:16 am] Omen 101 : Whose still holding OCZ?
[10:16 am] Justin Haase : luke called VVUS last week
[10:16 am] gb B : yes and its moving nicely
[10:16 am] Tyler Savoy : anyone playing SPY puts for a pullback?
[10:17 am] NYC Trader : IBM weeklies maybe handle a round 2
[10:17 am] Sudhir Mulpuru : I still have OCS
[10:17 am] Sudhir Mulpuru : OCZ
[10:17 am] Andrew Lapp : bought back in SPY 145 weekly puts at .65
[10:18 am] Jason Bond : guys / gals let’s do the ‘who is still in’ q’s in the coffee lounge okay
[10:18 am] sbud 24 : OCZ getting corcerned earnings are coming up oct 10
[10:18 am] Jason Bond : i don’t want the main chat flooded with that stuff
[10:19 am] kin thepink : still holding OCZ
[10:20 am] Dean D. : Any thoughts on DANG?
[10:20 am] Chris Taylor : Out VRNG $250 profit
[10:21 am] Justin Haase : Aluminum sector seems to be starting back up the mountain…
[10:22 am] csaba np : MMM calls getting hot
[10:22 am] PARMAN 1 : V 52 week high
[10:22 am] Thomas McCoy : ZNGA looks good down here.
[10:22 am] D. M. : Good call on IBM calls.
[10:22 am] Jared M : MMM been up and down so much i kind of want to take it even if it gets there
[10:23 am] csaba np : yeah I averaged down so I’m up already
[10:25 am] Andrew Lapp : out SPY puts @ .72 +.07
[10:25 am] Jake . : anyone think MSPD to break out?
[10:25 am] Gene Carden : CLSN up nice this am.
[10:26 am] The Paper Prophet : anyone in DNDN?
[10:29 am] Bob Garrett : pphm?
[10:29 am] Anthony R. : Out AAPL Oct 5 680 calls even…bad trade on Friday…got it back today! whew
[10:30 am] Bob Garrett : PPHM ?
[10:30 am] marjorie zwak : VRNG nice
[10:32 am] AJ. – : I might finally be able to get out of VRNG today..been in it for 2 weeks..stuck
[10:32 am] Alive Trader : addedto vrng options today
[10:33 am] Jeremy Case : @Bob, PPHM is scary. Missed the high twice last week and took losses because it moved so fast. would be great if timed right.
[10:34 am] Crimson Tidez : what exp on the VRNG options?
[10:36 am] csaba np : out MMM oct calls ave 0.71 out @0.81
[10:37 am] Gary : same here aj
[10:38 am] Andrew Lapp : TYC down 49% on the day
[10:38 am] Bob Garrett : out PPHM +.02
[10:38 am] Ryan Sassounian : JB are you looking to add to GLUU?
[10:39 am] Bob Garrett : out KWK and XCO ++ tu luke
[10:39 am] Jedi T : out AAPL Jan13 $700.00 calls +$514.00, back in under $650. stock price imo
[10:40 am] Thomas McCoy : ZNGA testing support.
[10:41 am] Justin Fitch : znga received bad news
[10:41 am] marjorie zwak : remember ZNGA earnings are after the bell today
[10:42 am] Luke Murray (P2D) : TSM was holding for 100% it his today
[10:43 am] Gary Belkin : Marjorie ZNGA earnings aren’t being released today.
[10:43 am] Gary Belkin : They’re scheduled for 10/25
[10:44 am] D. M. : MattG – Thoughts on SPY here for the rest of today into close?
[10:44 am] marjorie zwak : etrade states today after the bell
[10:44 am] Chris L : I think Zinga hit the bottom
[10:45 am] Goran Midorovic : i didnt saw IBM darn
[10:45 am] Jason Bond : OCZ lod stops being taken out, see if it bounces if not moving on
[10:45 am] Gary Belkin : That’s not possible because their quarter just ended yesterday.
[10:46 am] Gary Belkin : ZNGA never reports earnings before the large corporations do.
[10:46 am] Thomas McCoy : ZNGA testing 2.75
[10:47 am] Gary Belkin : The last earnings by ZNGA was 07/25 for the quarter ende 06/30
[10:47 am] Matt Galpin : At 145.50 we reached a High. but its still a lower high from last 10 days. We seem to be in a ascending triangle in last 10 days. See if SPY can go and close over HOD.
[10:48 am] NYC Trader : In BAC Oct $9 calls – Expecting a runup to earnings
[10:48 am] Gary Belkin : ZNGA is expected to report earnings of (.06) on 10/25 for the quarter ended 09/30.
[10:49 am] NYC Trader : BAC is an agressive trade
[10:49 am] Elvis Pardal : Q3 earnings are expected to be announced after market hours on October 1, 2012Estimates: 0.020 | 0.003 | -0.010 (High | Mean | Low
[10:50 am] Elvis Pardal : etrade
[10:50 am] Angelina Jolie : Out OCZ -$496 loss
[10:50 am] Andrew Lapp : in SPY 145 oct 20 puts @ 1.56
[10:50 am] Gary Belkin : I’m not looking to argue with anyone in the chat room but etrade is wrong on ZNGA earnings.
[10:51 am] Thomas McCoy : Out of GRPN@ 4.84 +100.00
[10:51 am] Chris L : NOK is doing good making $500 today
[10:51 am] Gregory Fernandez : out CXO 8.42 + $122
[10:51 am] Gregory Fernandez : XCO*
[10:52 am] The Paper Prophet : Anyone in SWKS calls?
[10:52 am] Otto Strauss : hi guys quick update ANAD consolidate at the close from yesterday on low volume we wait for the direction with volume to see where it will go,for now i hold it
[10:54 am] Otto Strauss : AMPE looks great from my watchlist
[10:54 am] Tyler Savoy : everything that I am reading points to ZNGA earnings this week
[10:54 am] Tyler Savoy : yahoo finance says today as well
[10:55 am] csaba np : I’m paper
[10:55 am] Lazhami Silva : Yahoo finance has ZNGA earnings scheduled for today
[10:56 am] Chris L : are ppl buying RIMM ?…
[10:57 am] aweber1 ~ : it’s only been 2 months since ZNGA last reported. perhaps their quarter ends today but they won’t report until the 25th? their fiscal year ends on dec 31st.
[10:57 am] Bob Garrett : OCZ creeping?
[10:57 am] Jason Bond : hope so bob it’s testing my patience that one
[10:57 am] Bob Garrett : mine to
[10:57 am] Gary Belkin : correct aweber 1.
[10:58 am] Scott Schnackenberg : Hoping for a bounce on OCZ before earnings wed…
[10:59 am] Rand R : @scott i think oct 16
[11:00 am] david smith : where are the options video tutorials?
[11:00 am] Stavr 001 : RIMM Nov 7$ puts -6% already
[11:00 am] Ryan Sassounian : OCZ nice
[11:00 am] Jason Bond : luke has a few under his area david
[11:00 am] david smith : THX
[11:00 am] david smith : sorry- not a ticker
[11:01 am] Jason Bond : i’ll be getting some up soon, options are still very new to me, not my core focus rather a hobby to learn on side
[11:01 am] Scott Schnackenberg : @ Rand R…Oh, I thought OCZ earnings were this wed….searching for more info now…
[11:01 am] csaba np : goggle finance says OCZ earnings is today
[11:01 am] Jason Bond : OCZ call is wed after the close
[11:02 am] Ryan Sassounian : OCZ strong bids
[11:02 am] Scott Schnackenberg : THX for verification JB
[11:04 am] The Paper Prophet : GTAT?
[11:04 am] Crimson Tidez : does anyone ever have problems with losing connection to Suretrader? last few days itll lose connection out of nowhere
[11:05 am] Stavr 001 : hopefully 7.90 will be a top for the RIMM
[11:07 am] Otto Strauss : ALXA looks good here
[11:09 am] csaba np : danke Otto
[11:09 am] Otto Strauss : bitte csaba
[11:10 am] Green Candle : EDU doing well today
[11:11 am] D. M. : Thanks for the chart MattG. Looks like holding the 145’s the next few days is a big key to continue the uptrend
[11:11 am] Barak B : daily minum meet. all AAPL optins plays. i’ll be back for more
[11:11 am] csaba np : 🙂
[11:11 am] Crimson Tidez : id recommend no one use suretrader ever again. Lose connection to order server and website down on nearly a daily basis now
[11:12 am] arthur beta : sorry to hear that Crimson
[11:12 am] arthur beta : I’m using suretrader and so far, good
[11:12 am] Tyler Savoy : same here
[11:13 am] Anthony R. : Out BAC $10 calls 100% gain
[11:13 am] Crimson Tidez : makes no sense, i can get on every website on the internet, but conncetion to dastrader.8500 lost, failure to connect, try to pull up suretrader website, get ” Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( suretrader.com_ is not responding
[11:14 am] Matt Galpin : DM the Unemployment numbers on Friday will be a big catalyst to watch.
[11:14 am] Crimson Tidez : i cant sell my &)*)(* , losing money here every second
[11:15 am] mi bad : in MWW @7.62 w/JB doin good so far dont always get the rt price
[11:15 am] Luke Murray (P2D) : crimson you should call them instead of posting that
[11:15 am] spider- dan : its offshore though
[11:15 am] Jason Bond : implied swearing not allowed, kick was a warning, happens again it’s a ban
[11:16 am] Jason Bond : this is not a kids room, we all lose money but do not use my main chat as a place to vent about a broker
[11:16 am] D. M. : congrats Anthony. Wished I would of pulled the trigger on that.
[11:16 am] D. M. : bac
[11:16 am] Pink Investor : Me too (BAC)…I’ll get in next time, though!
[11:20 am] Dennis Thorpe : Thank You can’t wait to get started
[11:21 am] Brian Warren : good morning everyone!
[11:21 am] Chris Taylor : in AAPL 675 put @ 7.80
[11:22 am] Brian Warren : oops … not coffee lounge. my bad.
[11:24 am] Otto Strauss : we get some volume in ANAD
[11:25 am] Andrew Lapp : wow MWW popped back up quick
[11:26 am] Jedi T : Like it Chris, may join you – what week or month??
[11:27 am] Chris Taylor : week
[11:27 am] Bob Garrett : wow NFLX i missed my fill:(
[11:28 am] Chris Taylor : expire 10/5
[11:29 am] Mic B : a lot of commodities halted
[11:29 am] Mic B : NYSE and affiliates technical issue
[11:29 am] Tyler Savoy : PPHM washing
[11:31 am] Ron D : HUSA just halted
[11:31 am] Bob Garrett : why?
[11:32 am] Ron D : HUSA just says pending news
[11:32 am] Bob Garrett : tu
[11:33 am] Leland Barlow : OWW got news and its holding candle for the day so far
[11:34 am] david smith : Wonder what news for HUSA
[11:34 am] david smith : Bankruptcy?
[11:35 am] Otto Strauss : watch VG nice volume
[11:35 am] Jason Bond : good chance david but hopefully a buyout
[11:35 am] david smith : I am thinking one or the other, two extremes
[11:37 am] Jason Bond : it’s always an extreme if you are halted
[11:38 am] Jeremy Case : got in HUSA this morn, crossing fingers
[11:38 am] Leland Barlow : JB are you watching OWW here
[11:38 am] Jason Bond : ya leland i am
[11:38 am] Leland Barlow : ty
[11:39 am] Jason Bond : light volume is my concern
[11:39 am] Giri Nidumolu : volume coming ANAD
[11:40 am] Richard Davis : ANAD is really pushing that resistance
[11:40 am] Theresa Trimilove : Jason, any thoughts on JCP and DDD on return to channel and trend reversal?
[11:40 am] Mark Guerry : good bid support ANAD
[11:41 am] Jason Bond : both charts look good to me theresa but i don’t follow them
[11:41 am] Theresa Trimilove : thanks…
[11:43 am] NYC Trader : I am in DDD options. Been trading those for the past two weeks. Can make some good $$$
[11:43 am] NYC Trader : Jus be careful w/ DDD it likes to selloff at EOD
[11:44 am] DAVID LUNA : option alert: RIMM dec 10 call; block trade:5,400 contracts @.32
[11:44 am] PARMAN 1 : WPRT chart looks good
[11:45 am] rendog . : what strike Daid
[11:45 am] rendog . : David
[11:45 am] Tyler Savoy : $10 strike
[11:46 am] DAVID LUNA : 10
[11:46 am] Otto Strauss : brb go to eat something
[11:46 am] Brian Moulton : enjoy Otto – ANAD nhod
[11:46 am] rendog . : i’m stuck in RIMM…need to figure out exit at some point
[11:47 am] Eric Peterson : option rendog?
[11:47 am] rendog . : no, short at 6.84
[11:48 am] Eric Peterson : ahh
[11:49 am] Mr Smith : are there bankrupcy rumors for HUSA?
[11:51 am] George of the Jungle : gluu is stuck
[11:51 am] Chris L : did you short at 6.84 ? Rendog ?
[11:52 am] Bob Garrett : out NVAX +.02 tu luke
[11:54 am] Ryan Sassounian : anyone short RIMM?
[11:54 am] George of the Jungle : got no email on mww
[11:54 am] George of the Jungle : is that a swing
[11:55 am] Justin Haase : MWW was daytrade=no email
[11:55 am] rendog . : yes Chris
[11:55 am] Jason Bond : dt= day trade, st= swing trade
[11:55 am] Ryan Sassounian : if you check the alerts it says dt= day trade
[11:55 am] George of the Jungle : oh ok thx
[11:55 am] Jason Bond : thanks ryan, justin
[11:55 am] Ryan Sassounian : np!
[11:56 am] Doug Derby : AONE volume is up
[11:56 am] Jason Bond : GRPN soft today man i really thought i’d get paid there today
[11:56 am] spider- dan : any thoughts on NFLX calls.
[11:56 am] Ryan Sassounian : JB would you consider swinging MWW?
[11:57 am] Jason Bond : ya i like the chart from here ryan, i’d have alerted it swing but it was off and running fast this morning no chance to get it to swing list in time
[11:57 am] Jason Bond : thinking 7.50 will hold if it dips and if it holds here looking for hod test
[11:58 am] George of the Jungle : im stuck on gluu
[11:58 am] Ryan Sassounian : thanks jb
[11:58 am] George of the Jungle : i guess with a symbol like gluu, it should be expected
[11:59 am] Jason Bond : caps on tickers please see room guidelines all
[11:59 am] Jason Bond : ya GLUU not performing so far, not happy but it’s holding range so i’m in the game
[11:59 am] Thomas McCoy : JB: GEVO-I think it might test your 4.63. I’ve made money twice but in short spurts. In-Out.
[11:59 am] Ron D : Anyone find anything on HUSA? Have 7,000 shares premarket at .78. I have checked several sites
[12:00 pm] Ryan Sassounian : OCZ selling of again
[12:00 pm] Jason Bond : $3 will probably be resistance on GEVO
[12:00 pm] Thomas McCoy : JB: Sorry meant GRPN
[12:01 pm] Jason Bond : ya looking like 4.50 support on GRPN if it dips
[12:01 pm] Thomas McCoy : Scoop Time!
[12:01 pm] Sudhir Mulpuru : Nothing Ron .. have been searching on web as well
[12:02 pm] Anthony R. : OTTO – you still thinking about entering STEM again?
[12:03 pm] Honey Badger : HUSA sees gross proceeds about 10mm
[12:03 pm] Thomas McCoy : HUSA NEWS: gross proceeds o 10 million. Public offering
[12:04 pm] Thomas McCoy : Hurry- get out of HUSA
[12:04 pm] NYC Trader : Noy good news on HUSA
[12:05 pm] NYC Trader : *not
[12:06 pm] spider- dan : NFLX hod break
[12:06 pm] spider- dan : lots of vol
[12:07 pm] JB Barry : pump on cnbc
[12:07 pm] Otto Strauss : damn BIOF did it again
[12:07 pm] Ryan Sassounian : OCZ at lod
[12:08 pm] Mr Smith : I am showing HUSA as still halted
[12:08 pm] Jason Bond : choice of words otto
[12:08 pm] Otto Strauss : sorry
[12:08 pm] Thomas McCoy : HUSA going again
[12:08 pm] Mr Smith : OK. See that
[12:09 pm] Jason Bond : no worries lol 8)
[12:09 pm] Alive Trader : husa offering
[12:09 pm] Alive Trader : i think
[12:09 pm] Jeremy Case : HUSA plummetting
[12:09 pm] Geno R : Yes Alive, correct
[12:09 pm] Jeff Lee : HUSA – down and down she goes, where she stops no one knows
[12:10 pm] AJ. – : man that is a giant red candle
[12:11 pm] Stephen Zwonitzer : When would you jump into HUSA?
[12:11 pm] Otto Strauss : PEIX maybe follow BIOF
[12:11 pm] Scott Schnackenberg : Watching PEIX…
[12:12 pm] Jake . : out HUSA – $1600
[12:12 pm] Raptor 7x : got out HUSA @ .88 -.09
[12:12 pm] Alive Trader : in .69
[12:13 pm] Jeff Lee : I’d buy after a break of .70, but that is just me on HUSA. That spot keeps getting reloaded with sellers
[12:13 pm] Tyler Savoy : ya looks like size hiding on .70
[12:14 pm] Elvis Pardal : .69
[12:14 pm] Alive Trader : out .70
[12:14 pm] david smith : ouch husa
[12:15 pm] JB Barry : where’s the momentum today?…
[12:15 pm] Elvis Pardal : out for now
[12:15 pm] Zirn Acob : What’s the cut off for “penny stocks” in this room?
[12:16 pm] Jason Bond : see the chat guidelines
[12:16 pm] Jason Bond :
[12:17 pm] priyank subhedar : any
[12:17 pm] priyank subhedar : any
[12:18 pm] Ryan Sassounian : ocz
[12:18 pm] Ryan Sassounian : new lod
[12:18 pm] vinod arora : any comments on ZNGA specially earnings amc
[12:19 pm] Ryan Sassounian : any comments on OCZ, lew lod 3.22
[12:20 pm] Jason Bond : it’s weak ryan, probably need to move on if it doesn’t bounce today
[12:20 pm] Jason Bond : pattern isn’t holding unfortunately
[12:20 pm] Ryan Sassounian : kk thanks jb
[12:20 pm] Bob Garrett : HUSA curling?
[12:20 pm] Otto Strauss : when the SPX not can go over 1455 today again time for a pull back to 1420
[12:20 pm] Justin Scott : luke, any comments on P options?
[12:22 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : still holding them justin
[12:22 pm] csaba np : Justin P consumer conference tomorrow in Vegas that might help
[12:22 pm] Stephen Zwonitzer : bought HUSA at .69
[12:23 pm] Brett Weichbrod : picked up HUSA at .68
[12:25 pm] Craig Sutton : Jason What are your thoughts on GRPN?
[12:25 pm] Stavr 001 : in RIMM puts Nov 7$ @ .45
[12:26 pm] Steve Higgins : stopped out of OCZ. might bounce now but too weak in strong market. not heavy -$150
[12:27 pm] Richard Davis : At this rate I think it will drop closer to $3
[12:28 pm] david smith : I do not mean to be mean, but why would you buy HUSA?
[12:28 pm] david smith : The offering is for .67 the share price is .68
[12:29 pm] Thomas McCoy : @David Smith-good point
[12:29 pm] Pawel Bogacki : ANAD looks good for me (just vol), cya Wed
[12:30 pm] Gary Belkin : Honda recalls 600,000 Accords: report
[12:31 pm] Mic B : Bernanke to speak in a bit.
[12:31 pm] GENE RIVERA : alot of smaller priced stocks are in negative ter, considering market uptrend, but $DJT bottomed and looks like ready to steam up
[12:32 pm] STEVE KWIATEK : Does the 3 day rule apply to all types of trading accounts?
[12:33 pm] Richard Davis : OCZ new low again
[12:33 pm] Geno R : Steve > Coffee lounge, (no)
[12:33 pm] STEVE KWIATEK : my bad!
[12:39 pm] NYC Trader : In SPY weekly $146 CALLs
[12:40 pm] RKR : Barclays have a positive rating on RIMM… it seems they are trying to push it… again.. Morgan Stanley has negative rating on RIMM…
[12:41 pm] Jeff Fortis : what is the deal with GLUU, what is holding it back?
[12:42 pm] Jason Bond : internet went down while they switched it out
[12:42 pm] RKR : in RIMM Nov $7 Puts @0.45… will add more by eod…
[12:42 pm] Jeff Fortis : What is the deal with GLUU? What is holding it back? Is it going to fizzle like OCZ has in a strong market?
[12:43 pm] Jason Bond : if anyone knows that answer jeff i’ll buy his nl
[12:44 pm] Otto Strauss : guys need to go to the Gym today has 8 pounds more than before vacation later all
[12:44 pm] Jason Bond : i think GLUU is good though, OCZ not so much
[12:44 pm] Jeff Fortis : Ya no kidding! Sorry for the double tap on the question…internet troubles!!
[12:44 pm] Otto Strauss : my stop for ANAD is 1.34
