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I Made Over $12,000 Last Week, Go Ahead And Supersize It!

Last week I made a commitment to my clients to stop day trading which really only benefits me and a small group of traders because it’s hard to follow… and get focused finding the best swing trades on Wall Street which benefits everyone because it’s easy to follow.

Well I’m happy to report we’re just over a week in and if the +$12,000 I made with big wins on Groupon (GRPN) stock, Molycorp (MCP) stock, E-Commerce China Dangdang (DANG) stock and LeapFrog (LF) stock isn’t a good omen, I don’t know what is. Here’s how I celebrated!

This was not by mistake but calculated trading using my favorite oversold chart pattern oversold in a bullish market. I realize this sounds like a broken record to many of you but why reinvent the wheel when the wheel works? I teach this strategy in detail in video lesson #1 as well as The Basics of Swing Trading HD 8 hour DVD download.

My strategy is endorsed by professionals and whether you’re a beginner or expert, I’m certain it’ll help you become a better trader.

“JB…Out GRPN…first trade back in after a while…20%+ on GRPN…Thank you!!!” ~ Joe N.

“Out GRPN Dec 12 $3.50 calls $0.25 from $0.10 or +150% in couple days!!!” ~ Stavr M.

“Sold LF for +$.77 thanks JB! Great trade. ~ Aaron N.

“Out LF $8.15 +$1 or 14%” ~ Tom T.

“Thanks so much JB & Luke & everyone in the chat for all that I’ve learned so far.  The last two days have been my best ever with a 9% win on LF swing and a 220% win on AAPL options.” ~ Matt A.

“Pays to stay alert in chat, picked up MCP at $6.15 on JB’s mention. Thanks!” ~ Matt P.

“Out MCP $7 calls +26% in 90 minutes, good to have a couple of wins in a row.” ~ Cliff R.

“Yea!  bought 700 shares of MCP on Wed, sold today for 7.97, made 10.24% and $518 in 2 days!!!  thanks JB!!!” ~ Mark H.

Disclaimer: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a (long or short) position in (MCP, DANG, GRPN, LF) over the next 72 hours.


  1. Jeff Lee says:

    No disclosure for your position in MCD??


  2. dantopij says:

    Bought Mcp @7.15 sold 7.90 thanks JB

  3. RandallPollock says:

    Easy 6 % win thanks JB Rinse and repete. I am finally getting the picture. No more greed !!! + $755 last week just going something I love and have fun !!! Randy

  4. RaghavSambaraju Laxmikanth says:

    I am new to this website. Can you suggest me some stock that I can start Tuesday morning?

    • Jason Bond says:

      Morning. I know it’s exciting to jump right in but I’d take some time and watch the video lessons first, okay?

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