Ini, Mini, Miny, Moe… These 3 Small Caps Might Explode

It’s short squeeze Friday here at Jason Bond Picks and PSUN, IVAN and AONE stock are my targets. Now if you don’t know why they call me the ‘BLOW UP KING’ then keep watch on these three penny stocks because we’re looking to send some short sellers to happy hour with a headache Friday.

Keep in mind these are all Account Builders but definitely liquid enough for a swing alert. Also note… these obviously aren’t the Apple’s of the world so should you choose to go fishing, exercise discipline with tight stops and a 5-10% rinse and repeat profit goal.  For more ideas like this or to join about 400 traders in the premium chat… be sure to sign up today.

Let’s start with a Jason Bond Picks favorite Pacific Sunwear of California (NASDAQ:PSUN). Short and sweet, pardon the pun… 13.2 days to cover and a smashing 51.87% of the float is short! Last time I charted PSUN was Friday 7/20/12 and shorts walked away 11% lighter.  This time a move to $2.54 will put 11% in your pocket  so if it opens above $2.25 get ready to squeeze. Just check the 52 week chart, almost all shorts are now at a loss in the last year, that’s quite the backstop if it gets some momentum Friday. Not interested if it doesn’t open above $2.25, however, if it pulls and then crosses high of day move in for the kill.

Moving right along let’s take a look at Ivanhoe Energy (NASDAQ:IVAN). Certainly not as juicy as PSUN but still worth watching close at 12 days to cover. This is a light volume trade with about $216,000 in dollar volume Thursday but it’s the creeping action or accumulation and momentum that leads me to believe a move to the low $.80’s or about 20% in the near future. Stop around the 20 Moving Average or just below. Check out the stick on 10/12/11… that’s what I’m looking for here.

Finally… what would a squeeze list be without a rechargeable lithium-ion battery company i.e. A123 Systems (NASDAQ:AONE). This clean tech company is down a smashing 71% since July and if you’ve done any reading on my website you know exactly what I’m looking for here… errr… technical pivot and squeeze! So what type of short backstop are we looking at here? Well AONE is sitting at 6.4 days to cover with 22.55% of the float short. Even better, there’s no identifiable resistance until $.69 or a sexy 44% so as far as percent opportunity goes… AONE is my favorite.


Out COOL for 10% profit. Thanks Jason.

Changyu S.


  1. Randy (Texans Trader) says:

    Got in AONE at .48 yesterday so let’s see if she blows. Love that pic, awesome

  2. JamesVanderpool says:

    Let me know your thoughts on PRKR. I’ve been watching this one since it was at $0.85. It’s taken a dip, what are your thoughts…

    • Jason Bond says:

      $2 seems like the reversal on PRKR but the MACD isn’t under it yet so it needs to slow, consolidate and turn… otherwise $1.60 is a better target in my opinion. I don’t know this company though.

  3. JamesVanderpool says:

    I got in this morning at .48 as well…. Like Mike Greenburg, I’m usually a curse, so be careful. LoL

    • Jason Bond says:

      Ha James you’re not a curse… I think this one will do well for you but as always, tight stops as we the traders control the trade.

  4. BigCheese says:

    This is the first email I received from you. I tried it out with 2200 shares of AONE, just to see. Got in at .51 this morning. Watching like a hawk! 🙂

  5. Anthony Rojek says:

    Made my first purchase of AONE at .49 yesterday with a stop limit at .56 today. We’ll see how it closes. I am looking fowad to see the other lessons for how trainling stops and selling short means and works.
    Thank you…Tony

  6. Matt T. says:

    Any thoughts on Gluu!! How much farther does it have to fall? Short squeeze?

  7. QuantumLouie says:

    SKUL looks interesting a high short interest and the company increased profits 68%. Could be the squeeze of a lifetime.

  8. Doug says:

    Be very careful of AONE, I was thinking about this one back when it was around .80, something told me to stay out, sometimes I get a feeling. I guess my feeling’s were right. It tanked down to where it is within a week. Just be very careful people.

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