[12:45 pm] Brian Warren : nl? New Loan? New Loss?, New Limo?, New Lima? what’s nl?
[12:45 pm] Debbie B : newsletter
[12:45 pm] Craig Sutton : Jason Any thoughts on the GRPN trade?
[12:45 pm] Brian Warren : ahh.. and I’m a subscriber and didn’t get that.. yikes!
[12:45 pm] Jason Bond : wish i locked it up .01 this morning craig, really thought it was heading higher so i held
[12:46 pm] Elvis Pardal : does anyone like TNK or ZAZA for a swing trade?
[12:46 pm] Craig Sutton : Its at a new low. Should we bail?
[12:49 pm] Bob Garrett : Craig jason can not advice u
[12:49 pm] Ryan Sassounian : GLUU new lod
[12:50 pm] DAVID LUNA : ouch spy
[12:51 pm] Geno R : Volatility, Big Ben
[12:52 pm] Gary Belkin : The major averages are pulling back as I expected.
[12:52 pm] Thomas McCoy : OCZ looks like a good buy down here. Although if it goes lower-might test 3.03
[12:52 pm] Gary Belkin : We’ll see if it bounces back.
[12:53 pm] Richard Davis : I sold out at 3.22, looking to buy it back
[12:53 pm] RKR : SPY not holding…
[12:53 pm] Tyler Savoy : in AAPL 670 weeklies 7.05
[12:54 pm] Thomas McCoy : Everything coming down.
[12:54 pm] Count Zack Mondego : looking like the market is gonna turn down.
[12:54 pm] Tyler Savoy : will stop out if AAPL goes red for day
[12:56 pm] Thomas McCoy : Going to cash the rest of the day. See what happens. On the hunt.
[12:56 pm] Anthony R. : question to all…if S&P goes up does TVIX go down? and vise versa?
[12:57 pm] Stavr 001 : i know that if SPY goes up TZA goes down , like a mirror
[12:57 pm] RKR : yes Anthony…
[12:57 pm] Anthony R. : Thanks….i dont understand why I cannot grasp this concept! lol
[12:58 pm] Zirn Acob : Anthony: TVIX is not directly based on S&P price movement up and down, it is based on volitility of the S&P. TVIX will move if the price makes a significant move in short period of time regarding if S&P direction up or down
[12:58 pm] Anthony R. : understood….thanks Zirn
[12:58 pm] Jason Bond : bad day for me so far
[12:58 pm] Thomas McCoy : JB: Smart move. Maybe pick-up @ 3.03
[12:59 pm] Anthony R. : you know you’re going to make that loss up, JB.
[12:59 pm] Jason Bond : should have took it at 3.25 but figured the strong market would b ring it up eod
[12:59 pm] TJ Trader : Jason are you looking to reload OCZ around 3?
[01:00 pm] Geno R : Ben@cnbc
[01:00 pm] Jason Bond : not today tj, i’ll wait for earnings to pass, i was wrong about this c/c holding
[01:01 pm] Thomas McCoy : JB: Do you think there is something we don’t know about OCZ or just techical?
[01:01 pm] Geno R : Good entry AAPL Tyler
[01:01 pm] Tyler Savoy : out AAPL 670 weeklies at 7.60 + .55
[01:02 pm] Jason Bond : my thought is shorts are loading up assuming a dip thursday
[01:02 pm] Jason Bond : on OCZ
[01:02 pm] Jason Bond : bad day to be in tech on MSFT
[01:03 pm] Stavr 001 : any thoughts about RIMM puts? Anyone?
[01:04 pm] Jason Bond : up 17k the other day down 10k today in a bull market very frustrating but i had all tech and MSFT pulled the QQQ today
[01:04 pm] L W : what”s happening on Thursday JB? Earnings?
[01:04 pm] Thomas McCoy : Makes Sense JB
[01:04 pm] Tyler Savoy : RIMM sitting in the middle of range right now…i will be waiting until higher or lower to play either side
[01:05 pm] Justin Fitch : yes
[01:05 pm] Tabatha C. : Yes
[01:05 pm] Steven Polakow : ya
[01:05 pm] marjorie zwak : yes
[01:05 pm] jiab $ : yeah, much better mic
[01:06 pm] Elvis Pardal : yes
[01:07 pm] Elvis Pardal : no chart play today JB
[01:07 pm] Tyler Savoy : anyone expecting AAPL to post iphone5 sales this week for september?
[01:08 pm] Elvis Pardal : kk np
[01:08 pm] Ryan Sassounian : jb what do you think of s/s rimm
[01:08 pm] Nick : AAPL wont post new shipments until they ship, and they wont ship until the end of Oct.
[01:09 pm] marjorie zwak : JMBA setting up nice
[01:09 pm] Tyler Savoy : so no update is expected nick?
[01:09 pm] Chris Taylor : Out AAPL 675P $4750 profit
[01:09 pm] Alive Trader : r/r on rimm short not good imo
[01:09 pm] Tyler Savoy : good job chris
[01:10 pm] rendog . : wow congrats Chris
[01:10 pm] MICHAEL CORRADA : excellent chris
[01:10 pm] Chris Taylor : Out SPY puts $3200 profit
[01:10 pm] Matt Galpin : Nice Chris
[01:10 pm] Tyler Savoy : in AAPLE 665 weeklies at 7.03
[01:11 pm] Matt Galpin : Bernanke Q&A right now
[01:11 pm] Richie 2 : Nice…………Chris
[01:12 pm] Angelina Jolie : Guys check out PURE. Nice looking chart.
[01:12 pm] Craig Sutton : My bell keeps ringing Is there a way to reset it?
[01:12 pm] Tyler Savoy : out AAPL Put 665 @ 7.80
[01:12 pm] Jason Bond : close the x craig
[01:13 pm] Jeff Fortis : JB rung his bell! lol
[01:14 pm] Jason Bond : SPY lod
[01:14 pm] Jedi T : out AAPL $675 Weekly Puts +$3,000.
[01:14 pm] Tyler Savoy : nice Jedi
[01:14 pm] Jedi T : you too Tyler
[01:15 pm] Thomas McCoy : JB: Wall Street builds stock PE’s to ridiculous ratios and then crashes them down to give them something to buy and make money on. You said it”Wall Street is one big PUMP and DUMP.”
[01:15 pm] Chris Taylor : JB how do you feel about SIFY?
[01:16 pm] Jason Bond : yup thomas it truly is
[01:17 pm] jiab $ : wall street is designed for the big guy, the little guy is just a means to an end for those big guys
[01:17 pm] Chris Taylor : wtg Jedi
[01:19 pm] Thomas McCoy : JB: I feel this ROOM has learned how to get entry’s as close as we can to the big guy’s because of your CHAT BUSINESS. THANKS.
[01:20 pm] jiab $ : absolutely Thomas
[01:21 pm] Thomas McCoy : JRCC holding up.
[01:21 pm] Jedi T : you too Chris – thanks for the tip – may go back in AAPL puts
[01:22 pm] Tyler Savoy : scalped AAPL puts for .30
[01:22 pm] Tyler Savoy : to quick to post, but sold way early
[01:24 pm] Toledo Dave : SNTA nhod – chasing now though
[01:25 pm] Chris L : nice trade Jedi & chris. let me know when you two jump in again. haha.
[01:26 pm] Asad C : JB how do you feel about GLUU here?
[01:27 pm] Count Zack Mondego : hopefully AAPL’s last lod
[01:31 pm] Richard Davis : I wonder if OCZ will bounce here
[01:32 pm] Racer . : GLD itching to get out of the gate…
[01:32 pm] Larry B : Ben done
[01:32 pm] Asad C : @Richard, OCZ will bounce because stocks go up when I sell them
[01:36 pm] Chris Taylor : in AAPL 665C 10/5 @7.55
[01:37 pm] marjorie zwak : JMBA new hod
[01:41 pm] Chris Taylor : out AAPL 655C $955 profit
[01:41 pm] Tyler Savoy : nice scalp chris
[01:41 pm] Pink Investor : @Chris- again! Nice trade. I watched that one with you.
[01:42 pm] Racer . : Luke, Thank you for sharing your indicators with us, amazing to watch them work in real time
[01:47 pm] Leland Barlow : probably smart idea JB
[01:48 pm] Jedi T : goog job Chris – I’m in the $665. puts again
[01:48 pm] Stavr 001 : SNTA fly to the sky
[01:51 pm] Chris L : seems ppl bidding positive on RIMM
[01:52 pm] Justin Haase : Man, I’m still green on my personal watch list today overall, but it’s getting shaky…so many things have long tall shadows now
[01:54 pm] Ryan Sassounian : @Chris l, yea seems like it. im short RIMM 7.62
[01:54 pm] Stavr 001 : I’m short RIMM 7.77
[01:54 pm] Chris L : im shorting @ 7.57
[01:56 pm] Stavr 001 : Lukes RIMM puts are – 16.5% now from .49
[01:56 pm] Gary Belkin : : Retail gas prices hit daily records for six-straight weeks: AAA
[01:57 pm] DAVID LUNA : luke has nov. puts, he betting on the big move down long term
[01:57 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : Stav its a nov put
[01:59 pm] Alive Trader : long RIMM nov 8 calls
[02:03 pm] Christian Iliescu : VRNG shooting up
[02:04 pm] RKR : @Alive: any reason to be on Nov $8 Calls??
[02:04 pm] Gary Belkin : Natural gas seen holding above $3 as colder weather arrives
[02:04 pm] The Paper Prophet : @Luke, still bullish on SWKS calls?
[02:04 pm] NYC Trader : RIMM is tough to play atm.
[02:04 pm] NYC Trader : DDD is making a move
[02:05 pm] NYC Trader : Nice bounce on teh SPY
[02:05 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : good luck on youR RIMM calls alive
[02:06 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : “at current levels, RIMM does not offermeaningful upside and selling the company will prove to be challenge,”
[02:07 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : that is per Credit Suisse today
[02:07 pm] marjorie zwak : VRNG new hod
[02:08 pm] joseph walsh : got some ACAT on this dip will swing to 42
[02:09 pm] NYC Trader : Barron’s was neagtive on RIMM this weekend. Tough trade to call the direction.
[02:10 pm] Alive Trader : thanks
[02:10 pm] Alive Trader : thats some major voume on VRNG
[02:11 pm] Alive Trader : news out on VRNG?
[02:13 pm] joseph walsh : in HDY @ .73 again
[02:13 pm] James Hanrahan : All that RIMM bad news, yet it’s up 0.32 today– is there any logic in this market?
[02:13 pm] Bob Garrett : out TVIX +.01 tu jb
[02:14 pm] Jason Bond : figure on a day like today i’ll get what i can take
[02:14 pm] Jason Bond : not my best day but trading isn’t about winning every day
[02:14 pm] Bob Garrett : me to
[02:16 pm] RKR : most of the Analyst are negative ratings on RIMM but Barclays have positive ratings… when ever there is positive rating from Barclays… it will go up…even that company is doing bad…imo
[02:17 pm] RKR : i ill add few more RIMM nov $7 puts before eod…
[02:17 pm] Jason Bond : MWW signs of life
[02:18 pm] joseph walsh : got more JRCC for dec swing when cold weather hits..xmas cash…
[02:19 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : huge vol in ZNGA here
[02:19 pm] Honey Badger : znga news
[02:19 pm] Jason Bond : nice
[02:19 pm] Jason Bond : finally some green
[02:19 pm] Chris L : yeah
[02:21 pm] Bob Garrett : What is the ZNGA news???
[02:22 pm] Pink Investor : pbi
[02:22 pm] Pink Investor : sorry, wrong screen
[02:22 pm] marjorie zwak : Hasbro starting a line of ZNGA games
[02:23 pm] mi bad : in ZNGA @ 2.82
[02:23 pm] Thomas McCoy : in ZNGA@2.82
[02:23 pm] marjorie zwak : games will hit stores later this mont
[02:24 pm] Justin Fitch :
[02:24 pm] RKR : in one in SPY puts?
[02:24 pm] RKR : any one in SPY puts?
[02:24 pm] NYC Trader : When is znga earnings?
[02:24 pm] Steven Polakow : today
[02:25 pm] Steven Polakow : as per finviz
[02:25 pm] NYC Trader : Carrying ZNGA through earnings?
[02:25 pm] marjorie zwak : some people are saying the 25th
[02:25 pm] D. M. : I’ve got SPY puts.
[02:25 pm] NYC Trader : I heard they got delayed
[02:25 pm] B. R. : JB – goign to pick up the $3 options for ZNGA?
[02:26 pm] AJ. – : That ZNGA news was out earlier this morning…wouldnt that already be relfected in the stock price already?
[02:26 pm] Jason Bond : ZNGA does not have earnings today
[02:26 pm] DAVID LUNA : mutty waters on EDU
[02:26 pm] DAVID LUNA : MUDDY*
[02:26 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : AJ look at he vol spike about 5 mins ago
[02:26 pm] hopefulseekr 1 : bought ZNGA Oct 2.5 calls at .38
[02:26 pm] AJ. – : Yeah I see the vol. Was Just wondering why it is spiking now
[02:27 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : news was 8 mins ago
[02:27 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : when the spike occured
[02:27 pm] Jason Bond : seems like really good news best i can tell
[02:27 pm] B. R. : Oct $3 ZNGA is only .11
[02:28 pm] marjorie zwak : should help later this year for sure-will be on alot of christmas lists
[02:28 pm] Stephen Zwonitzer : I’m in ZNGA at 2.8184
[02:31 pm] Chris Taylor : in 25000 ZNGA aveg 2.9 with todays 10k
[02:31 pm] Erik Eps : in 5000 ZNGA 2.80
[02:32 pm] Chuck Chucker : in ZGNA at 2.8075
[02:33 pm] Honey Badger : zagg news!
[02:33 pm] Brian D : Any word on the ZNGA Casio license?
[02:34 pm] hopefulseekr 1 : also bought the ZNGA $3 weekly at .04
[02:35 pm] Chuck Chucker : is ZNGA news based on the hasbro/znga partnership?
[02:36 pm] Brian D : Yes
[02:37 pm] Alive Trader : those monthly $3 calls on znga look good
[02:37 pm] Scott Schnackenberg : In ZNGA OCT 20 $3 CALL @ .13
[02:37 pm] Honey Badger : zagg announces new independent director to board
[02:37 pm] Matt Galpin : ENTG looks Interesting
[02:38 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : COOL volume
[02:38 pm] Scott Schnackenberg : COOl !
[02:38 pm] Matt Galpin : COOL spike
[02:39 pm] Michael Gurtner : nova alerted
[02:39 pm] Matt Galpin : 5W Public Relations, one of the25 largest independent Public Relations firms in the U.S., is proud to announceit is working with the videogame company, Majesco Entertainment on their latestrelease, NBA Baller Beats.
[02:39 pm] Matt Galpin : That was this morning
[02:40 pm] Kei Y : QCOR moving
[02:40 pm] Frances Scanlon : which direction
[02:41 pm] Crimson Tidez : that game will be a bust
[02:41 pm] bobby tx : michael g..nova alerted what?
[02:41 pm] Vic Frindro : JB is ZNGA on your daily watch list?
[02:41 pm] Michael Gurtner : COOL
[02:42 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : QCOR vol alert something may be up
[02:42 pm] Bob Garrett : that would be awesome:)
[02:43 pm] Stavr 001 : out og QCOR 19.12 from 18.36 + .66
[02:44 pm] Popeye S : COOL moving with a little volume
[02:46 pm] Moh K : QCOR staring at a couple of claims from investors
[02:46 pm] Randy Lively : so why would QCOR jump with pending suits?
[02:47 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : guys anytime a stock price falls people sue nothing new
[02:47 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : if a company had no legal litgation ongoing i would be worried
[02:49 pm] Captain SWAT : QCOR stated a share buy back….maybe thats why the price is going up?
[02:49 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : when was that cs?
[02:49 pm] Anthony R. : Friday..sharebuy back and Dividend for QCOR
[02:49 pm] NYC Trader : QCOR is due for a dead cat bounce
[02:50 pm] zsolt 2026 : dead cat bounce – is this term in Investopia?
[02:50 pm] Susan Schlegel : GLUU is coming off the bottom…
[02:50 pm] Bruno Pinto : MCP had the same problem few month ago, several suits, rebounded few days later
[02:50 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : imo if they are doing a buyback, must be confident in the future, what a discounted price
[02:50 pm] Anthony R. : agreed Luke
[02:50 pm] Thomas McCoy : Looks like ZNGA news did’nt scare the shorts.
[02:50 pm] NYC Trader : Yes it is –
[02:50 pm] Jared M : just hope it gets back up before Oct 20th
[02:51 pm] Captain SWAT : check this…
[02:51 pm] NYC Trader :
[02:51 pm] zsolt 2026 : Very good. Thx
[02:51 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : they lifted the buyback plan…sounds like it was can?
[02:52 pm] Moh K : if investigations find no wrongdoing than there is hope
[02:53 pm] Captain SWAT : It seems to interpret “lifted” as “increased”?
[02:53 pm] A G : QCOR-Benzinga reports “hearing unconfirmed takeover chatter” -11 mins ago
[02:54 pm] gb B : wow VLO calls green at last
[02:55 pm] Captain SWAT : oh that would explain the volumn spike
[02:55 pm] Moh K : hope so it changes to confirm takeover
[02:56 pm] Captain SWAT : All the more hope its going to be a confirmed… higher value take over 🙂
[02:56 pm] A G : AAPL-FYI, Read that AAPL stock buyback program commenced today
[02:57 pm] Crimson Tidez : does that explain it tanking today?
[02:58 pm] Steven Polakow : buyback is a good thing
[02:58 pm] Tyler Savoy : can you post a link please A G
[02:59 pm] Tyler Savoy : ipad mini accouncement oct 17th
[02:59 pm] Tyler Savoy :
[03:00 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) :
[03:00 pm] Luke Murray (P2D) : not helping AAPL
[03:00 pm] Tyler Savoy : bull/bear battle
[03:01 pm] A G : AAPL -corporate press release here:
[03:01 pm] Jason Bond : ZNGA no love
[03:01 pm] Matt Ogle : AAPL. Hearing a lot of traders saying they see $650 by this friday
[03:01 pm] JB Barry : Nope.
[03:02 pm] Tyler Savoy : march 19th news A G
[03:02 pm] JB Barry : I’m flat for the day. Cut to pieces.
[03:02 pm] NYC Trader :
[03:02 pm] NYC Trader : That guy really nails the lawasuits
[03:03 pm] Chuck Chucker : ZNGA will blow up though, all those games will release in Oct
[03:03 pm] Chuck Chucker : before xmas
[03:03 pm] Thomas McCoy : ZNGA going the wrong way. What a dull mover.
[03:04 pm] aweber1 ~ : AAPL heading towards lod
[03:04 pm] mi bad : GLUU much more dull
[03:04 pm] marjorie zwak : USAT new hod
[03:04 pm] James Click : JRCC is dull, sideways for a week
[03:05 pm] Jedi T : I agrre Matt – south of $650. – AAPL buying its own shares because its the best investment out there – be up to $800. by Jan 13 earnings
[03:05 pm] A G : @AAPL-news was released on March 19–But the salient part –“authorized a $10 billion share repurchase program commencing in the Company’s fiscal 2013, which begins on September 30, 2012.”
[03:06 pm] Jedi T : imo that is
[03:07 pm] TBoone Pickens : The Hasbro move is a pretty slick Christmas strategy for Zynga.
[03:08 pm] Jason Bond : ya i like this ZNGA news, see if it brings a bidder / upgrade is the q
[03:09 pm] Leland Barlow : Lets see if OWW gets any vol. into end of day
[03:10 pm] Thomas McCoy : Market Makers must have ZNGA on high friction.
[03:10 pm] JODY CANFIELD : Is this the point in the Swing Trading game that we as traders should just “stand on the side lines” until things shake out?
[03:11 pm] Crimson Tidez : so….the odds that AAPL goes back up?
[03:11 pm] Wolfmans Brother : are you in AAPL Crimson?
[03:12 pm] JK 926 : in ZNGA 2.78
[03:12 pm] Count Zack Mondego : doesn’t luke have the weekly?
[03:13 pm] Jason Bond : no love for ZNGA on news, not yet anyway
[03:14 pm] TBoone Pickens : Jason, I checked Yahoo for ZNGA earnings release. It says Oct 1, 12. Haqve they moved it?
[03:15 pm] hopefulseekr 1 : I think you are right JB…we need an overnight upgrade on ZNGA
[03:15 pm] Crimson Tidez : yea, tried to get out of it earlier when only down 25 bucks, but due to order server going down and taking 4 hours to come up, im down over 75% on it
[03:15 pm] Brian Warren : ah.. you back in now?
