Lesson 1: Oversold Chart Pattern


Lesson 1: Oversold Chart Pattern – COOL, ZAGG, RENN, HDY, QPSA, GLUU, LOCM

1. A condition in which the price of an underlying asset has fallen sharply, and to a level below which its true value resides. This condition is usually a result of market overreaction or panic selling.

2. A situation in technical analysis where the price of an asset has fallen to such a degree – usually on high volume – that an oscillator has reached a lower bound. This is generally interpreted as a sign that the price of the asset is becoming undervalued and may represent a buying opportunity for investors.

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I just sold my GRPN Oct Calls for a 88% win!!  I’ve been with Jason since March and I have learn so much and believe in his service.  Guys don’t doubt this website.  Special  thanks to EE who held my hand two days ago when I wasn’t sure what to do.

Zaahir S.

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