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Less Than $3,000 Invested Per Trade! $18,805 Profit In 1 Week! 20 For 20! Over 50% Profit Per Trade! Learn More!

If I told you that the Jason Bond Picks head moderator just started a program to try and help clients build their accounts would you be interested?

If I told you that his current win rate is 100% or  20 for 20 with less than $3,000 invested per trade would you be interested?

If I told you that his total profit in the first week on closed trades is $18,805 with an average of 50%+ profit per trade would you be interested?

Then get on board today because this program just started up and while you think options might sound confusing, Luke’s simple call & put strategy swing trading large cap options is a huge hit at Jason Bond Picks.

Again, not one of these trades were over $3,000 invested, he’s averaging 50% profit per trade with a 100% winning rate on closed trades for $18,805 profit in 1 week.

Yes, we can teach you this so sign up today if you’re interested in learning more about Luke’s Option Swing Trade Account Builders.

See Luke’s closed trades since inception here and yes, we do teach our clients how this is done. All entries and exits alerted to clients in real time.


  1. HunterShankle says:


    • Jason Bond says:

      Agreed, that’s cheddar! This program is going to revolutionize the original account builders!

  2. sud says:

    Really – he bought GLUU at 4.73? Where’s that trade when GLUU tanked all the way to 2.86? Mr. Bond may be a good trader but i think this is not completely honest. I always ask myself – if you are such a fantastic trader and make thousands of dollars why are you bothered to get $100 from all and sundry. It just does not make any sense.

    • Jason Bond says:

      I did a 15 minute detailed video lesson on the GLUU trade for clients and then made well over $20,000 off the bottom. How is that not honest? It’s pretty rotten of you to claim I’m not honest when every trade goes out to clients – how can anything be hidden? Further, this article I just wrote is about Luke – so your comment makes no sense?

    • AndrewCarlson says:

      Sud, are you a member? Do you actually know what goes on here? I watched and researched Jason’s service for a year before I actually became a member a month ago. Jason is one guy I’d actually buy a used car from…though he’s much too honest to work at a car dealership.

    • MatthewDundon says:

      I agree with Andrew. I watched Jason Bond for a few months before signing up for his services, and now, as a member since June, I’m happy that I made the choice.

  3. DJ says:

    Luke also losses a lot as well. Anyone can cherry pick stats, this is misleading and others should know it.

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