[03:15 pm] Crimson Tidez : it just came up, no one knows why
[03:16 pm] Wolfmans Brother : ouch, sorry to hear Crimson
[03:16 pm] Crimson Tidez : this was the last of my portfolio though
[03:16 pm] gb B : everything fading except RIMM
[03:17 pm] Stavr 001 : RIMM selling of, bouncing from 7.85
[03:17 pm] A G : TDAmeritrade lists ZNGA earnings as 10/24/12 (after the market/CST)
[03:18 pm] hopefulseekr 1 : good thing with ZNGA is we have a very well defined stop!!!
[03:18 pm] Steve Naremore : not even good news has moved ZNGA
[03:21 pm] B. R. : sure hope we see some love for ZNGA
[03:22 pm] Thomas McCoy : Does’nt seem like any good news moves anything in this market.
[03:23 pm] Chuck Chucker : the news is just press releases now.. no media attention yet
[03:23 pm] E K. : out AAPL $660 weekly puts in @ 6.40 out @ 9.40
[03:23 pm] Chuck Chucker : i saw only 2 press releases and i do SEO.. give it time to trickle to the masses
[03:23 pm] Steven Polakow : nice work E K
[03:23 pm] Matt Ogle : Nice EK
[03:23 pm] E K. : thx
[03:24 pm] Anthony R. : JB…my first TVIX trade…out +150 bucks! thanks
[03:24 pm] E K. : 3k in about hour and a half
[03:24 pm] Anthony R. : nice EK
[03:24 pm] Chris Taylor : Nice EK
[03:24 pm] TBoone Pickens : DCTH thinking about bresking hod
[03:25 pm] Matt Galpin : SPY back out of the 100 day Bull Channel again.
[03:27 pm] Matt Ogle : ZNGA lod…
[03:28 pm] erick gillette : luke, are you still in apple calls oct 5
[03:28 pm] Count Zack Mondego : He hasn’t announced otherwise so Yes. Erick
[03:28 pm] Stavr 001 : watch for RIMM 7.77 break, there is a juge bid of 400. Ones it’s gone – RIMM will wash down
[03:29 pm] Steve Naremore : ZNGA, add more or cut n run ?? ….hummmmm
[03:29 pm] TBoone Pickens : When are ZNGA earnings?
[03:30 pm] Leland Barlow : ZAGG tech bling good
[03:31 pm] B. R. : SPLK going up..
[03:31 pm] STEVE KWIATEK : bought 1500 @2.76
[03:32 pm] Larry B : y
[03:32 pm] Andy C : y
[03:32 pm] Steven Polakow : ya
[03:32 pm] Green Candle : sound good
[03:32 pm] Bill Smith : y
[03:32 pm] Craig Sutton : I guess they sold the news on ZNGA
[03:32 pm] Sean Campbell : What time will you be back on Jason?
[03:32 pm] TBoone Pickens : yes…heard everything
[03:32 pm] Gary Belkin : yes JB.
[03:32 pm] Joey C : what does ‘lod’ mean
[03:32 pm] Richard Davis : Low of the Day
[03:33 pm] JK 926 : 10/25 for ZNGA earnings
[03:33 pm] Sparky . : a move on one minute chart now
[03:33 pm] hopefulseekr 1 : I sold all but my weekly calls on ZNGA….lotto play
[03:33 pm] Chuck Chucker : its moving up now
[03:33 pm] Craig Sutton : I think that will happen
[03:33 pm] Chuck Chucker : high volume into tomorrow it could spike
[03:34 pm] TBoone Pickens : maybe eod run in ZNGA today
[03:34 pm] Paul Conant : GLUU any input?
[03:34 pm] mi bad : buy more GLUU JB?
[03:34 pm] Chris L : what about SPLK going over night ?.
[03:35 pm] DAVID LUNA : SPLK Is monthly
[03:35 pm] Chris D : GEVO thoughts, please, Jason.
[03:35 pm] Jason Bond : st – sold 15,000 OCZ down 7% at 3.15 -4,200
[03:35 pm] PARMAN 1 : Historically tech stocks do very well mid Oct thru March
[03:35 pm] Chris D : Thank you Jason.
[03:35 pm] Matt Ogle : took some Oct AAPL 650 at 5.50 puts here
[03:36 pm] Sean Campbell : Thank you jason, do you have any idea when you will be on tonight?
[03:36 pm] TJ Trader : in 1 AAPl 660 wkl call at 8
[03:36 pm] Meredith Clark : ZAGG really holding up
[03:37 pm] zsolt 2026 : Large broke of ZNGA sold off.
[03:37 pm] Robert Patterson : GEVO thoughts?
[03:37 pm] Anthony R. : APPL Oct 20 $680 call looking good to buy right now
[03:38 pm] Mr Smith : stopped out by GLUU; that makes 4 losses today, wiping out all profits over last month 🙁
[03:38 pm] Chris Taylor : In AAPL 665C @5.70 10/5 expr
[03:39 pm] Jason Bond : sorry to hear that mr. smith
[03:39 pm] Steven Polakow : jb, turn off mic
[03:39 pm] Anthony R. : i think I might be done playing the Oct 5 APPL calls, Chris Taylor
[03:39 pm] rendog . : man of us have been there Mr Smith
[03:39 pm] rendog . : many
[03:39 pm] Anthony R. : I won nicely on two trades last week then almost got burned bad on a thrid, but I made that back today
[03:40 pm] Anthony R. : i moved on to the Oct20 and Nov APPL calls…of course APPL getting crushed now so I am waiting
[03:40 pm] Jedi T : out AAPL $675. puts +$3,000., 2nd trip out AAPL $665 puts +$3,000. again
[03:41 pm] Anthony R. : nice Jedi
[03:41 pm] Steven Polakow : huge cheddar jedi
[03:41 pm] Anthony R. : APPL is down big two days in a row…one thing you can count on…it always comes back
[03:41 pm] Leland Barlow : ka pow jedi
[03:41 pm] B. R. : maybe tomorrow will be a big day for ZNGA
[03:42 pm] James Click : i think it will
[03:42 pm] Matt Ogle : I still see AAPL at the 50dma this week, so I’m stickin in Oct puts
[03:42 pm] Jedi T : I agree, but not big time until south of $650. imo
[03:42 pm] andrea mazing : Jedi, will you buy puts this afternoon for tomoroow?
[03:42 pm] Anthony R. : you’re prob right Jedi…who knows APPL might get there today…just getting crushed
[03:43 pm] Chris K : 742K bidder on OCZ at $3.20? Wow… (I hate when a stock breaks pattern and cause my sell, just to come back up)
[03:43 pm] Jason Bond : that’s a monster bid
[03:44 pm] Brian Moulton : Otto: thoughts on ANAD at this point?
[03:44 pm] Jason Bond : almost 1/5 today’s volume
[03:44 pm] Matt Ogle : Right Jedi, if 650 breaks its lights out imo AAPL
[03:44 pm] James Click : OCZ hurt me today
[03:44 pm] B. R. : JB – think the ZNGA news has a better reaction tomorrow?
[03:44 pm] Jason Bond : we’ll if the get a bidder B.R., retail doesn’t move ZNGA, only big money does
[03:45 pm] Jedi T : no seems to have3 halted for today Andrea, but I’ll be back in puts on any recovery back north until its down to around $644.
[03:45 pm] Otto Strauss : still hold stop low of the day volume is very low so i am not worry
[03:45 pm] Jules Mappus : i was about to cut my losses on OCZ, nice heads up chris
[03:45 pm] TJ Trader : 657 AApl is support
[03:46 pm] Brian Moulton : ok thanks Otto!
[03:46 pm] Jedi T : I think it goes thru $657 to sub $650
[03:46 pm] Justin Fitch : lots of volumn on znga
[03:46 pm] andrea mazing : any thing you would buy tonight to sell tomoroow ? I cant day trade.
[03:46 pm] Scott Gunderson : 1.5 million bid now on OCZ
[03:47 pm] The Paper Prophet : 121k bid on ZNGA and selling is relentless
[03:47 pm] D. M. : MattG – Thanks for the SPY chart this morning. Got in puts when it didn’t push through the triangle. Looks like support is 143.80 for next bounce
[03:48 pm] Matt Galpin : That 144 is a magnet. I will post another chart on what I see.
[03:50 pm] Matt Galpin : Sorry that is Friday Oct 5th Unemployemnt numbers, Made a mistake on the chart. Did it too quick
[03:50 pm] DAVID LUNA : strategy desk nice
[03:50 pm] Matt Galpin : Gotta love SD
[03:51 pm] Matt Galpin : Can’t believe they are phasing it out
[03:51 pm] DAVID LUNA : :0
[03:51 pm] DAVID LUNA : justlike advanced analyzer
[03:52 pm] Jedi T : and my apology to those stuck in AAPL calls – didn’t mean to gloat – I think we’re all in this together
[03:52 pm] Anthony R. : im in OCZ again this week @$3.20
[03:52 pm] Anthony R. : yea Jedi…we lose and you take 😉 hahaha kidding
[03:53 pm] H alfahad : Hopefully that was the bottom of GLUU
[03:53 pm] Anthony R. : plenty of time to make money back on APPL for everyone imo
[03:53 pm] D. M. : So we will see 3 days of sideways action then a pop on Friday up or down on the news.
[03:53 pm] Jeff Fortis : Anyway to watch/monitor chat on an iPhone/iPad?
[03:54 pm] PARMAN 1 : Hopefully Shorts will want to limit exposure in OCZ before earnings
[03:54 pm] Chuck Chucker : i wonder if that ZNGA spike had something to do with BusinessWire PR release being a berkshire hathaway company
[03:55 pm] Lazhami Silva : ZNGA spike?
[03:56 pm] Jedi T : lol Anthony – but I’m stuck in a stack of OCT Calls – and yes those in AAPL Oct calls have nearly 3 weeks to recover – this stock could jump 30-40 points in that span
[03:56 pm] Anthony R. : agreed Jedi…
[03:56 pm] Chuck Chucker : yes it came at 2:20 pm and the press release came at 2:18 pm
[03:57 pm] Chuck Chucker : was held for less than a minute
[03:57 pm] Stephen Zwonitzer : ZNGA spiked 3%
[03:58 pm] Thomas McCoy : Does’nt it kill ya when the ASK is 2.77 and somebody gives 2.7699
[03:58 pm] Chuck Chucker : went from 2.77 to 2.90 in 2 minutes or so
[03:58 pm] Chuck Chucker : then down to around 2.8
[03:59 pm] Stephen Zwonitzer : yep
[04:00 pm] mi bad : me to JB MWW even
[04:00 pm] Steven Polakow : CLOSED!!!!!
[04:00 pm] Chuck Chucker : im going thru all their press releases that have stock tickers and finding a correlation is all that i am saying
[04:00 pm] DAVID LUNA : 4 o’clock on wall street.. do you now where your money is????
[04:00 pm] Steven Polakow : lol
[04:00 pm] Jason Bond : okay gang, regroup tomorrow and hope to have a better day
[04:00 pm] Berney A. : when di you buy GRPN JB/
[04:01 pm] Chapito G : please
[04:01 pm] Nick : Agreed JB, see ya’ll tomorrow
[04:01 pm] Jason Bond : see the chat logs berney
[04:01 pm] Berney A. : ok sounds good
[04:01 pm] Jason Bond : day trade i carried overnight since friday i think
[04:01 pm] Andrew Lapp : bailed on ZNGA at 2.75, going to find a lower entry tomorrow.
[04:01 pm] Stephen Zwonitzer : Thanks guys, this was my first JB day!
[04:01 pm] Berney A. : ok thanks yea wasnt here friday so tahts y i didnt see it
[04:02 pm] Jason Bond : nothing wrong with reducing exposure andrew good call
[04:02 pm] Lazhami Silva : JB, I didn’t see your P calls on the announcements tab. Can you remind me? Thanks
[04:02 pm] TBoone Pickens : Chuck…Jason Bond picks bought at 2:20 and it spiked.
[04:02 pm] Hussaine Loukzadeh : Goodnight Jason, Luke, Mattg, Otto and the room
[04:02 pm] DAVID LUNA : c ya hussaine
[04:02 pm] Jason Bond : i mirrored luke on the P calls, didn’t announce it since he did but i put it in the general chat and since i’m in i share
[04:02 pm] Jason Bond : night hussaine
[04:02 pm] Barak B : darn i just got here
[04:03 pm] Jason Bond : at laz – see above about the P calls
[04:03 pm] Barak B : +944 for the day
[04:03 pm] Jeff Fortis : Jason, anyway to follow along on iDevices? I don’t know if there is a chat client compatible or not
[04:03 pm] Jason Bond : not sure jeff just check omnovia homepage for that
[04:03 pm] Jeff Fortis : got it thx
[04:03 pm] Barak B : xco earnings
[04:03 pm] Chuck Chucker : yeah it might be a conspiracy theory, but im goin to follow their news feed and trade on their hype i think
[04:03 pm] Goran Midorovic : +2518 $ today
[04:04 pm] Chuck Chucker : really fast buy/sell though, like 1-2 minute holds
[04:04 pm] Goran Midorovic : still holding RIMM , SPLK
[04:04 pm] Randy Lively : i follow chat sometimes on my sony tablet running android
[04:05 pm] Jeff Fortis : Randy that is just showing off!
[04:05 pm] James Click : ZNGA up .09 in extended hours
[04:05 pm] Stephen Zwonitzer : there’s an app on the iphone that runs the chat, but the text is way too small to read
[04:05 pm] Anthony R. : anyone in ZLCS?
[04:05 pm] Randy Lively : when I get a system like JB then I will be showing off lol
[04:06 pm] Jeff Fortis : Lol no doubt. Ok…looking now. Thanks guys.
[04:06 pm] Otto Strauss : good night all see you tomorrow
[04:08 pm] DeAndre Clarke : how’d everyone do today?
[04:08 pm] DeAndre Clarke : just now signing on
[04:10 pm] Jedi T : night all
[04:10 pm] JK 926 : @Anthony yes on ZLCS bought Fri on lod at 0.7402
[04:10 pm] Alive Trader : some of u guys dont understand afterhours trades
[04:11 pm] JK 926 : you’re right Alive teach us
[04:11 pm] Mic B : that 2600 loot means nothing
[04:11 pm] Mic B : lot
[04:11 pm] Mic B : offer is still 2.78
[04:11 pm] Alive Trader : it only matters when its a lot of volume
[04:11 pm] Alive Trader : not random 1-2k buys
[04:12 pm] Alive Trader : if it started trading 100k+ shares in after ours then it matters
[04:12 pm] James Click : right, it’s just nice to see any green after today 🙂
[04:13 pm] Crimson Tidez : so how many of shares of KO were sold to cause it to have a red line longer that the great wall of china?
[04:13 pm] JK 926 : thx Alive
[04:13 pm] James Click : have a great night everyone
[04:18 pm] Stavr 001 : will watch RIMM tomorrow to tank, hopefully to fill the gap down. MACD histogram on 1h chart is at 0 line, when this heppens prise doew down a lot, if MACD Hist. breaks the 0 line
[04:27 pm] mi bad : thx alive on ah trade info
[04:35 pm] Captain SWAT : so AAPL seems to be hitting a common resistance point (from the daily chart) 654-658… likely see a bounce if it can open over 658
[04:35 pm] Captain SWAT : anyone with me on this?
[04:39 pm] Barak B : just bout 2 more 27
[04:39 pm] Barak B : monitors on ebay
[04:40 pm] Barak B : now i neded a graghics card for 6 monitors
[04:40 pm] Barak B : can anyone recomend
[04:41 pm] Alive Trader : wow barak
[04:41 pm] Wolfmans Brother : I prefer running multiple computeres with that many monitors
[04:41 pm] Wolfmans Brother : I use my left hand for charts and right hand for executing trades
[04:41 pm] Wolfmans Brother : on 2 seperate computers
[04:42 pm] Barak B : well i have a trading comp already
[04:43 pm] Barak B : i have two cards now, ebay has AMD radeon 7870 eyefinity 6 looks good
[04:44 pm] Crimson Tidez : i have the 7970, real good cards
[04:44 pm] William Schmolze : barak whats your emeail
[04:44 pm] William Schmolze : email
[04:44 pm] Barak B :
[04:44 pm] William Schmolze : ok…im guna email you the set up I am going to get…my friends whose a comp wiz put it together for me
[04:45 pm] William Schmolze : i told him what kindof computer i needed and he put it together for me
[04:47 pm] William Schmolze : sent
[04:50 pm] Barak B : i dont see yur card there
[04:51 pm] Barak B : got it its a small card for two monitors
[04:52 pm] Adam Sieroocinski : hello everyone.. sorry i was out today.. anyone know what happened to GLUU??
[04:53 pm] Zirn Acob : I only run 2 “monitors” now, but one is a 60 inch plasma at max resolution. Turned out cheaper that muliple smaller monitors and much easier to maintain.
[04:53 pm] Stavr 001 : Just regular sell off, I will catch it at 4.24 when it reaches support
[04:53 pm] Zirn Acob : Using HDMI output from my laptop. That’s how I solved the issue.
[04:54 pm] Barak B : i have two for etrade, one for 14 scanners and one for the chat room. 2 27s one 19 one 21
[04:55 pm] Alive Trader : barak ur mentor good?
[04:56 pm] Barak B : im going to be in waxies room too. i need more. dell, LG, and the 27’s are 1080p sceptre
[04:57 pm] Sparky . : who is waxie
[04:58 pm] Barak B : a freind
[04:58 pm] Sparky . : k
[05:02 pm] Jeff Emerson : Zirn, is there a way to get split screen with your 60 inch, ie: 4 different screens on one plama.
[05:04 pm] Crimson Tidez : may be able to do it under the CCC, but Im not sure if thats possible or now
[05:04 pm] Crimson Tidez : not
[05:07 pm] Scott Gunderson : anyone here well versed on options? i have a question i think i know the answer to but would like confirmation. Please IM me if you don’t mind.
[05:12 pm] Roboman E : Barak, how are those DVD’s you from waxie?
[05:13 pm] Barak B : the did not send them. three weeks. so i sent waxie an email. on sunday he said i is sending it himself. i told him about it in chat friday.
[05:13 pm] Roboman E : oh, was curious what you thought of them
[05:14 pm] Barak B : let me tell you this guy is good, you think Luke is good, this guy is a money maker
[05:14 pm] JB Barry : Who are you talking about, Barak?
[05:14 pm] Roboman E : really?
[05:14 pm] Roboman E : good teacher?
[05:15 pm] Barak B : this trader called waxie
[05:15 pm] JB Barry : Someone you know?
[05:15 pm] Barak B : yes, on mic all day. realy learnd from him
[05:16 pm] JB Barry : @Barak: How’d you come across this person?
[05:16 pm] Barak B : New PowerColor AMD Radeon HD 7870 Eyefinity 6 Edition 2GB GDDR5 6Mini
[05:17 pm] Roboman E : have you seen any of waxie’s dvds?
[05:17 pm] Barak B : if i talk too much jason will take me out of here. all of you will go to him
[05:18 pm] Roboman E : understand
[05:18 pm] Barak B : you guys need to have a goal of what you can make each day. and do it. we need to be consistant
[05:19 pm] Crimson Tidez : i had a goal of not losing 10 out of 11 trades, I have failed myself
[05:20 pm] Barak B : what trades do you make money at, options, scalps, swings?
[05:20 pm] Barak B : i do well scald daytrade. now i found i do better in options scapls
[05:20 pm] Crimson Tidez : none, they throw so many trades out here that are losers, that many dont have the cash to chase the next pick
[05:21 pm] Crimson Tidez : and i hate being threatened for telling the truth
[05:22 pm] spider- dan : is Luke still in APPL 680 weekly calls?
[05:23 pm] Crimson Tidez : yup
[05:23 pm] Crimson Tidez : unless he didnt post an exit like with FB
[05:24 pm] spider- dan : i could have gotten out even, i messed up
[05:24 pm] Crimson Tidez : yea, AAPL could have gotten out of, others you looking at being down 40-50% within 30 mins of a trade
[05:26 pm] spider- dan : Im only in the AAPL options
[05:27 pm] RKR : AAPL is too volatile… be cautious… don’t be greedy… with AAPL…
[05:29 pm] Crimson Tidez : that AAPL option is down at least 4.00 by now
[05:30 pm] Crimson Tidez : watching people drop like flies here recently
[05:31 pm] spider- dan : last trade was at 1.71
[05:31 pm] Crimson Tidez : what was the buy in at>
[05:31 pm] spider- dan : i think he got in somewhere around 7ish
[05:32 pm] Crimson Tidez : most likely hell buy more share to avg down
[05:34 pm] Crimson Tidez : i prob should have done the same instead of taking a 66% loss
[05:34 pm] Jacksone Joseph : What a bad trading day, lol. A lot of stocks just seemed to PLUMMET
[05:35 pm] Crimson Tidez : suretrader was down for me for 4 1/2 hr today, lost a ton due not not getting out
[05:35 pm] spider- dan : sorry to hear that crimson

