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In February, expecting warmer weather in the spring and a pullback in natural gas, I alerted a short on natural gas twice playing the 3x inverse DGAZ. Watch the video lesson below to learn more about this trade and be sure to check out the Twitter post down below.

Essentially it was alerted at $3.48 in the beginning of February just before it bounced 34% under a week and again at $3.04 at the end of February just before it bounced 23% in under a week, DGAZ, 3x inverse natural gas, delivered rockstar performances for Jason Bond Picks clients.

“Out DGAZ in premarket @ $4.20 from $3.62 on 5,000 shares. Taking the day off today so getting paid early ūüôā Yihaaaaa!” ~ Jeronimo R.

“Out DGAZ pm at $4.06 +$2,200. Thanks JB and Luke gap play!!” ~ Mel S.

“Out DGAZ in premarket +$1.00 / share – Thanks JB.” ~ Mark R.

“Sold DGAZ $4.15 premarket $3,200 gain. Thanks Jason.” ~ Thomas W.

“Out DGAZ +$.42 premarket. Made my day! thanks, JB!” ~ Dianne S.

“My 1st JB pick DGAZ, out +27%, :)” ~ Todd L.

“Out DGAZ +17% Thanks JB up $500 for the week.” ~ Jay R.

“Thanks Jason. Made $2,000 on DGAZ. Like your picks. I am new at this and appreciate what you are doing to help us individual investors. Keep up the good work.” ~¬†George W.

“Out DGAZ, turned a $2,400 account into a $3,400 account this week; ya I think i’ll re-up my subscription next quarter.” ~ Adam C.

“Yay 20% profit +$3,200 on DGAZ. It’s 3/3 win for me in 2014 +$5,500 in total, you are rocking JB!” ~ Nathan F.

dgaz alert

“Hi Jason, held on to DGAZ and out +$.21 at $3.12, thanks for the tip.” ~¬†Allan N.

“Out DGAZ +$1,400.” ~ Karin S.¬†

“Out 50% of DGAZ +$.19 +$1,500.” ~ Stanton A.¬†

“Out of DGAZ $3.20 +$960 … love to stay in but had to have some peace … lol.” ~ John H.¬†

“Out DGAZ $3.20 +$587 from Friday.” ~ Todd C.¬†

“Out DGAZ +$2,100 woohoo!” ~ Theresa V.¬†

“Out DGAZ +$1,100.” ~ Erik E.¬†¬†

“Trailing stop hit, sold $DGAZ $3.25, +$2,000, still holding UNG puts w/ Luke, thx guys.” ~ Ibrahim F.¬†

“Out of DGAZ from friday at $3.25 plus $1,560 nice one!” ~ Allen B.¬†

“Out DGAZ profit stop hit at $3.22 +$.22 nice!” ~ Ian L.

“Out DGAZ .. +$400 .. ride was better than roller coster .. lol. Thanks JB !!” ~ Narender K.¬†

“In–Out +$.27 on DGAZ on 5,000 shares. In UNG APR 27 Puts.” ~ Richard D.¬†

“Finally out DGAZ +$2,200. thanks JB wanted it to hit $3.30.” ~ Randall N.¬†

“TU Jason for DGAZ alert and teaching patience often pays. Rode the storm only because of your teaching for¬†+$.38 / share, rinse and repeat!!!” ~ Carolyn H.¬†

“Sold 1/2 DGAZ up $1,700 tks JB.” ~ David C.

“Sold DGAZ at $3.40!¬† Thanks JB for $300 dollars!¬† That covered my membership fee!” ~ Jonathan S.¬†

“Wow, went to teach a class and came back to my April UNG puts up 68%.” ~ Stephen P.¬†

“Out 2/3 DGAZ at 12%- thanks room/mods.” ~ Daniel W.¬†

“Another $1,700 great day in DGAZ and PLUG thanks to JB.” ~ Steven M.¬†

“Out DGAZ $2,500 profit.” ~ Anuj K.

“DGAZ – Out 1k @ $3.58 –> UP +$600 / +20+%–> Thank you JB!!!!!¬† Very nice profit on small position-> I LOVE JBP- best money I ever spent…” ~ Terry T.¬†

“Out DGAZ @ $3.62 +$2,000 ¬†profit .. my biggest so far !!!¬† Thanks JB!” ~ Thomas J.

“Thx Jb for the PLUG and DGAZ. Awesome! 10% on each.” ~ Jonathan L.¬†

“Out DGAZ $3.62 +$2,300 Tks JB.” ~ Greggory M.¬†

“Out DGAZ @ $3.60 +$.40 / share. Up $21,000 since last thursday. thanks JB!” ~ Robert C.¬†




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JB, I’m up 20% on ATPG. Just took half. Thanks

Luke A.

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