Look At The Cheddar My Clients Made On Vringo (VRNG) Stock

It’s hard to believe I first report on this story at $1.60 on Sunday April 1 in that evenings watch list. My clients and I have been playing it over and over since.

VRNG is getting attention from some big names like James Altucher seen here and a story like that could certainly blow the roof off this $10 million dollar company.

This is straight out of The Basics of Swing Trading DVD which I’m excited to say will be shipping soon.

Then on Wednesday August 15 I issued a full report on why I thought we should be in VRNG as much as possible, and we did.

After countless emails I couldn’t keep up with I issued this blog post answering the most common question I was getting, “Should I buy VRNG stock”

I believe this to be my biggest win yet as far as clients cashing in… even bigger than the 200% win on LQMT seen here – look at all the cheddar clients made. VRNG is why I love small caps. I will find another one of these just like I found VRNG at $1.65 when James first reported on it.

James S. : I wanted to thank you for the pick yesterday you gave me, VRNG, after signing up the day before. This was my first pick with your service earning $12,000.  Thank you and look forward to more great picks.

Chris S. : Thanks for this service JB – just cashed in for my biggest payday yet, $6000 with VRNG.  Without this service I would not have known about this stock…Many thanks to you and the team.  Let’s move on to the next winner…woohoo!

JODY C. : Just hit my stop on VRNG – cashed out with $31,000+………time to go buy that Challenger 😉

Jeronimo R. : I just wanted to let you know, my portfolio took a $50,000.00 swing in the past 2 days. This is life changing stuff. You should ignore the bozos and naysayers. You are doing amazing work.  My wife and kids thank you. Thank you JB.

Ryland P. : Jason I could kiss you! – VRNG

Darren K. : Thanks JB!! Up 260% on calls today on VRNG…. I hope the haters are crying, alone, in a corner. Cowards. 

Dawn M. : Hey Jason, I love your system! I rec’d your alert while sitting in a meeting on VRNG and realized I had make $5,000 in 4 market hours. Thanks so much!

Wade B. : VRNG, +$9,680 up over $10,000 after hours.  Bought the dip on Monday (oversold video 1). Thanks JB!

Leo D. : Jason – on behalf of your subscribers it is WE who are thanking YOU!

Jeronimo R. : WOW!!!  5K shares and 15K warrants. Unbelievable man. Thank you for exposing this opportunity! Man I can’t believe this is happening. I’m so glad I used some conviction and stuck to my guns! Holy cow!!! I LOVE TRADING!!!!!!!!!

Luke A. : out VRNG +9000

Sparky Z. : up 3750 thanks J, L and VRNG

Mark A. : VRNG in @ 3.16 out at 3.82 a sweet win!

Janet W. : Look at the candle on the VRNG daily! Nice to finally be in one of these!

zsolt 2. : Out VRNG +16% still have options that are +50% right now.

david a. : out VRNG calls + 55%

Texans T. : Out VRNG Oct $3.50 Calls, +66%

BYRON R. : This service is awesom $475 on VRNG so far

Christopher C. : out vrng- +1.03

Robert G. : sold half of VRNG @3.50 for 4.4% gain, holding other half until settlement news.

Janet W : JB, I hope you know how thankful we are for you introducing us to the whole VRNG possibility

Patty G. : omg I am up $12,893.00 Jason. this is serious.

James H. : small account, but made $200 VRNG call oct 20@ 5.00 strike

Grateful L. : no computer today, but congrats to VRNG longs and thanks for the pick Jason!

Honey B. : Took my cheddar on VRNG, might buy back if falls to 3.80′s…..Im very happy!!!

Dawn M. : <—just popped in, THANK YOU JB!!! i would have NEVER known about this without the trade room and all of your work! Hey Jason, I love your system! I rec’d your alert while sitting in a meeting on VRNG and realized I had make $5,000 in 4 market hours. Thanks so much!

Ronell G. : I am up $900 on VRNG! Thank you!

A.J. – : 465 in chat WOW!

Wendell J. : great day for VRNG, in @ 3.02 out @ 4.21 thanks JB!!!!!!

A G : @JB and Luke–Just got back to office–VRNG- Holy Cow! I was in a meeting earlier, got an alert and almost fell out of my chair–Holding 5K and options-awesome day-thanks to you!

Tim M. : jason thanks for VRNG, locked in 33% put me in #1 @ Redchip contest

Racer Z. : Luke, Thanks for coaching us through the VRNG run up, Because of your help I am now looking at a big piece of chedder in my trading account

Stephen H. : Thanks Jason for the VRNG. I just debating with myself to ring the register. Not a 21 but no bust.

Scott S. : Still in VRNG. Not a big winner, but took 1300 in profits so far today.