Here’s where Crimson Tidez becomes a coward, enters my chat and starts the lies on a day where he clearly blew up his account, swore, was kicked and then found a reason to blame me. People who blame others for their misfortune.

[05:35 pm] Crimson Tidez : posted something like this….(*&$(*$#& and got booted

My comment… having chat guidelines and sticking to them is why I’ve been able to build the largest stock chat on the Internet paid or free. I warned Otto for saying ‘Damn’ today too and he’s a moderator, no special treatment.

[05:35 pm] Berney A. : lol implied swearing ..i believe jason said
[05:36 pm] Berney A. : i wouldnt take it too serious
[05:36 pm] Jacksone Joseph : So no swearing of any kind is allowed here? 😉
[05:36 pm] Crimson Tidez : he makes well over 500k year here, he couldnt care less about his customer base, when one falls out of the nest, there will be another to take their spot

My comment… I login daily, answer all my emails myself for 2 years, build this from a stock promotion website with no premium subscribers to a few thousand. Of the thousands of clients in less than 2 years, most start with a few thousand dollars, would they sign up if they heard all I care about is big money? I’ve combined my services to make my service more affordable for everyone, there were 200 day trade clients at $497 a quarter when I shut it down after only being open for 3 months – giving a refund or credit to all of them so I could provide the day trade service to all of my clients for one low price. That’s just under $100,000 / quarter in gross sales I gave up for my clients, almost half a million a year on my smaller service and your going to say I don’t care about my customer?

