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“Dear Jason, I don’t mean to take up to much of your time as I know you have a million emails a day to respond to. Once again, I can not thank you enough for the service and education provided here. Although today was not biggest trade, it was over the last 2 days, the most profitable for me yet. I had realized gains in ANTH over $1,300.00! When I say that your service is life changing, for me it truly is! I was involved in an accident in 2001 which left me paralyzed from the waist down for some time. I was told I would never walk again. I have much to be thankful for each and every day, as I am able to walk again without any assistance.

I am an operating engineer by trade and have tried several times to return to work only to cause myself more medical problems. I really thought I was stuck in life having to rely on disability income but from what I am learning here, with proper education, guidance, perserverance, and of course patience, that I don’t necessarily have to be “stuck” with di sability income. I like the fact that you set a very attainable goal of $50-$100K per year with your strategies that work! You guys are pretty amazing people and I’m proud to be part of this service! Thank you for all the work you guys put in!” ~ Kevin P.

“English is not my mother tongue, you might have to excuse me for some grammatical errors in this mail. As I told you I am very glad that I found your service. Since the beginning of this year I was looking what to do with my savings, because here in Europe, money on the bank just gives nothing as interest (we are down at 1,5 percent a year and inflation is 3,5 percent, so we loose money). I was not experienced in trading at all, I just had some traditional stocks like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Shell. As I wanted to learn more about stocks I ended up to get some free news letters left and right, some of them loaded with commercials about “gurus”.  After a few months I decided to get into one of those offers, payed newsletters who give you the stocks to buy at that moment. After trying 2 of them (who gave no explanation at all, and have a website with no information at all) and paying a lot for it (like 799 euro and 1,299 euro) I ended up loosing more money and had the feeling that I walked around like a headless chicken. Then I realized, why do I trust those guys? I ended up realizing I had to leave my greed and start over to do this another way. I followed some lessons and webinars at my broker. That helped me a bit to understand more  basics of regular trading. 

Then I found you through a Facebook ad of a friend of mine. Got a look into your public website, and was kind of surprised it was so well organized. Then I said, well I lost already money, why wouldnt I risk another 299 dollar. That is worth taking the risk. Now subscribed since a few weeks, exploring your website and video lessons (did not manage to see them all already, but what I saw made me understand a whole lot) So I am learning bit by bit. And indeed I believe that within a few months I will be much furhter with all this. I was down 18 % on my portfolio while being very careful beacause of those crooks, now I am almost break even since I met you, just in those few weeks, you managed to make those 18% lose back up in like 15-18 trades of you and Luke, and that in just 3 days a week. (I can’t trade full time because of my work) For me you are the best of the 12-15 newsletters I explored, and 3 of them I payed really way too much for what it was. So your price is more than correct even after the rise you plan to do. 4th time is the best apparently, but well anyway not a lot of people have the luck to marry their first girlfriend also I guess 🙂 Well my guess I couldn’t manage to do this in a few lines, feel free to just take out a few sentences. Best Regards and a good weekend.” ~ Belgian G.

“I can not thank you enough for creating such a website like you have here at JasonBondPicks, and I can not thank you and Luke enough for all the help you guys have given/offered me…from doing all those videos/webinars to just simply answering my questions when I ask you guys what books I need to read and what books you guys have read and learned from…I just went over my numbers for the last month from when I first signed up with your service back in January until now I have completely turned my trading around and have  50% increase in my numbers…and more importantly I am consistent. I turned out a monthly profit day trading and swing trading combined for the first time and I will only keep going because I love doing this stuff.

I am sending this email to my mother also because I know she has been skeptical about the stock market and my drive to be the best at this. Anyways I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and Luke and your service and I plan on being here for years to come. My brother Keith told me to sign up with your service and I am so glad he did. I have always wanted to learn the ins and outs of the market but never had anyone to point me in the right direction and help me with it but this site clearly helped me out with that haha. With my strategy I have put together with the help of you and Luke I have increases my winning percentage by 55-75% over the last 5 weeks alone.” ~ William S.

Your customer service is outstanding. I have slowly unsubscribed myself from all 5 of the subscriptions I used to have over at another service and honestly don’t see myself ever going back. So happy with my decision to give your service a try. I finally found a home.

Mark S.


  1. robertlederman says:

    My apologies in advanced for a long post!

