Bond Large Caps Opens For Clients Saturday August 4, 2012

COMPLETE ACCESS to every single move I make as I manage a $100,000 real money portfolio

TOP RATED INVESTMENTS utilizing the same swing trading concepts I’ve mastered and applying to longer term large caps stocks

The goal is to hold an actively managed portfolio that can beat the S&P 500, a bold goal but I’m confident it’ll work which is why I’m putting REAL MONEY to prove it

Using the overall market as the benchmark, the model portfolio will consist of 5-12 different stocks at a time.

Hold times will be a period of weeks (or even months) so it is PERFECT for less aggressive traders who need more flexibility with entry/exit points.

You’ll usually receive 2 emails per week about why I’m looking at certain stocks. This will include key news events, technical analysis, insider buys/sells and other information I feel is pertinent to making a winning trade.

Yeah, $9,000 in 3 weeks is not a small feat, but it can be done! Takes a good stomach, but actually it was pretty “easy”. Good fundamental knowledge from JPB and Luke helped me a lot! Teach one to fish and he’ll go out and get the sharks! :)

Chuck D.

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