[05:37 pm] Berney A. : nope
[05:37 pm] Jacksone Joseph : $hit
[05:37 pm] Berney A. : well when your customer base gets so big you honestly someimes cant make evryone happy and sometimes people fall out
[05:38 pm] Crimson Tidez : hes lost some of his great assests like Bristol, Tina Turner and others, they were on point

My comment… Bristol is still a client and so all clients know, I sent this to Bristol with Crimson’s email copied in and Crimson then backs out saying, “Well I heard” after Bristol dismisses Crimson. Further, I asked Tina to be a mod for a free membership and then $500 a month, she said no but wanted to member for free and exchange for helping people in chat and I explained to her that’s not a trade I’m willing to make and the offer to be a mod for $500 a month is on the table should she change her mind. 

[05:38 pm] Crimson Tidez : Luke used to be a customer himself
[05:39 pm] Berney A. : wait i didnt know Bristol and tina left..i thought they just hadnt gotten on chat
[05:39 pm] Jacksone Joseph : I tend to follow Luke more than any other moderator for whatever reason
[05:39 pm] Crimson Tidez : Bristol was kicked out and Tina left on her own

My comment… see comment above if you’re still confused there.

[05:40 pm] Berney A. : oh wow kinda surprised to hear that…i can recall seeing Tina here like last thursday
[05:40 pm] Berney A. : and bristol..why was he kicked out?
[05:40 pm] Crimson Tidez : she log in time to time to help some of us , Tina, Eagle Eye, NYC Trader, and Bristol are / were huge assets to this service

My comment… yes that’s what I’ve built with 2 years of hard work… the community didn’t get this way on it’s own Crimson and you will never be allowed in it again. You couldn’t pay me the $500,000 you think I make to get back in my community where there are great traders. I’m already receiving emails from clients, clients who have been with me since day one saying, “Thank you for removing the turkey” etc… Good traders come and go, I can’t control that but I can control situations like this and that’s why my chat will continue to attract the best and weed out those who blame others like you.

[05:41 pm] Crimson Tidez : while Luke and JB were always to busy to answer questions from the peanut gallery, those 4 were always willing to help

My comment… correct me if I’m wrong, but Luke, the other mods and myself aren’t willing to help? Funny, could have swore that’s why all the people you mentioned above signed up in the first place.

[05:41 pm] Berney A. : yea i completely agree..even eagle eye? what is oing on that people are leaving or being kicked out?
[05:42 pm] Crimson Tidez : not every one that joins here has 10 years market experience and a 50k portfolio to play with, they forget that

My comment… nope I was broke once too but you didn’t see me blame anyone other than myself

[05:42 pm] Crimson Tidez : eagle eye and nyc are still here

My comment… as I said Bristol is still a client and I asked Tina to leave since we couldn’t come to an agreement on employment terms. Get your facts straight, it’s just one lie after another with you. By the way, my offer was open ended for Tina and I still hope she changes her mind, I enjoyed all my talks with her but at the end of the day this is a business.

[05:44 pm] Crimson Tidez : i greatly appreciate the assets that this room brings in, quite a few are top notch

My comment… yes and I built this room for that reason and it will continue to draw because I, unlike most huge services actually am in the trenches with my clients in the room daily. I, when called out by clowns like you defend my fort and I, unlike you have not lied so I can spend 4 hours writing this to prove you wrong. And I, unlike you will take this fight and use it as motivation to improve myself, my blog and my service to clients. 

[05:49 pm] Zirn Acob : Howdy folks
[05:52 pm] Zirn Acob : Anyone know anything about Stochastic or Bollinger Bands?
[05:52 pm] Zirn Acob : I’ve got a couple of quick questions
[05:52 pm] Crimson Tidez : sure thing
[05:54 pm] Zirn Acob : Are these good indicators for identifying direction on a heavy volume stock?
[05:54 pm] Zirn Acob : or I guess my real question is, what are the best indicators for identifying change of direction?
[05:54 pm] aweber1 ~ : @Crimson: how did your mcdonalds ketchup strategy do today? 🙂
[05:55 pm] Crimson Tidez : good, i picked a winner
[05:55 pm] Zirn Acob : Ketchup Strategy ?
[05:55 pm] aweber1 ~ : nice, 100% so far!
[05:56 pm] Crimson Tidez : landed on something called PNR, flipped quarter, went short….
[05:56 pm] Crimson Tidez : ah, you werent here for my new stock picking strat Zirn
[05:56 pm] Crimson Tidez : im 100% so far
[05:58 pm] Zirn Acob : I’m always on the lookout for a decent strategy. Too bad I missed that discussion 🙁
[06:02 pm] Crimson Tidez : yea, i went to burgerking today, was supposed to be McDs…but oh well
[06:03 pm] Crimson Tidez : and got a paper, opened up the finance section and put it on the table
[06:03 pm] Crimson Tidez : squirted ketchup on it, and whatever the big blob of ketchup landed on, that was my pick of the day
[06:03 pm] Crimson Tidez : ended up with PNR
[06:04 pm] Crimson Tidez : then i took out a quarter, flipped it…head for long, tails for short….i got tails
[06:04 pm] Crimson Tidez : so far that puts my strat at 100% correct
[06:07 pm] Zirn Acob : LOL – it’s funny because I’ll bet it’s true
[06:10 pm] Crimson Tidez : i was frustrated, because of all the techincals saying one thing, yet market does another
[06:11 pm] Crimson Tidez : oh candle saying one thing, read 3 books, look at 10 charts all say one thing, …but then look at stock, just the opposite
[06:12 pm] Zirn Acob : What? You mean you don’t just throw your money into a trade based on alerts here?
[06:13 pm] Crimson Tidez : i lost all my money doing that, now im throwing away think or swims 200k away
[06:13 pm] Zirn Acob : Don’t you get everything you need to understand the entry and exit right here?
[06:13 pm] Roboman E : They let monkeys pick stocks and they are 50% correct. Far better then the alerts I go in on.
[06:13 pm] Crimson Tidez : your down on 18 out of 19 right?
[06:14 pm] Zirn Acob : We are so going to get booted – LOL
[06:14 pm] Roboman E : yup

[06:14 pm] Crimson Tidez : i got booted today for saying )&($&#)

My comment… having chat guidelines and sticking to them is why I’ve been able to build the largest stock chat on the Internet paid or free. I warned Otto for saying ‘Damn’ today too and he’s a moderator, no special treatment.

[06:14 pm] Crimson Tidez : because my suretrader was down for almost 5 hours and couldnt get out of a trade

My comment… your going with a sketchy off shore broker and this isn’t to be expected? Again, blame goes where it’s due in the Bond household… you don’t see me blaming Credit Suisse for my big loss on TVIX and when clients asked if I would join the class action lawsuit my response was it was my fault, not theirs. Spend your life blaming others will get you nowhere and fast.

[06:14 pm] Zirn Acob : Yeah, I noticed that. Oddly enough though someone else didn’t shortly after for using an actual bad word.
[06:14 pm] Roboman E : with all the stock pick services out there a ketchup and stock page newsletter could do real well
[06:15 pm] Crimson Tidez : i dont have a 100k account here, so im not relevant to the service.

My comment… I have thousands of clients in less than 2 years and most start with a few thousand dollars, would they sign up if they heard all I care about is big money? I’ve combined my services to make my service more affordable for everyone, there were 200 day trade clients at $497 a quarter when I shut it down after only being open for 3 months – giving a refund or credit to all of them so I could provide the day trade service to all of my clients for one low price. That’s just under $100,000 / quarter in gross sales I gave up for my clients, almost half a million a year on my smaller service and your going to say I don’t care about my customer?

[06:15 pm] Roboman E : you were booted CT?
[06:15 pm] Crimson Tidez : yea
[06:15 pm] Crimson Tidez : for using the (&$&#* symbols

My comment… having chat guidelines and sticking to them is why I’ve been able to build the largest stock chat on the Internet paid or free. I warned Otto for saying ‘Damn’ today too and he’s a moderator, no special treatment.

[06:16 pm] Crimson Tidez : guess its considered ” implied” swearing

My comment… BINGO! Read the chat guidelines… I kick a few out each day – you just might not always hear about it but since you were making a scene like a kid in the candy line I chose to share why.

[06:16 pm] Crimson Tidez : wile e coyote does it all the time, i never considered it cursing
[06:17 pm] Roboman E : CT thats @#$%$$
[06:17 pm] Crimson Tidez : while losing 500 is nothing to alot of people, that was 25% of my account I lost today

My comment… doesn’t warrant swearing in my room, I’ll swear at you in an email when you claim below that I’m committing fraud, and a lot… but you will not do it in my chat and neither will I or anyone else. You might laugh, but once implied swearing is allowed it goes down hill fast.

[06:18 pm] Crimson Tidez : he has a 300k account give or take, bet if he lost 75k in one day there would be some )(&$)($ going on
[06:19 pm] JODY CANFIELD : Just hit my desk –
[06:20 pm] Roboman E : CT it’s not his money
[06:21 pm] Crimson Tidez : kinda figured
[06:24 pm] Jerry Bogacz : Hey CT…we talked in PM last week…yeah last 4 of 6 AAPL trds not so good….but yhe previous 20..ony 3 losers
[06:25 pm] Zirn Acob : Jerry – How’s you do it?
[06:25 pm] Crimson Tidez : list what you got RObo
[06:26 pm] Crimson Tidez : AXL, VRNG, KO, GEVO, JCP, ARNA, DOLE, GRPN, are the latest that are all duds
[06:27 pm] Crimson Tidez : OCZ was another i had
[06:30 pm] Crimson Tidez : im not gonna let it get to me anymore, I feel alot of us got suckered, but I cant deny that I have learned alot and just wished I had learned of the potential dishonesty earlier on

My comment… here’s were Crimson crosses the line an becomes a coward when I’m not even around to defend myself and in front of 130 clients nonetheless. I’m embarrassed he went this low.

[06:30 pm] Jerry Bogacz : Since 9/4…Luke has alerted 26 AAPL trds, the fisrt 20 of those were only 3 small losers…I trded his alerts and did very well
[06:30 pm] Crimson Tidez : spent 6 years in the miltary, served in Korea and Iraq, lost my wife and son while deployed, Ive been through worse and will over come this as well
[06:31 pm] Crimson Tidez : AAPL is pretty consistant, that we agree on
[06:32 pm] Jerry Bogacz : I am also took a hit on the last 4 of 6; current ones I am still in
[06:33 pm] Jerry Bogacz : CT…what dishonesty
[06:33 pm] Zirn Acob : AAPL almost doesn’t count. All the cool kids are day trading Apple options these days – lol
[06:33 pm] CHUPPY 1130 : what dishonesty are u talking about – just got on
[06:34 pm] Crimson Tidez : Hard to put my finger on it
[06:35 pm] Crimson Tidez : but i feel with so many losses on stocks that have so little volume, my intuation says they are front loading them

My comment… front loading is fraud and people go to jail for it. A statement like this in my place of work, my service and without me around warranted an extremely nasty email from me, kicked out of my service without a refund and I will be pursuing defamation.

[06:35 pm] Crimson Tidez : not saying anyone specificly, but it just seems strange

My comment… oh it’s very clear what you just said!

[06:36 pm] Jerry Bogacz : can’t front load options
[06:36 pm] Crimson Tidez : nope , but you can front load LQMT and VRNG

My comment… you’re claiming I’ve committed fraud on LQMT and VRNG by front loading and selling into subscribers and lying to them about my exit. People go to jail for that. I will gladly post all LQMT and VRNG trades below.

[06:37 pm] Crimson Tidez : which is what another poster got banned for finding out

My comment… now you just claimed Bristol found out about fraud, which people go to jail for and I banned him for it. Yet Bristol is still a client and when I showed him all of this in an email with you copied in you said, “Well that’s what I ‘heard’ anyway and there’s no need to involve Bristol”  – so now it’s okay to toss around fraud allegations based on what you ‘heard’?

[06:37 pm] Crimson Tidez : Bristol, one of our best option traders here stumbled on something…

My comment… you’re suggesting Bristol stumbled onto fraud. Wonder if Bristol is okay with this? I’m glad I emailed Bristol before assuming you were telling the truth.

[06:38 pm] Jeff Lee : hi
[06:38 pm] Crimson Tidez : In August, 2012, I received another email from Jason Bond encouraging his members to go very long on Vringo, Inc. (VRNG) with more passion than any objective trader should (ref link #1). I decided to peal back the curtain.I offer absolutely no opinion here, I am strictly presenting information readily available to the general public. Reference links are at the bottom of this text. Checked to identify the registered owner of, it is Beacon Equity (ref link #2). Beacon Equity; Jeff Bishop, office@beaconequity.com4828 S. Broadway #182 Tyler, Texas 75703

My comment… wow you are a genius! Jeff Bishop is my friend, my mentor, my colleague and my boss. He was as the conference and clients met him, had drinks with him, gambled with him and ate dinner with him. He owns many companies and hundreds of websites from daily deals to religion to unbiased newsletters to biased newsletters. You’ve uncovered nothing. When I left teaching in January of 2011 Jeff gave me the job of running which was a stock promotion website. Over time we converted it to an unbiased newsletter. I have many clients here today who were there then and will confirm.

Further… maybe you’ve heard of Roberto Pedone, senior contributor at StockPickr i.e. company with Jim Cramer’s TheStreet… maybe you should read his bio sometime lol… – how about I copy / paste it for you.

“Roberto Pedone, based out of Windermere, Fla., is an independent trader who focuses on stocks, options, futures, commodities and currencies. He is also an outside contributor to and maintains the website, which he sold to Blue Wave Advisors in 2008. Roberto studied International Business at The Milwaukee School of Engineering, and he spent a year overseas studying business in Lubeck, Germany.”

Yikes, senior writer on StockPickr, connected with Jim Cramer’s TheStreet – do you see what I wrote above you fool or are you too ignorant to admit you crossed a line you should not have?

[06:38 pm] CHUPPY 1130 : I don’t trade off JB’s picks given his alert – I use TC2000 with some pretty advanced indicators that have kept me out of trades. Based on his picks I often see things like momentum and TSV dropping, and would not trade them. I understand what formulas are used to find picks but sometimes it’s like looking in a rear view mirror while going forward.
[06:38 pm] Crimson Tidez : Beacon Equity is wholly owned by BlueWave Advisors (ref link #14). Until recently the disclaimer page on Jason Bond Picks site (ref link #3) stated it is wholly owned by BlueWave Advisors (ref link #4). However, it has been changed to a shell company called Patriot Publishing. The terms and conditions page of the site (ref link # 5) lists Patriot Publishing’s address as: Patriot Publishing, LLC 1910 ESE Loop 323 #168 Tyler, TX 75701 That physical address is simply a UPS Store (ref link #6) which provides mail boxes (ref link #7). Also note that Tyler, Texas home of BlueWave, Beacon Equity and Patriot Publishing, has a population of just 98,500 people.

My comment… wow as if that’s not posted in 1,000 locations on the Internet. Pure Sherlock Holmes. Jason Bond Picks was owned by Bluewave Advisors, clearly seen in the disclaimer for oh say the last two years lol. I recently became partner of Jason Bond Picks and we put that under Patriot Publishing – also seen in disclaimer for oh say a few months now. What is a shell lol… does my service no generate a ton of revenue and if yes, doesn’t that make this a ‘real’ business? Of course we have a mailbox for business – pretty sure most do and I work out of the house in NY… the operations manager works out of Tyler – wow… that sounds like sketchy to me. I know… it would be better if we all moved to one town, bought an office and had our mail sent there… like in the old days. Pretty sure all of my clients know I work from home… and my programmer lives in Canada, operations out of Tyler i.e. mailbox and guys in almost every other state too – this is an online business – get with the times.

