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Huge Wins With Very Little Money Trading Options At Jason Bond Picks

First and foremost, do not be intimidated by trading options, we can teach you how to do this. Here at Jason Bond Picks we have swing trade serviceday trade service and large cap service. As a part of all services we make regular options trades. Luke, the head moderator of chat and lead day trader is not only a great teacher but also a proficient trader.

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Luke is feeding clients regular wins on options and many of them are big scores and you don’t need big money to participate, for example, my ZAGG alert was $5,000 in and $11,000 out in less than a week. Look at the money in and out of Luke’s trades, insane right?! Clients benefited from these alerts by Luke and myself. Notice the small amount invested to realize 120%, 56%, 95% and 117% profits. Luke does several of these daily and I’m telling you, many are cash cows.

  1. Jason’s alert: ZAGG Sept 22 $7 call in at $.50 on Aug 27 out @ $1.10 Sept 5 +120% or $6,000 winner. Took this into the conference call.

  2. Luke’s alert: IBM Sept 22 $200 call in @ $.64 on Sept 4 out @ $1.00 Sept 5 +56% or $7,400 winner. Got in based on upgrade and $240 price target.

  3. Luke’s alert: HOV Sept 22 $3 call in @ $.20 on Aug 31 out @ $.30 on Sept 5 +95% $5,700 winner. Played this as an earnings run up.

  4. Luke’s alert: HEK Jan 19, 13 $3 call in @ $.30 on Aug 7 out $.65  on Sept 4 +117%  +$7,000 winner. This was a merger play, in before the announcement went as high as $1.20 +300%

If you’re a client, watch this webinar called Luke’s Options Made Easy and if you’re not a client …

… what in the world are you waiting for?


  1. joe d. says:

    Looked up some of the above options. Most of them have a large spread. In order for them to make money on the put or call side they need to move a great percentage. And most of them you need at least 1000.00 to 5000.00 buy.

  2. karolusindrawan says:

    Joe, you are correct if you’re talking about just the money side. But look at the % profit…you don’t need big money to make big money in option. That what a leverage for.

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