    Very interesting, I too have signed up for many trading services over the years all costing usually more than yours all offering money back guarantees and all offering great track records but once you sign up you find out the profits are too small (6 cents on a $50 stock) or too many subscribers to make any profit, penny stocks newsletters for example.

    But having said that I think their are a couple of areas you could improve on (at least for newbie traders) More details of trades and account size. Every trading service out has page after page of testimonies and unbelievable track records (6 years trading only one loss) to make one blush but once you get into the meat of the matter they don’t hold up to scrutiny.

    The biggest area I think you could improve on is more details on the trades and traders. for examples $1300 is a great profit but is it on 10 grand or a 100 grand big difference. How big is the trading account? How experienced is the trader? Are they brand new or scarred from many battles. I mention this because my impression is that most of the great testimonies are from experienced traders (and trust me for an experienced trader this service is manna from heaven) But for somebody with limited trading experience and a small account it can create unrealistic expectations

    To illustrate I signed up was because of two corny (sorry Lance) advertising videos Lance Jepsen, of fame, did. First one was a video proving how you could start with $1000 and turn it into a million (or something like that) wasn’t too impressed, pure paper profits I thought, But what really caught my eye was his video “how I made 70% this month” A good third of his trades closed out in a loss (2-3% usually) but the rest were wins and they ranged from 5% to 30%. That alone showed me that you don’t have to win every trade, and can even lose quite a few but still make real money. I should add he lists every trade winner or loser he makes.

    Please understand this is not sour grapes complaining I am a very knowledgeable investor and have wanted for many years to be an active trader, but either didn’t have the time to commit to learning or the right service to do this with. So in the end I committed to subscribing for a year regardless of profits or losses to learn the ins and outs of trading. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think you really had something to offer. i expect in a year I’ll be up front telling everyone what a great service this is

    Again my apologies for such a long post

    • robertlederman says:

      BTW my trading account is $5000 and I had trouble getting that past the wife. Understandable as her brother lost 40 grand speculating on the pink sheets and her Mom lost loads of money trying to get a bunch of MLMs off the ground.

      In a year I expect to increase it quite a bit

    • LanceJepsen says:

      No problem robert and no offense taken. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me, Lance, I’m glad you kept doing those corny videos with pitch after pitch because that’s what got me to try out JB’s service and I love it! I love your story here Robert and I really want you to succeed. If you need anything, I’m in JB’s live chat almost every day at market open for the first 30 min. to 1 hour of trading. Any question you have, or if you just want to say hi, I’m here for you.

    • Jason Bond says:

      I love Lance’s videos. Everyone knows you have to hustle to make a dollar and Lance’s hard work is paying off for him. Thanks for signing up Robert… and Lance, Cramer is making a lot of cheddar with ‘corning videos’ each and every day.

  2. robertlederman says:

    Also I’m sure with the price increase and your great track record I’m sure you got a ton of new traders who were (are) a bit like me, somewhat lost at first, this is very different from investing. So if you want my advice go with the video at the end of the evening watch list. I’ve watched all you training videos and was struggling to make sense of it all but the video at the bottom just tied everything together.

    Fifteen minutes and it was like I FINALLY get it!!!!!!


    PS sorry about all the comments today, usually don’t do this

    PSS everyone else this is what I’m referring to

  3. karenbrisson says:

    yes, that video made things really come together for me also. I’ve been a subscriber for a little over two months and it’s the BEST education I’ve ever had!! Had been studying trading off and on for years with everything I could get my hands on; now I’ve finally found the right place to learn and trade with Jason- can’t even put into words how fantastic his service is. Some days I can be in chat- those days I learn the most and make the most money, bust mst days I have to be at work so only have an hour in the morning to trade and the BEST thing is I make the decisions on my OWN based on Jasons watch lists, video lessons and webinars. and I MAKE MONEY!!!!!! Most recently on OCZ a decision I made to enter and exit on my own based on his list and made $ 1/share!!!! Some days I swing trade and days that I can be right there I day trade with Luke’s guidance and the knowledge of other people in chat. I just love his service and hope someday I can do it everyday, at the rate I’m going it will happen! I’m just an average person with a limited portfolio but I am making it happen. Best advice I could give newcomers is- STUDY everything Jason has to offer, learn to brush off your losses(that was a tough one for me) and watch in chat and webinars, even if you dont “speak” you will learn so much by observing and finally- LUKE – study what he does- he is PHENOMINAL.
    Karen B.

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