Jedi T. : stopped out half my VRNG Calls + $4,000 (was down over 6K on these) – saving other half for settlement/court/buyout thanks JB for VRNG

Brad S. : Yeah same here, in VRNG @ 3.09 out 3.75 for 50% shares Thanks JB

Christopher C. : VRNG-my first trade with JB picks….im liking this place already :)

Leo D. : JB back into VRNG! The Master has “spoken”… :)

mi b. : up 3161 today on HOV and VRNG, biggest day ever wow!!!

Rodrigo C. : + $7,255 2 day! VRNg made my day!

Adam S. : So far up 3K on VRNG

Craig S. : I’m up $3,000 right now on VRNG

Dennis B. : JB been talkin VRNG FOR MONTHSSSSSSSSS!

Darnell J M. Jr : My best trade ever thanks JB

Charles N. II : thanks to JB, I got in on VRNG early

Joe M : $1000 to $2000 on VRNG today held from august on JB alert

Eagle G. : @JB My 1st trade ever with you was VRNG and I’m up $12000 today:)

Ace L. : First month with you @JB, up 1200 on VRNG today. Thanks!

Robert P. : in VRNG @3.18

Erik E. : 2 weeks in.. 2 for 2 +~$1000… loving this, keep it up JB!

RAGHU S. : Nice win JB, I am still in though. This is my third trade with VRNG and all have been winners and your alerts :)

Jacksone J. : JB is off to party.

mi b. : followed JB into and out of VRNG ah sold 10,000 @ 4.40 for 4000 profit!!!!! thx JB hope it goes higher for all!

Bobby S. : Jason, though I am never in the chat room, I was watching VRNG before you put it on your watch list the other day.  I got in Monday @ $3.04.  This morning I put my sell in at the bell @ $4.  I got busy at work and forgot to check and when I saw it just now at $4.15 I was a little excited!!! Through your service/lessons, I have a firm grasp on what to look for without aid from you.  Video Lesson #1!!!!  It’s all you have to know to make money.  It is so simple, it’s hard!  I have made several other trades based off of lesson #1.  Thank you! ”Take a man fishing, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time.” Thanks for teaching me how to fish Jason! I made $591 on my VRNG trade today! I can’t get into chat right now, but add 1 more to that poll on VRNG!

Wade B. : VRNG, +$9,680 up over $10,000 after hours.  Bought the dip on Monday (oversold video 1). Thanks JB!

Alive T. : locked in some options for 500%  cha ching !!!  have lots more 😉  VRNG $$$$$$$$4

lawrence s. : JB up 4500 dollars in VRNG so far thank you

LTC Cobo: Jason/Luke will you marry me – VRNG!!!! (smile) A million thanks!!

Texans Trader: Sold VRNG Oct $3.50 Calls yesterday for 66% win, bought back in and up 61% this AM, thanks jb

 Michael G. : in and out VRNG for $8,400 today

Alive T. : all my VRNG positions up 200%+  love this

Adam S. : JB, hit VRNG twice tdy.. $700 and $800 .. I love u man.. lol

R P : +55% on VRNG awesome, thanks jason

Biron W. : VRNG – BEST TRADE EVER. In 3.99, OUT +.74 and +.87 within a few hours today. Yesterday, I had a very low selling price at 3.50 and it filled in the first candle while driving home. Respect to Ya All

Jim D. : Thanks for VRNG.  Up big on the calls and scalped 20% day trading with the help of Luke’s play by play.  This was a satisfying trade.  Rinse and repeat works and it’s the sensible thing to do but every once and a while you need a trade like VRNG to keep it fun.  This was fun.

Mohammed T. : Sold half my position in VRNG – +2K profit

Ryland P. : sold half my position VRNG. +54% Thanks Jason, Luke, Matt, Will. Appreciate all your hard work

Bill L. : Jason you made my day again! +5000 VRNG being at work!! Just perfect! Thank you again!

Anuj K. : Thank you JB! I sold for a nice 1k profit!

Joe L. : Jason, followed you out of VRNG ah @4.40, $4000 from that and $1100 from HOV $5100 day wow. Can’t tell you enough how great it is to win, almost gave up and went to bonds lol!! Just wanted to say so in this email, NEVER GIVE UP!

carmella h. : Wow! I just came back and saw that my limit order on VRNG options sold at a 500% profit!

Leo D. : Made 10% on VRNG yesterday and into After-Hours. Small “shot” but paid for my subscription! Thank you! Although new to your service, I have scrambled the omelette and now you are adding the “cheese”! You Da Best!

Paul M. : JB….Bravo on your VRNG call.  I sat patiently for several weeks with VRNG in my trading account accumulating on dips.  I ended up with 2800 shares and was able to make $1,600 profit.  My biggest gain to date with you but I’m a small trader with limited time to join chat regularly. 

Sold BAC puts, in .13, out .19  +50% overnight !! (small position). Thanks Jason

Chris K.

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