My First Radio Interview With Market Authority’s Barry Boswell

A few weeks back I did my first radio interview with Barry Boswell from the Market Authority. Upon reflection I’m amazed at how this has grown from a hobby to a career. I wonder if Barry knew going into this how much I liked to talk? I guess for him the good news is he took my JVA recommendation before earnings so even if I chewed his ear off that $8 to $15 run should have made him smile.

You can load the interview here if you’d like to listen in. The download takes some time to open. Finally, I’d like to thank Barry and Market Authority for this opportunity, if was a wonderful experience, one I’m confident I would not have had if I didn’t start verifying my trades when I first left public education.

Hey Jason  Thank you for alerting GEVO and I bought in both accounts. In GEVO at $1.89 and out at $2.40 with 10k shares and in the other account in GEVO at $1.91 and out at $2.41 for over $10,000 PROFIT. All together it was a fantastic Wednesday and profited over $12,000 for the day. Thank you for what you do and keep up the great work.

Michael G.
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