[06:38 pm] Crimson Tidez : That physical address is simply a UPS Store (ref link #6) which provides mail boxes (ref link #7). Also note that Tyler, Texas home of BlueWave, Beacon Equity and Patriot Publishing, has a population of just 98,500 people. The same people own both BlueWave and Patriot Publishing, the relationship between all these companies can be seen here: lists VRNG as the subject of a paid promotion by Beacon Equity (ref link #8). In a posting on their site Beacon Equity confirms it was compensated ten thousand dollars to promote VRNG stock (ref link #9).

My comment… Nic is the operations manager who lives in Tyler… wow Sherlock… would you like for us to get you a video of Nic going into the UPS store too go get our business mail? Clearly this all points to me frontloading clients and committing fraud which is only to be told in my chat the day Crimson blows up his account, swears and gets kicked out only to come back when I’m not around and stir the hive. I could ignore it yes but my email is now full of questions cause 130 people were there and oh yes, I wasn’t do defend myself. Further, VRNG was promoted by Beacon Equity when it was a different company trading on the OTCBB… do some research. Also note, I was teaching at the time so how that has anything to do with trading VRNG now, when it’s been rolled into a totally different company on the AMEX and my alert came the same week Mark Cuban bought over 7% of the company is beyond me. Further… it’s not even the same company it was when it was on the OTCBB. How’s that for honesty? 

[06:39 pm] Crimson Tidez : lists VRNG as the subject of a paid promotion by Beacon Equity (ref link #8). In a posting on their site Beacon Equity confirms it was compensated ten thousand dollars to promote VRNG stock (ref link #9). In another post on Beacon Equity’s site promoting LQMT, they disclose having front loaded LQMT with this statement “ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlueWave Advisors, LLC. A principle of BWA has purchased one hundred thousand shares of LQMT in the open market and intends to sell them immediately following this email alert” (ref link #10. Another site posted an article identifying a partial list of sites owned by BlueWave Advisors, including and (ref link #11). Another site owned by BlueWave is They’re so cookie cutter it even has the same color scheme as

My comment… Man you are only making this worse on yourself. The 100,000 shares of LQMT were mine, the 100,000 I bought an alerted as a part of Jason Bond Picks – everyone who was around knows this. They went into the business portfolio I manage which at the time was under the name Blue Wave Advisors which should be very clear above. Further, after Jason Bond Picks moved on the play buying 100,000 shares it also went out for FREE on a bunch of promo newsletters, not paid promos but since I had 100,000 and the business was under Blue Wave Advisors and the FREE newsletters also owned by them… then I’m obligated by law to disclose my position. In December 2011 the stock went up over 100% after my alert, I made $10,000… 3 months later in March the stock went up 200% from where I first alerted and here’s the real kicker to your claim… just 4 months later the stock went up 435% since my alert and I made another $20,000 as subscribers cashed in big. Now that you see all my trades on VRNG and LQMT posted below I’m proud to say SHOVE IT!

[06:39 pm] Crimson Tidez : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.http

My comment… I now see how you blew up your account today… your research sucks and you put time into blaming others for your mistakes. Seems to me all of this could have been avoided if you didn’t go with a shady off shore broker lol… but again that would require you to do the first thing I say when you come to my service, get an E*TRADE account. One my now wonder if your losses have to do with listening skills too. You jumped in my chat and called me out on your bad day… go fly a kite loser.

[06:40 pm] Crimson Tidez : I know Ill recieve the ban hammer for posting this, but just wanted it out there on why some of our best traders are no longer here, 1 having been booted for this and others for realizing the same thing

My comment… oh you’re going to receive more than a ban ass clown… I’ll be sure to look into defamation on this one you coward. I’m trying not to swear here, did enough of that in my email to this coward who feels it’s necessary to attack me for blowing up his account, breaking rules and then being held accountable for them in the biggest chat on Wall Street. 

[06:41 pm] Jeff Lee : Who is this report coming from?
[06:41 pm] RKR : @Crimson: For how long you have been with Jason Bond Picks?
[06:41 pm] Crimson Tidez : 3 months
[06:42 pm] RKR : How much you lost in these 3 months?
[06:42 pm] Crimson Tidez : here is a response when I asked about a few stocks that were going down hill eariler
[06:42 pm] Crimson Tidez : [02:29 pm] Jason Bond: any more mention of trades that have gone bad will result in a ban. Do you hear me? I dont need your negativity in my chat you can be replaced easily.

My comment… I would never say that to a client, you are the first person I’ve lit up in an email with swear words in months… your ignorance is unreal. Everyone can scroll up and clearly see I didn’t say that, it’s not there. And I highly doubt I said that on another day – you show me it though tough guy but I’m almost 100% positive you are lying here, which would support everything I’m trying to show you. Bottom line is you thought I was hiding when in fact most everyone knows all this already… none of which is fraud like you claim.

[06:42 pm] Crimson Tidez : and I only asked once….
[06:44 pm] Jeff Lee : Who is this report coming from?
[06:44 pm] Crimson Tidez : very few people in chat now, like only 5 peeps will read this, chat will be refreshed, this part will be edited out, ill be banned , and the world will continue to rottate

My comment… oh that’s where you are wrong ass clown, I built my brand on being honest. You can go fly a kite – everything I’ve written is the truth and you suggesting I front loaded, which is a crime, is absurd and I’m embarrassed for anyone who knows you.

[06:45 pm] Crimson Tidez : Bristol did some research and found it out, brought it up to JB and he was promply hit with the ban bat

My comment… now you just claimed Bristol found out about fraud, which people go to jail for and I banned him for it. Yet Bristol is still a client so he’s either working with the SEC for a crime I didn’t commit or you are making shit up? When I showed him all of this in an email with you copied in you said, “Well that’s what I ‘heard’ anyway and there’s no need to involve Bristol”  – so now it’s okay to toss around fraud allegations based on what you ‘heard’?

[06:45 pm] Crimson Tidez : if the research is true, doesnt matter who did it to me, but it calls into question integrity

My comment… question my integrity all you want, I’ve built this brand from 0 to thousands of clients by being 100% honest. I’ve answered all of your statements above 100% truthful and one of them point to anything shady. Further, I have clients who were with me on day one when I took over which was a promo site owned by Blue Wave Advisors and turned it into and unbiased paid newsletter and more recently became part owner now under Patriot Publishing. Those guys have seen the whole transition and I’m sure they’ll gladly share with you my policy on honestly, not that I care what you think, your I do care what others in the room were exposed too today when you were being a coward and suggesting I’m committing a crime.

[06:46 pm] Crimson Tidez : be like if your wife cheated on you, youd always suspect it from then on

My comment… man you an unreal, you just blew up your account and this is what you spend your evening doing?

[06:46 pm] Zirn Acob : Well, the supporting links are there, so we can validate for ourself.
[06:46 pm] Zirn Acob : Been nice knowing ya Crimson.
[06:46 pm] Jerry Bogacz : wow…don’t know what to make of all this…
[06:47 pm] Jeff Lee : I’ll copy/paste and look at it more after lunch
[06:47 pm] Crimson Tidez : some awesome peeps here

My comment… yup, I built the chat to 450 as of this week, it’s the biggest on the Internet paid or free and that’s just the chat. There are awesome people here but you are not one of them and you are not welcome here anymore. Out with no refund and don’t waste your time emailing me.

[06:48 pm] Crimson Tidez : how can you claim a big win when your company is paid to advertise it and frontload it and dump it upon alert, and be proud of yourself blows me away

My comment… I have just proved you wrong… you are suggesting I’ve committed a crime and then celebrated it. You did it in front of 130 client or $13,000 a month in revenue or $52,000 a year – that’s defamation and all of this will be on my lawyers desk, that’s should ‘blow you away’ – count on it.

[06:50 pm] Crimson Tidez : gonna miss alot of people in here, so many been so helpful

My comment… funny how you find ‘fraud’ the day you blow your account up and I kick you out for swearing. I’m glad you’re going to miss people but I’m fairly sure, after this is read, they won’t miss a whiner like you, I sure as hell know I won’t. I have doctors and lawyers on this list, teachers and stay at home moms. I have high school kids on this list (Excuse the swear words) and hard working everyday people, people like myself. You are crazy if you think you will sound off and get away with it, especially when you suggest I front load and sell into clients.

