I’m A Loser Baby

Hands pulling hair, SCREAMING! My mind says, “Quiet Jason, be perfect!”

You deserve the truth. You’d think I’d be happy… I’m not! I’m bloody miserable. Why? I’m a perfectionist… you don’t try what I’m trying without that goal in mind.

I don’t sleep, eat or breath without thinking how can I improve. I LOVE my clients! I feel their pain, feel their hope, share their dreams and work my tail off to deliver.

Yes, my service is doing very well! Am I biased? Best I can tell, my chat is #1 on Wall Street, that’s not bad, yes ALL of Wall Street! But honestly, who really cares, it was just as good when there was only a handful in the chat too. Sometimes people associate numbers with quality and I’m not sure that’s the best measure. Being #1 is important to me though, it’s why I work so hard. Less than 2 years of work for me and we’re on top!

Forget everything else! Look deeper. Matt, Luke, Otto… thank you, you do a great job. I have a coin from a friend, you’d laugh, but it’s a guiding light and means more to me than you can imagine.

Did I mention I’m not even trying? 50% of my effort, that’s right, I’m short changing you. Are you mad now? Don’t be! It’s actually sad that 50% of my effort makes this service one of the best on Wall Street. Let me ask you, do you give 100% effort all the time? How do we even measure 100% effort? Maybe I’m not only giving 50%, maybe I’m giving 110% but my standards are too high?

Wait until I get fired up and apply myself! But then again, maybe I am applying myself. All too confusing. Funny thing is, I’m just a gym coach ha. Yup, dodge ball, people still laugh about that, I came from very little. In fact, I collected cans out of garbage cans after announcing football games to fill my gas tank less than 5 years ago. Not the best business model, I don’t recommend it ha. Before that I tried to start a hot dog stand. Will you still trade my picks?

I’ve made 20 trades since August 1. I’m up $18,249! Used to make $33,850 a YEAR teaching in good ole NYS. That’s good money and you can’t collect that many cans or sell that many hot dogs easily in the same period of time. My point is, I can teach you how 20 trades has delivered just shy of $20,000.

Good call on both KWK and MEET. Bought 2,750 KWK at $3.20, sold at $3.55 for a solid $600 gain. KWK still edging upwards, hope for a good trade for those long !

Nathan K.

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