Jason Bond Picks; The Hottest Penny Stock Newsletter On Wall Street

“Wow, wow, wow! ZNGA   +$2,150!!!!!!!!!!!! What a week!!!!!!!! +++++++$7,800!!!!! I will sleep well tonight!!!!!!” Andre B.

“HLF $32.50 weekly puts in $.85 out $5.10…..+500%…..thank you Luke! Great chat room JB!” ~ Jordan L.

“Jason, just sold GEVO 2000 in @ 2.05 out at 2.34 for a sweet .29 (580.00 profit) 14.1 % times 2 IRA accts. I’ll take it for 52 wks!!!” ~ Larry S.

“Alright gang up $2,550 today on ZNGA & GEVO headed to the golf course thx jb & luke.” ~ Jerry B.

“JB, i dont say much but i want to tell u thank u for putting together such an amazing sight and team, this might sound silly but u have added so much to my life and family, i literlay have ters in my eyes , u r awesome. When I first came here I followed u and Luke, just copying u guys, now i see the trades and get in myself. i still follow too cause u guys make me money!” ~ Bob G.

“Jason since you started swing trading only you are just perfect! You have a true talent on that! I am with you since last year, the service is at its best now! GEVO +7000 for me!! THANK YOU!” ~ Bill L.

“Great win on GEVO…28% thank you JB!” ~ Joe N.

“26% for me on GEVO…Thank JB!!!” ~ Jeff S.

“Sold NUGT, $10.17. Was in at $9.59, thank you JB!” ~Jerry B.

“Thank  Jason for NUGT +$4,150.” ~ Andre B.

“1st week with you JB. +$4,639 Awesome!” ~ Eskew B.

“Thank 1,000 times Luke, TELK +$1,500.” ~ Andre B.

“Out ZNGA for 12%, out ACCO for 9%…sweet cheddar.” ~ Honey B.

“sold RENN options 148% up +$4,200! Go ZNGA!” ~ John L.

“Out ZNGA, +.15, thanks JB. I had a great week!” ~ Jerry B.

“Out ZNGA +$311 from 30 min ago. Great trade J.” ~ Eric P.

“Out 30,000 ZNGA +.12 for a cool $3,600 – thanks JB. ~ Scott J.

“Who said seniors can’t trade…just closed 2 IRAs with ZNGA at 5% each!!! Just improved a slow day…Jason your terrific!” ~ Larry M.

“@JB in ZNGA  2.50 Jan calls .08 from alert sitting at .14 at close holding for the gap up Monday.” ~ Isydor K

“Great Friday!  up $656 for the day.  Thank you Jason!” ~ Patty J.

“Sold ZNGA for $500!!!!!  drinking $$$$$!” ~ Eric C.

“Up $900 on ZNGA so far, thx JB.” ~ My B.

“I’m out ZNGA +$650.” ~ Moises V.

“out ZNGA calls $.08 +300% cheddar!” ~ Alive T.

“RIMM short 1,500 shares @ $13.80 +2.09 or $3,135, short 2,000 shares @ $15.40 +$3.69 or $7,380 +$10,515 total on this short! ~ Mark A.

“Out from Monday: AAPL weekly +$7,446 (6 contracts); JRCC: +$.25 (+$226); +$.12 (+$144) = $7,816… THANK YOU Luke & JB!!!!! ~ Eli C.

My account has grown, I made $3,000 on DMD after hours,I had to sell because of my small account, just taking profits, or paying myself as you say. I’m three for three so far.

Joe T.

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  1. Beverly says:

    I’m up 10% total for January and its only the 14th. Where can you get 10% in 14 days! Thanks J.B.!

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