And here is where I’m called to the chat by a friend to excuse this turkey…

[06:52 pm] Jason Bond : coward
[06:53 pm] Jason Bond : crimson tidez you are a coward and i’m shocked at this level of immaturity by you
[06:53 pm] Jason Bond : you’re no longer welcome at my service
[06:53 pm] Crimson Tidez : how am i a coward?
[06:53 pm] working2wealth . : wow that didnt take long
[06:53 pm] Crimson Tidez : i understand where you are coming from
[06:53 pm] Crimson Tidez : i can understand your descion
[06:54 pm] Jason Bond : you come in my chat and pull this, your a coward! you lost money today and cried like a little kid who doesn’t get what he want at the store
[06:54 pm] Jason Bond : guys like you make me sick
[06:54 pm] Crimson Tidez : didnt cry?
[06:54 pm] Crimson Tidez : scroll up and learn to read
[06:54 pm] Jason Bond : you cried and i kicked you out
[06:54 pm] Jason Bond : wrong answer lol
[06:54 pm] Crimson Tidez : just because you have more money than I do, doesnt make you a better person
[06:55 pm] Jason Bond : what makes me a better person is i don’t walk into your house after you invite me in and then sell you out in front of your family when you leave to buy groceries
[06:56 pm] Jason Bond : i’m not wasting my time reading what crimson wrote, if you have a question about my character email me, i’ll always answer anything you ask with 100% truth
[06:56 pm] Jason Bond : catch the rest of you later, crimson tidez is being escorted to the door of my house
[06:56 pm] Casey Matteson : Thanks jason.
[06:58 pm] Casey Matteson : It’s not hard to tell you work your tail off for us and i would not use your service if you did not always give us the 100% truth (Good or Bad) Thanks for what you’re doing
[06:58 pm] Jason Bond : i’ll actually get on the mic and answer any q’s
[06:58 pm] Casey Matteson : Yea
[06:58 pm] Alive Trader : did i read front loading Vrng? lol
[06:58 pm] William Schmolze : yup
[06:58 pm] Bill Smith : y
[06:58 pm] Berney A. : yea
[06:58 pm] working2wealth . : yes
[06:59 pm] working2wealth . : its not about that
[06:59 pm] Bill Smith : Were you paid to promote any stocks?
[06:59 pm] Casey Matteson : Can you give us a overview for those of us who have not read his posts.
[07:00 pm] Jason Bond : Crimson Tidez: [02:29 pm] Jason Bond: any more mention of trades that have gone bad will result in a ban. Do you hear me? I dont need your negativity in my chat you can be replaced easily.
[07:00 pm] Bill Smith : The claim was made that you were paid to promote LQMT and VRNG
[07:00 pm] William Schmolze : thats what I dont get…those links he put up there were from other companies promoting lol like beacon equity not this website
[07:02 pm] Bill Smith : It is good that you are explaing away his accusations
[07:03 pm] William Schmolze : LQMT had legit catalyst which is what made it run up…from AAPL which is the best catalyst a company could get lol
[07:03 pm] Jerry Bogacz : but most of CT’s recent losses were Lukes option alerts….you can’t front load options
[07:03 pm] Reynold Evans : We played LQMT on news of the iphone 5 and it diden’t pan out, but it is a real company.
[07:03 pm] Bill Smith : William – I know all about LQMT – had 400k shares
[07:04 pm] Jerry Bogacz : who was this bristol guy?
[07:04 pm] Alive Trader : jason u gona take some options for gamble into vrng trial
[07:04 pm] Alive Trader : jason u gona take some options for gamble into vrng trial
[07:05 pm] Bill Smith : Jason, not everyone has the knowledge of the events to know that the accusations are baseless. So your explaining is important
[07:05 pm] Mic B : I think some call spreads are reasonably attractive
[07:05 pm] Mic B : VRNG
[07:06 pm] Reynold Evans : My bad I did make money on that. I think I tried twice and missed the second time, not your fault. Just saing it was not a promo pump. Made 1600 the first time.
[07:07 pm] Alive Trader : im gonna take some 3.50 calls for lotto possible 10x if i thik we can see 5-7+$
[07:07 pm] Jerry Bogacz : CT was alledging the dishonesty is current…but he did not specify…front loading?
[07:08 pm] Mic B : Nov 2-9cs for $1 or so seems decent risk reward.
[07:08 pm] Jerry Bogacz : got it…yep that is very serious
[07:09 pm] daniel meyers : Jason, Please read the email I sent you, and respond to me. Thank You ,Dan
[07:09 pm] Playdog Play : JB Crimson was negative late nites all last week
[07:09 pm] Andrew Lapp : Sorry to hear about all this Jason – just hopped back in the room.
[07:09 pm] RKR : when did they (Bluwave) promote VRNG? is it the same time when you wrote a article on VRNG?
[07:10 pm] Jerry Bogacz : CT PM’ed me last week about option alerts…he was getting hurt on on some of cheap option alerts
[07:11 pm] Bill Smith : Thanks. Good explanations
[07:11 pm] CHUPPY 1130 : Been here a while and I feel you are a straight up guy- dishonest guys don’t lose 50K and let it be known
[07:11 pm] RKR : thanks J.
[07:11 pm] RKR : I just checked that they promoted VRNG in Dec 2011
[07:12 pm] William Schmolze : Trust me guys…im the perfect example…if you want to learn to be good at trading…you have to do a little learning yourself…go out get nisons books…read them and watch the DVD’s….i started out losing money…busted my ass reading every book luke and jay told me 2 and watching jays videos…and 8 months later I am where I am today
[07:12 pm] William Schmolze : not good but not blow up your account
[07:12 pm] Roboman E : I just got back on here.
[07:12 pm] William Schmolze : and manager your trades/port accordingly and you will be fine
[07:12 pm] William Schmolze : *manage
[07:13 pm] Roboman E : I just got back on here
[07:13 pm] Barak B : whats going on
[07:13 pm] CHUPPY 1130 : agree Schmolze
[07:14 pm] Roboman E : I just got here
[07:14 pm] William Schmolze : lol
[07:14 pm] Roboman E : I just got here
[07:14 pm] William Schmolze : robo you here?
[07:14 pm] Jeff Lee : restart your char
[07:14 pm] Jeff Lee : chat*
[07:15 pm] Roboman E : Maybe it’s in the chat log but why would you be associated with promoters, sorry if answered
[07:16 pm] RKR : okk. guys… it’s time to fill my time sheet for september…
[07:16 pm] Roboman E : Maybe it’s in the chat log but why would you be associated with promoters, sorry if answered
[07:16 pm] Mic B : what the?
[07:16 pm] david devereaux : i,m new here but i dont like what i just walked into..tell me how you pick your stocks ..i ran the 5 listed on modays alert and 4 of them are strong sells
[07:16 pm] Roboman E : I iddn’t hear or know that
[07:17 pm] RKR : I remember.. i was member of that for $9.99/month
[07:17 pm] RKR : tehn you made it $25/month
[07:17 pm] CHUPPY 1130 : Gotta do the work – no excuses – had a lousey month but can’t blame anyone
[07:18 pm] david devereaux : please reply to my question.. so i can have some confidence in you
[07:18 pm] Theresa Trimilove : Jeff, with stock analyzer, stated that he was playing a stock that was heavy promoted when he did play them. I get tons of e-mail for promoted stocks and know which ones are being promoted. I don’t play these risky stocks. I though you were going to give some long term ideas…I appreciate the swing trades and and day trades, but don’t have the stomach for them as much..
[07:19 pm] david devereaux : are you intetionally skipping over my question
[07:20 pm] CHUPPY 1130 : doesn’t sound like a front loader down 10K!!!
[07:20 pm] working2wealth . : what ? i missed it
[07:20 pm] david devereaux : jason i’m new here so could you please reply 6to me
[07:20 pm] Casey Matteson : While we have you lets go over tomorrow’s watch list. lol
[07:20 pm] Jeff Lee : @david – “I ran the 5 listed on monday’s alert” <— What do you mean by ‘ran’ and are you referring to the watchlist (which is a watchlist and not alerts)?
[07:21 pm] Roboman E : Gosh what the happened?
[07:21 pm] Roboman E : Gosh what the happened?
[07:21 pm] CHUPPY 1130 : @ David – watch the videos -you’ll understand how th epicks are made -then it;s up to you to decide for yourself with your own research and indicators
[07:21 pm] david devereaux : barcharts . com
[07:22 pm] Theresa Trimilove : Have a nice evening; don’t sweat! People make their own choices based on “recommendations only”…due diligence, without it, you deserve to lose your money…risky business.
[07:22 pm] Casey Matteson : Thanks Jason. looking foward to tonights Email. Take care.
[07:23 pm] working2wealth . : ? due you get emails a text daily?
[07:24 pm] Alive Trader : whsoe gambling on VRNG?
[07:25 pm] working2wealth . : getting test on phone but no emails on trades …… just like to know i am new here
[07:25 pm] working2wealth . : text sorry
[07:26 pm] Richie 2 : Been listening if suretrader went down according to Crimson Tide, can you not call them and cancell any trade? anybody here use suretrader?
[07:26 pm] Jeff Lee : The ZNGA one was sent at 1:23pm Central
[07:27 pm] Alive Trader : suretrader didnt go down today well not for me
[07:27 pm] Alive Trader : if he places trades over the site then yes possibly it was down but thats the risk for trading over site and not platform
[07:27 pm] working2wealth . : I got it on text but no emails sence i became a payed member
[07:28 pm] Richie 2 : Well looks like he lost internet connection
[07:30 pm] Roboman E : Can someone please explain about JB association with stock promoters?
[07:30 pm] Roboman E : I got on late
[07:30 pm] Roboman E : I thougght he was a phys ed teacher
[07:30 pm] working2wealth . : freinds
[07:30 pm] Jeff Lee : @w2w – Go to JBP mainpage. Top-right is account setting. Check to see if your e-mail is there
[07:31 pm] working2wealth . : ok going to look
[07:32 pm] Richie 2 : I think JB is very Honest
[07:32 pm] William Schmolze : most honest person in this industry I know
[07:33 pm] Richie 2 : YOu HAVE TO MANAGE YOU OWN ACCOUNT! (no appologies for caps)
[07:33 pm] William Schmolze : haha well said richie
[07:34 pm] working2wealth . : all i see is log in but under profile it is there
[07:34 pm] Jeff Lee : I’ve been here 1/2 year and I haven’t found or seen anything fishy.
[07:34 pm] Richie 2 : I’m down 18G, like you said Schmolze i’m sittin on the side lines LEARNING. and when I come back out, I will be well informed
[07:34 pm] Jeff Lee : @w2w – Maybe change to a gmail account?
[07:35 pm] Jeff Lee : and/or check your spam
[07:35 pm] working2wealth . : it is
[07:35 pm] working2wealth . : allready did
[07:35 pm] working2wealth . : nothing
[07:36 pm] Jeff Lee : I would say switch to a different e-mail provider. When JB sends out his watchlist tonight, see if you get it
[07:36 pm] working2wealth . : was getting emails before i became a payed member
[07:37 pm] working2wealth . : so you are emailed a list nightly
[07:37 pm] William Schmolze : right richie…the 100 bucks a month is well worth just the learning material here…and learning from the other traders as well
[07:37 pm] William Schmolze : jay and lukes knowledge is priceless
[07:38 pm] Jeff Lee : the free/non-member e-mail is different
[07:38 pm] Jeff Lee : just change your e-mail to a Gmail. It if works, then it proves it is your current e-mail provider
[07:39 pm] working2wealth . : ok but i am i have a gmail account now
[07:40 pm] Mikey M : @working2wealth: I seem to recall that some email accounts were accidently removed from the service a few weeks ago. I suggest sending an email to Jason asking him to check yours.
[07:41 pm] working2wealth . : okay thanks i try that ……. i emailed jason the other day and nothing back…… But i try again
[07:41 pm] working2wealth . : thanks for the help
[07:42 pm] Mikey M : yw
[07:45 pm] William Schmolze : So how did everyone do today
[07:45 pm] Jeff Lee : chump change
[07:45 pm] William Schmolze : sorry I wasnt able to be here…had some family things I had to take care of
[07:49 pm] Alive Trader : will i been downhill for past month
[07:50 pm] JB Barry : Anyone else get wounded today?
[07:50 pm] Alive Trader : no
[07:50 pm] JB Barry : Good to hear.
[07:50 pm] JB Barry : Everything I did today went against me.
[07:51 pm] William Schmolze : alive you do options or just stocks?
[07:51 pm] Alive Trader : both
[07:51 pm] JB Barry : Should have known better. I went into the day bearish. that AM rally tricked me!
[07:52 pm] William Schmolze : when did the rally go til?
[07:52 pm] Jeff Lee : The market taketh… and that is it
[07:52 pm] William Schmolze : i gotta learn options
[07:52 pm] JB Barry : What were you in, Alive?
[07:52 pm] Alive Trader : all im in is VRNG
[07:53 pm] Alive Trader : and will add more
[07:53 pm] Alive Trader : options i dont do stock on that too much risk
[07:53 pm] Alive Trader : i think VRNG will be around 10
[07:53 pm] JB Barry : I wa thinking about adding Nov $9 calls this morning, but I was distracted by the rally
[07:53 pm] Alive Trader : no
[07:53 pm] Alive Trader : thats horrible idea
[07:53 pm] JB Barry : whty?
[07:54 pm] Alive Trader : u tink VRNG gonna be over 10$ by nov?
[07:54 pm] Berney A. : does the court case start in two weeks or the verdict?
[07:54 pm] JB Barry : No, but i think it will get a god bounce around the trial
[07:54 pm] Alive Trader : yeah but ur looking at $9 calls
[07:54 pm] JB Barry : Don’t you?
[07:54 pm] Alive Trader : thats 6$ out
[07:54 pm] Alive Trader : way 2 far out of money
[07:55 pm] JB Barry : Fair enough.
[07:55 pm] Jacksone Joseph : JB Barry, I got wounded on only one trade today — HUSA.
[07:55 pm] Alive Trader : im long $2 oct calls
[07:55 pm] Alive Trader : 3.50 nov calls
[07:55 pm] Berney A. : i think 3.50 to 4 calls are good for the trial i mo
[07:55 pm] Alive Trader : gonna add some 3.50 oct calls for lotto tomorrow
[07:55 pm] Berney A. : oct or nov i fine
[07:55 pm] JB Barry : I’m in OCt 3.5 calls now.
[07:55 pm] Alive Trader : and avg down on my nov 3.50 calls
[07:55 pm] JB Barry : But, I’ve been in them for a while, so I’m hurting a bit there
[07:55 pm] Alive Trader : i think we see it around 5-10 vrng after trial or maybe google is smart and buys them out for $10 a share before trial
[07:56 pm] Jeff Lee : I’ll be impressed if VRNG bounces near the court date
[07:56 pm] Alive Trader : please not this is a complete gamble lol
[07:56 pm] Alive Trader : note*
[07:56 pm] Alive Trader : vrng is a gamble trade if anyone is in
[07:56 pm] Alive Trader : risk reward imo is great
[07:56 pm] Alive Trader : potential 200%+ upside to 75% downside lol
[07:56 pm] JB Barry : I’m gambling on it.
[07:56 pm] Alive Trader : in option land thats like 1000%
[07:57 pm] William Schmolze : I may just put a grand into VRNG down here and hold it for that possible big upsidr you are talking about Alive
[07:57 pm] Alive Trader : if u pick right option
[07:57 pm] Jacksone Joseph : ZNGA was also a gamble trade that went against me, lol
[07:57 pm] Alive Trader : will u wanna do the option?
[07:57 pm] Alive Trader : thats what i would do if u gona gamble
[07:57 pm] JB Barry : @Jeff: What did you do today?
[07:57 pm] William Schmolze : not sure…maybe yea but def the stock as well
[07:57 pm] Alive Trader : okay ill pm u or u pm me tomorrow ill let u know which option call is best ris/reward
[07:58 pm] William Schmolze : either way in chat tomorrow PM with the option you are in and i will write it down…cant right now not at home
[07:58 pm] Alive Trader : some big money hit options on VRNG today
[07:58 pm] Alive Trader : 100Grand blocks
[07:58 pm] Alive Trader : okay dinner peace guys
[07:58 pm] RKR : my views on VRNG…
[07:59 pm] Alive Trader : ill wait for what u have to say
[08:00 pm] RKR : its case has been rejected (non-Final) by Patents office… it seems there is no solid evidence for the case…
[08:00 pm] RKR : but VRNG claims they have convincing eveidence… to show that GOOG infringed tehir patents…
[08:01 pm] RKR : if they have clear evidence, why didn’t they submit.. in the initial stages?
[08:02 pm] RKR : there is another catchy there… VRNG says that google infringed their patents indirectly… i don’t know what that means…
[08:03 pm] Alive Trader : i will just follow the money on vrng and gamble on it cause if they show some real evidence we wake up vrng will be at 10
[08:03 pm] Alive Trader : IF*
[08:03 pm] RKR : whatever, losing the case will not have much impact on the stock price…
[08:05 pm] RKR : i feel, it is already factored… but if they show some real evidence… you win jackpot..
[08:05 pm] RKR : soo… play it as a gambling..
[08:08 pm] Chuck Duhman : isn’t the whole stock market gambling? 🙂
[08:08 pm] Chuck Duhman : and good evening everyone.
[08:09 pm] Jason Bond : need the chat logs
[08:09 pm] Jason Bond : i’ll reboot and activate if you’d like to come back
[08:09 pm] Barak B : ok

Monday April 2, 2012 was the first mention of VRNG on Jason Bond Picks done with a simply search top right. I started working on this service January of 2011 when I left teaching in public schools to takeover Penny Stock Live so well over a year since the service started. I traded VRNG because of this article – about a week after the article Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks bought over 7% of the company. Here are all of my trades on VRNG dated to 1/1/11.

Monday March 21, 2011 was the first mention of LQMT on Jason Bond Picks done with a simply search top right, I started working on this service January of 2011 when I left teaching in public schools to takeover Penny Stock Live so well over a year since the service started. Clients cashed in big on my LQMT work seen here – was one of my best alerts ever rising 400% with 100% realized on 2 of the alerts. Proof… – one client, yes Luke, now my friend was a client… reported and verified 200% on the LQMT trade. This dates back to 1/1/11 when I started the service – clients who have been here since it was called can verify the alerts. So where is the front loading… and now you see why your claim of fraud is being so heavily challenged. Maybe next time you should think twice before you suggest I’m committing an illegal act. You’ve wasted my whole night but I did not get to the top and run the biggest paid or free chat on Wall Street by not defending myself… and will submit this to my lawyer for defamation review tomorrow. I’d say apology accepted but I don’t want your apology, I want nothing from you… you are a coward.

Give a man a trade, pay him for a day. Teach a man to trade, pay him for life. Thank you so much for everything you do Jason! You are changing lives on a daily basis!

Tim C.


  1. MattOgle says:

    J is the most helpful trader that anybody could find. He’s REAL with people, and puts up with a lot more crap than anybody should, or would for that matter. Total transparency here. It’s clear that J is extremely successful and always will be. Why? Because he cares. I’ve been in webinars, I’ve been in chat… J has more patience than anybody does for beginning traders, and questions posted nearly every minute in chat. I’m just a normal guy like anybody else, but I know that J is honest with all of his clients.

    One thing I know for sure: If you don’t have any haters, you won’t be successful.

    J, let there be haters, just means the vision you have brought to fruition is about to get stronger.


    • Jason Bond says:

      That’s a great point Matt, I’m done with this guy and going to focus on finding better trades, the primary thing we’re all here for. Thanks for the support, it’s appreciated.

  2. Anuj Khosla says:

    Hi JB,

    Man I really am sorry to read all that. I wasn’t in chat much today. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling, but I do know one thing- That you have one life to live and make a mark, and Sir you have very well done it. You do not need to worry about 1 clown when you have 1000’s of us good wishers backing you! We trust you and there is absolutely nothing that can change that.

    Not every pick is gold and any prudent person would know that. You are simply providing a platform for smart decision making, now what people do with it, really is a matter of their knowledge and their brain child.

    I don’t know you personally, but all I can say is you have my trust always and trust that my feedback represents 99.99% of your clientele. Don’t even bother about this. I am glad you set the record straight.

    Anyone who blames his misfortune on others is just a fool and always will be. Rightly said! Have a good night sleep- you have a great family and us friends to take care of and enjoy your good life with. My bestest wishes and I look forward to seeing you in the near future. Thanks for all that you do!



  3. LanceJepsen says:

    What you are doing Jason is life changing for most of us. I know you put your heart on the line to help people when you could just trade at home for a living yourself and make good money without running a newsletter. The downside with putting your heart on the line and into every client is that it makes you vulnerable to getting your heart crushed when even one or two people act out. I’ve run the Stock Trading Master channel on YouTube for years and have had to deal with trolls just like this. I know it’s hard sometimes but try and live for those of us who love you and what you do, not the haters. You have had a huge positive impact on my life and many who have signed up to your service through me.

  4. GENERIVERA says:

    Hi, Jason. I wouldnt waste my time with a person like crimsom. He just wants to make your blood boil. Something similiar happened when I was a member of Prestine chat room and someone like crimson was making negative remarks, when the mod made a losing trade, the trader said he is posting it to facebook. that comment sure fire up the mod but just vented and a few encouraging comments from loyal clients and the mod just kicked him out of the room…. and we just resumed our trades and making jokes about the banned trader and just laughed while we finished the day.

    So, I would just focus on the 449 clients that are left and forget about the 1 trader who is mad at life. its not worth it to take a few years from your like due to stressing over 1 bad apple from your good basket of traders.

    Thanks for the details. I can care less about that losing trader and looking forward to Tuesdays watch list. keep it simple…. just my thoughts.

    thanks for your help

    Gene Rivera

  5. James Sherrer says:

    I don’t expect any sort of support here due to the fact that members would be booted upon doing so, I’ll point out a few things and be done with it.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Oh no you won’t – you don’t have the right to post another thing on my website James Sherrer i.e. Crimson. Get lost. You don’t deserve my time or have a place at this community anymore. And as far as booting supporters of yours, ya, pretty sure I’ll kick the next guy who jumps in my chat and suggests I’m fleecing clients – ya you’re right there genius.

  6. StevenAlvey says:

    I can personally attest to Jason Bond’s honesty and his selflessness for his clients. I have had several back and forths with him on a number of issues and he has always proved himself to be a man of integrity and generosity and is an absolute work-horse for his customers (so much so that I sometimes worry for his health when I see how late he got to bed and how early he got up to work on watch lists!)

    I have a slowly growing account of under 2k, the accusations that JB only helps or cares about guys with huge portfolios is absolutely false. I will be keeping my subscription for the next couple decades at least.

    The Crimson Tidez stuff in nonsense and undeserved and I’m glad to see it dealt with thoroughly here.

  7. Charles Adams says:

    Before leaving work today, I draft an email to ask you why so many people in the chat seemed wet behind the ears. There were questions asked (both in main chat and coffee room) by people who did not have a grasp of the basics of trading, yet were attempting to make trades. I subscribed to your service for the education so that I would not blow up my account again, like I did in 2004. By watching your video tutorials and reading the books you recommend, I’ve yet to lose any money on a trade. So thanks for…

    1. Running a clean service (I dropped out of chat today due to the cursing and ranting).
    2. Teaching me the basics of swing trading.
    3. Introducing me to tools that I did not know exist (Finviz,, level II quotes)

    As for those who blew up their accounts today due to the reverse after the morning rally, there’s an old Wall Street adage: “The open belongs to the amateurs and the close belongs to the professionals.”

    I’m no professional, but thanks to JB and Steve Nison I can read a stock chart and make my own investment decisions.

    Thanks again for what you do JB.

    See you guys tomorrow….

  8. DaveT125 says:

    I really have trouble believing that anyone could be that dumb. Is there any possibility that this guy could have been hired by someone who didn’t want you to succeed for some reason? I think you handled this beautifully. If this clown did this on his own, he’s the most ignorant person I’ve ever heard of. If he had spent as much time doing research on why he lost money and how to keep it from happening again, he would have made money.

