Friday July 15, 2011

Position wise nothing has changed but my situation has improved.

POTG started to fall apart yesterday and I’m looking to short 30k more shares. ZAGG didn’t crumble but it didn’t advance so I’m hoping the doji candle marks the start of a down turn. Price action is all that matters so if they don’t turn down in my favor soon I’ll be forced to cover for a loss. I have 20k POTG short at $.80 and 2k ZAGG short at $12.77.

Still holding 10k MCZ at $1.47 with a goal of 10% short term and a tight stop, probably $1.40. Also still have my bid buy PPRTF, 10k at $.60.

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So thankful I found you and your site - your teachings are out of this world - isn't wonderful to know that you're at the beginning of so many "makeovers" for peoples’ lives in this economy?!? The community you've built is so very much like a "family" - it makes it fun AND profitable. Have a good weekend my friend.~ Kimmie D.


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