Introducing What’s Working Now

Introducing a new swing trade category called “What’s Working Now” – each day in chat we do midday chart play around 12 p.m. EST. My thought is after it’s over around 12:30 p.m. EST I will take the best of what we cover, roll it into a blog post like a mini watch list and get it out to all of you who can’t join us in chat. Essentially I’ll be your window as to what’s setting up in the markets. We’ll start this Monday… it should improve the service and communication.

I just sold my GRPN Oct Calls for a 88% win!!  I’ve been with Jason since March and I have learn so much and believe in his service.  Guys don’t doubt this website.  Special  thanks to EE who held my hand two days ago when I wasn’t sure what to do.

Zaahir S.


  1. GaryPalys says:

    JB, I can’t thank you enough for that! Also, the fact that you understand we who are working for “the man” can’t be in chat. Love it! Thanks!!!!

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