    I’ve been with you a long time Jason, and I plan on staying around for much longer. I wouldn’t do that if I believed any of what this person said. I think you know that.

    I hope you and your lawyer have a ball with this guy!

    Just keep on keepin’ on.

  9. kolbyb says:

    Been with Jason since almost the beginning, he has always been upfront and honest.

  10. Jason,

    This guy is clearly going for a Darwin Award. As a business owner, I deal with ungrateful imbeciles in my line of business from time to time and I realize it’s hard not to get bent out of shape, but I really think your contribution speaks for itself.

    Your site empowers people to become better traders by providing them with the necessary learning tools and community support. That is the real value of your site in my opinion. Quite honestly, if 10-15 years ago someone had told me that I could join a site with this level of detailed daily pre/post trade analysis and real time alerts, I would have told the bartender to hold their drinks for the evening.

    Your unique blend of pedagogy and practical analysis are indeed life changing. They address both short term trading goals as well as longer term learning roadmaps of beginner traders. You provide insight and learning tools. Success is attainable through discipline and hard work. We are here to learn the method and you provide an excellent window into that method.

    As someone who has owned several successful businesses, I have learned that wealth is a direct result to your contribution in the world. And you have really contributed!!! Your site exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you and keep up the great work.

    Jeronimo Romero

  11. RichardMcNeeley says:

    I have been with you since the beginning, although I can’t currently participate in chat I do follow each trade that you make. You have been customer focused and completely honest since the beginning. Thanks Jason for all the work you put in to make us all better traders

  12. BrianWarren says:

    I’m impressed with the level of training I’m getting with JB’s video’s and with several members of this service. I’m practicing and not using real money at the moment and can say that the last 2 weeks I have been introduced to a wealth of information and with a no-nonsense approach. I follow the notifications, read the charts, and ask a lot of questions getting my head right with game. I always wanted to trade stocks but never had anyone to help me learn or give a rip about my success. Jason clearly has a heart for teaching and it’s obvious to me he really cares about my success. Thank you Jason!

  13. DennisPowers says:

    Bravo! Keep up the great effort Jason!

  14. Boom2703 says:

    Hello gang,

    I’m one of those members who joined JasonBondPicks since it still called Since then there were only 20-30 members and the site was nothing compare to what it is now. So, JB has built this from a few subscribers to 1,000s in 1.5 years!

    With that many subscribers, of course there will be haters. If you don’t like the service then just unsubscribe and move on. We don’t need people like you (Crimson) in chat because you are wasting our valuable time. J was nice enough to listen to your bs and answering all your questions.

    I wish I was in chat today because I would’ve taken care of him for you J.
    Anyway, just stop by to say thank you for all your hard work, and hope this doesn’t bother you too much. I’m here since the beginning and will be with here till the end!

    PS. You should hire me as a chat room policeman. You know i’m pretty good with that stuffs! 🙂

    Boom Ratanakul

  15. Karen says:

    He had a long reply that warrants more investigation. As a potential customer this bothers me. I was about to sign up until I saw this and your deletion of his response is skeptical at best.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Karen, with all due respect that’s where you are wrong. This isn’t an open forum, this is my service with thousands of clients who pay for quality service. You want an open forum go to Yahoo Finance – the coward posted everything he wanted to in my premium chat before I kicked him out – and I’ve posted all of that for you. If it’s not enough for you, best of luck but I’ve washed my hands of this and am back to doing what I do best and that’s not dealing with idiots like this guy 8)

  16. B.Izzy says:

    I picked a hell of a day to sit out chat……fwiw, Jason has been completely transparent from Day 1…..happy to still be on board

  17. AndrewPena says:

    Lol! This was hilarious. Literally all day CT was crying in the chat about his account not working..then a mod tells him to go to the coffee lounge and he continues to talk about it for another hour. I felt I couldn’t escape his stupidity. Man…then he started asking people how to fix the issue and what he had to do. The donkey should not use a shady overseas broker in the first place. The best part is he is blaming you JB for his account taking a nose dive…because you know… you control the entire stock market and caused the market to go sideways and down the past week. I have made a great deal of money here and lost some because of my OWN stupid attachment to losing stocks.

    JB keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing everything great. Im only annoyed that this Muppet has caused me to lose my nightly stock analysis from JB lol!

  18. Michael C. says:

    Sorry you had to deal with all that nonsense after hours today. Learned a lot from all moderators on the sit who ALWAYS answered questions and made themselves available. Been here quite a while and while I don’t always trade off your watchlist and alerts, I now can make better analysis to make MY OWN DECISIONS. Thanks JB for a quality site and the exceptional effort you put into it to constantly make it better.

  19. Nick Bogolea says:

    What a little boy. Well haven’t been here since inception but I’m a welder at night and am a very small account holder unexperienced and starting second year of trading after throwing a lot of money away on Pump and Dumps. Hope this helps quiet the nay-sayers and isn’t to much Jason. Portfolio is up 40% since joining early this summer. My first two trades with Jason helped pay bills when I couldn’t work overtime. +10% twice on PAL then -7% then back up 5% more(4 separate trades) BIOL +8% then -5% (2 trades). AONE +2 1/2% ,+35% ,+7 1/2%, down -1%( 4 trades) , JOEZ -1% got tired of holding but would have made at least 10% if I did, and finally broke even with VRGN twice because I failed to pay myself, rinse and repeat. Had 5-10% both times, and then some, all there for the taking. I’ve been very selective with picks to watch having to be patient with a restricted account lol. “Front-loading” lol. Wow he’s gonna regret that one. So Jason, I guess when you posted about AONE around 55 cents and noted 20% of the float was short with few left to cover swing to 70 cents….and it dropped about 10 cents into the 40’s that day then the following day ran all the way to 77 cents must have been front-loading??!? lol He must think you spiked the volume to 10 million in the first 30 minutes of trading lol….umm no I dont think so, that negativity is laughable. Watched my girlfriends account blow up 1500.00 that day thanks to your “WATCH LIST” I told her about AONE. You’ve never said buy this or buy that or you’ll make this or that. We each have to make educated decisions for ourselves when we place our bets and ultimately take responsibility for all our own trades. Well… After the run to .77 cents I watched AONE go all the way down to .19 cents over the month. Guess what happened next… candle over candle on triple volume in at .26 out at .35 made 500.00 off of a 1480.00 investment vid lesson#1 oversold chart. There were also many other trades I know would have been a win for me if funds weren’t limited or in the process of settling in between trades from all the watches posted as I did watch them paper trading in my head ANTH, KWK. Shucks wanted to buy MWW and KWK this am before Jason and Luke even announced them, but money was tied up already. I’m sorry you had to deal with this garbage today but thanks for taking it out. Was just writing yesterday about how you go to bat for us everyday and am truly thankful for your service. I’m now confident and happy with myself trading instead of just gambling throwing mud up at the wall and hoping it will stick thanks to all you do. Thank you for your friendly and helpful email responses always. Glad you have someone helping you with that now because your time is valued and don’t like having to ask you to much personally haha. Haven’t even met you yet in person but you’re patience helpfulness and way you come off in video’s and on the mic in chat is nothing but genuine. We’re lucky to have you. Iron sharpens iron. We believe in you and what you stand for. Flush the rest.

  20. Norm says:

    Jack Canfield the author of The Success Principles says it well.

    Chapter 1: Take 100% responsibility for your life.

    Crimson stop blaming others for your mistakes!

  21. Scott Schultz says:

    There really isn’t much more that I can add beyond all of the other positive comments posted here. Jason is completely honest, open, and truly cares for others. Thanks Jason for everything!

  22. SudhirMulpuru says:

    JB – I am new member and new to swing trading. I cannot speak for others but I was clueless as to where to start in terms of trading and I prefer hands on trading. I stumbled on your service after losing $2k on PRTN following Awesome Penny Stocks (I can’t blame them as they clearly indicated that they do take money from the company they are promoting). I am glad you wrote the piece on Awesome Penny Stock alerts. I have been with your service for 3 weeks and I swear I have learned so much in these 3 weeks that I ever did in the last 35 years. I am not aware of another platform that is designed to help people like me. I am already pushing some of friends to check out your service.

    As some of the members mentioned above, there will always be clowns to distract (another perfect example of an imperfect world). I am glad you chose to do this and please continue to do so.

    • kelvin says:

      I joined this service in march 2011, soon after Jason took over, when he started the chat room, there were only a handful of us there, matt g, boom, Heidi, Christian are a few that come to mind.As a small group, we had Jason to ourselves all day, everyday, and got to know him very well, as well I believe, as you can know an online buddy, and that’s what he was, a buddy, a good, honest guy, a ray of light in murky waters, someone we could trust, not perfect, but honest, and open and a huge help, his passion as a teacher always shining through, and his desire to help others succeed. Always obvious, and boy, has he helped me over time. Jason is the same now as he was then, just things are scaled up a little, however, his integrity hasn’t changed one bit. Those accusations are a disgrace, and the people who were encouraging crimson should also be ashamed of themselves. If it’s not working for you, cancel your membership, and move on, but don’t slate others and blame the world. I would bet my account on the fact that Jason Bond is honest, and that’s all I can say, it just sickens that a fool like this crimson can attempt to defecate on someone’s character like this.

      Jason, I hope you sue his ass off! Many thanks for everything, buddy.


  23. Howard McDowell says:

    I am new here. I have made two trades. I took profit on GLUU. This was on a free access to site day. My second trade yesterday was MWW. Took a profit. I am a retired stock broker. I believe Jason Bond to be honest. I am using a regular old, slow computer and a well known discount broker.

    This is not difficult. However, Jason is not simply not going to hand people money, which is what some people seem to want.

  24. Larry B says:

    I have been with Jason since just about the beginning. I have gotten to know him through multiple skypes, e-mails, chats and my wife and I had the pleasure to meet him and his wife over a meal. My first trade with Jason was a loser which even he mentions in the chat from time to time…….How’s that for honesty?! I have learned an incredible amount from Jason thru not only his direct education but thru his trades good and bad! I learned early on that Jason is a guide for me but I have to make my own decisions. I am a veteran businessman with over 35 years of experience, so I consider myself a good judge of character, and Jason is a person with as much integrity and honesty as I have ever met.

  25. Anthony R says:

    Jason, you run a good shop here. That isn’t my opinion….that is a fact. I’ve just come off of the 30-day $99 trial that you did and I have enjoyed your service. The videos have helped me become a more educated trader and that alone is worth its weight in gold. I’ve won some and lost some and that is the name of the game. My goal is to get better and keep my wins ahead of my losses. JBP is helping me gear up to do that.

    Now, on a serious note….when is this Vegas trip happening?

  26. LeslieButcher says:

    Wow now that’s alot of drama, I feel very uncomfortable about all of this on both sides. Will have to take a close look at what is being said by both parties, may need to reevaluate my membership.

  27. TiborBreining says:

    I can see from is morning’s daily e-mail that you did not let this affect your work, that’s great! Let’s hope for a better day today!

  28. Richard Nock says:

    WOW….. I just signed up last Thursday! I have been watching chat somewhat….not fully engaged yet with it….done a lot of learning by videos, etc., and have been impressed with the level of honesty here and the desire of JB to teach others to think for themselves. That goes a long way with me…..Publishing the whole chat from yesterday gets it out in the open, and I commend him for that….nothing behind closed doors. I am still in and hope to continue learning and trading. No one forces my decisions, and ultimately I and I alone am responsible for my actions…..

  29. BrunoPinto says:

    I joined since may 2012 and all i can say is that i´ve learned alot: oversold, continuation, overbought, breakout, lvl 2, fib retrac, candlesticks, steve nison work, finviz, stockcharts and all the helpful information or teaching that mods and fellow traders share.

    What i didn’t learn here was to make my own decisions and be responsible for them, i learned that thru my life in a process called growing up. That said even if i mirror some of the mods trades i’ve always done my homework ( those stocks are in a daily watch list/master watchlist so you have more that time for studying them) and make my own decison. Sometimes i win and sometimes i loose, but believe me, since i’ve joined JB service, my trading skills improved alot.

  30. I’ve been a member for about 2 months now and had the pleasure of meeting, had dinner, and fun, with Jason, his wife, Matt G, his boss Jeff, and many more great people due to the community Jason has built. I have not even placed any of the trades yet as I am mostly just trying to educate myself more, for now, after getting beat up on pump and dumps.

    It’s even better when you get to meet the person behind the scenes, and I can personally attest to his honesty and integrity, and know this is a person I can use as a mentor, which is an important thing to have. I say this for the benefit of those of you who have not personally met Jason. Don’t worry about what some idiot has to say. You are in good hands!

  31. MeredithClark says:

    Jason –
    Your service has been great. It took us (my husband and I) some time to realize just how much we did NOT know and we lost a lot of money in the process. Now, we are using your videos and following you in chat to learn all we can. We still make mistakes but we are quicker to fix them and get back on track. We are just so grateful we have someone to learn from! Thank you!

  32. robertbridgens says:

    Started with Jason in April 2012 with 1600 $ .I have since put together 12000 $ . Thank you Jason !!! I lost at least that much in 2011 using Damn Good , Awesome and other would be stock prophets..Should be a support group for pink sheet addicts.And I’m still happy to get these alerts still and get a good laugh out of them.Its so typical for these guys to lay claim to 100 – 400 % gains when their picks opened at that and then swiftly dropped. Since joining you’re service I’m happy to say I’ve broken the addiction and feel supremely confident that with you’re help I will be able to put my job to bed in the next couple of years.Hardly ever use chat as I mostly take advantage of you’re account builders ideas.But I am in customer service and have to deal with circus clowns every day. I feel for you.

  33. patrick Laurini says:

    Started Trading in Jan 2012 w/ 2500.00. Promptly went to 728.00 w/ other news letters. Started with JB in June 2012 end of Sep. have 1328. in acct. Not all my picks were discussed in JB’s daily update, the knowledge to make the selections are from lessons 1-4. Life is about choices you make good ones good things hqappen; you make bad one’s bad things happen. I clicked on the prompt to buy a stock no one else. I am appreciative of the eduction I have received and respectful of the hard work JB and the rest of the crew put in. I am confident I will have over 5K im my acct. by end of Dec. 2012 because of the lessons learned. Rember the saying give me a fish and feed me for the day or teach me to fish and I can feed myself for life. I am learning how to fish. TY

  34. cameronmurphy says:

    Jason has by far the best bang-for-your-buck stock newsletter. This has everything from small cap swings, large caps, daytrades, and most exciting options (rewards like pennies, but with more predictable stocks). I’ve been mostly learning right now and am making small gains with a small account. That isn’t to say there are not losses. I’ve traded by mirroring JB and I’ve used what he teaches to find my own trades. There simply is no better value out there and he keeps making this service a better value for me since I joined. When I win I am as happy as anyone else. When I lose I look at what I should have done to minimize the loss or what I should have seen to not enter in the first place. At the end of the day success and failure are my fault. JB does not conduct my trade, I do. I’ll give JB props for posting good signage when I win with him, but I also won’t blame him if it turns bad. Nobody is a 100% winner. If JB were a 100% winner there would have to be something fishy going on. As it stands he is not only honest, but puts his money where his mouth is. I even asked him about a Suretrader account and the response was basically that if you want to try it use it as a secondary account for shorting, etc. JB is an honorable man (same to Luke and the other mods).

  35. Bungle2000 says:

    I think the reason that is causing some people concern is that while Jason seems honest and genuine, the company that he works for “JasonBondPicks” is owned by another company that has many other companies under it’s umbrella. A large number of those other companies are paid promotion newsletter companies, i.e. “Pump & Dumps”.
    It is this association that is causing some members to question the integrity of the service as a whole.

    I believe people would be happier if JasonBondPicks was it’s own company in it’s own right, not linked to a company that does things which some people consider questionable.

    Personally I don’t see a need for JB to be part of Blue Wave Advisors, but clearly I’m not aware of the big picture.

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