How To Make 24% Or $11,202 In 4 Days Using My Simple Strategy

How To Make 24% Or $11,202 In 4 Days Using My Simple Strategy

Swing trading liquid oversold small caps from the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX is the number 1 strategy I teach. My system is easy to understand and quite possibly the best way for an active trader to engage the market. What’s most exciting about my service is that it’s scalable working for $1,000 accounts to $1,000,000+ accounts. Below is our recent victory on KWK, another notch in the long list of solid bottom bouncers.

 KWK makes a 24% move! $11,202 profit in 4 days

UNG’s spike spotted by momentum trader and head moderator Luke prompted my swing alert on KWK – nice teamwork!

Trade verification from E*Trade account

The buy alert was at $2.98 and the sell alert was at $3.69. Scaling in and out is a method I consistently teach subscribers. Some choose to scale while others gamble more for the big score and let it all ride.

-$95,111.39 in

+$106,313.84 out


$11,202.45 profit or 12% realized

Here’s what you’d have made at various investment amounts had you mirrored my simple chat, SMS text and email alerts in at $2.98 and out at $3.69.

$1,000 = $1,240

$10,000 = $12,240

$50,000 = $62,000

$100,000 = $124,000

These are liquid small caps I’m playing, not your typical penny stock. Big money moves in and out of them daily making my strategy useful for those with $1,000 in their account and scalable for those with $1,000,000.


Jason’s program is allowing me to work as a freelance writer abroad. without it, I’d have been considering an editorial day job again.~ Michael M.

  1. Hi, Jason LOOK at GWBU its down 48% already today !!!! This is why I never, ever, bother with Pump and dumps !!! Too much possible downside. I figure why bother with junk like this if you can find real companies to swing trade.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Even if you’re wrong on a real stock the downside is usually 10% and there will be bidders to by your mistake unlike these big scale pumps.

  2. I really like your reply, I am new to trading, I started trading about 6 months age with $1100.00 and now I am at about $3000.00. I guess that’s pretty good, but I think that I could do much better. There is a whole lot to learn in this new game of money that I have embarked upon. You have a gift to teach stocks Jason. I enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work !!!!

    • Thanks Doug, happy to hear it and keep in touch.

  3. I wood love to make 11,000 in 4days tell me how?

  4. When you made 11,000 in four days did you put in 95,000 to make 106,000 or did you lose 95,000 and make 106,000?

    • I bought 30,000 shares of KWK in that situation so I had a lot of money in the bet.

  5. I can only trade 1 hour per day. Is it possible to use your service?

    • I can’t guarantee profits but I’m sure some trade for an hour, others all day. Each person is different and I’m guessing there’s profitable traders who are doing it.

  6. Where are your losing buys. I don’t see anything other then winnings on your site. Everybody has to have bad plays.

    • All trades are listed under 2014 performance, of course I have losing trades.

  7. I have a limited amount of time, but I can react quickly to an email (not text). Do u give timely entry and exit alerts?

    • Email is the best bet for getting alerts. That’s correct. Most of my stuff is swing trading so based on what you said I think you’ll like it.

  8. Jason I need a good broker so I can get started whit the program do you have any in mind.

    • E*TRADE Pro does the job.

  9. Jason,
    I have a small account, $2700. I am cursed with not having enough money to enjoy the added platforms from brokers and restricted to only 3 trades a week since I do not have $25,000 in my account. Do you believe investing $297 in you will grow my account in order to get me to the “day trader status” ? Obviously, my investments will have to be small and just inch my way to where I want to be.

    • I think it’s worth learning what I have to teach, after 3-months you can decide if it’s helping you enough to continue. Worst case you learn something that will help you for the rest of your life.

  10. I’ve only got $5k and 2 days a week to trade. I wanted to try penny stocks first to get up to $25k and then do your premium strategy. Your thoughts? (I turned $300 into $5k selling calls – options – but then the trades went south and I lost it. It took a while to rebuild my account.

    • I think Jason Bond Picks swing is the best place to start to be honest.

  11. what do you think about BHRT stock. Do you think its worth investing in it.

    • I’m not familiar with that one sorry.

  12. Hi Jason! I want thank you for allowing me to become part of your team. I am a new trader with some knowledge on stocks from the literature I’ve read as well as the CNBC squawk report channel I watch everyday but now I need to learn and understand how to read charts and when to buy and
    sell with your system. I also want to take advantage of this great opportunity with this new account you blessed me with. I won’t let you down

  13. Lost 5K on ROX

    • You didn’t have a stop loss?

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