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My Store Is Set To Open This Summer; 1 Time Offer To Free Subscribers

I’ve been meaning to get my store online for a few months and I’m happy to announce we’re close. My strategy works and more importantly it can be duplicated with some study.

As a result of the lessons I teach daily, my subscribers and I crushed KWK this week.

I bought and alerted it at $2.98 last Thursday when natural gas UNG spiked.

Today shares hit 33% and I locked in another $11,202 in profit! Not a bad payday considering I used to teach in NYS public schools.

Here’s my 1-time summer offer for you bargain shoppers!

The next 100 subscribers through the door will get 4 LIVE 4-hour instructional webinars where I’ll cover EVERYTHING you need to know to get started in this game.

I run this special offer once every 6 months, the last time being in December 2011 and it sold out in under a week. Many of those subscribers like Luke and Dawn have become friends of mine, who knows what this session will bring. We recorded 16 hours and it was published on another website, unfortunately we lost the copy due to uncontrollable circumstances. The loss is a blessing though because this recording will not only be better but the first of many DVD’s in my new store.

This 4 LIVE 4-hour webinars will be my best work!

This hands on intensive 16-hour class alone is worth the measly $297 / quarter fee and I assure you – you’ll leave a better trader. From understanding pump and dumps to finding diamonds in the rough I’ll cover everything including how I made $11,202 on KWK this week using video lesson #1 from my educational trading framework.

Upon completion, the 16-hour class will be made into a DVD and retail in my store for $497 a copy – you’ll receive a copy in the mail for FREE as a part of this offer.

The DVD will be called, “The Basics of Swing Trading by Jason Bond” – yours FREE!

The webinar sessions will be on the weekends throughout summer. I want the class size to be small so it’s an intimate session where individual questions and concerns get answered LIVE via my premium voice and video chat. They will be recorded.

By the way, I have a masters in education and taught for 10 years in NYS before leaving to teach on Wall Street. I believe I’m highly qualified to teach you my strategy.

It gets better and trust me, this will not last long!

Yes I know it sounds like a bad infomercial ha, but once you get to know me you’ll realize this offer is the real deal, just ask the 300+ friends of mine in the chat room daily.

I just combined my 2 services. What was $297 / quarter for Bond Swing Trades and $497 / quarter for Bond Day Trades is now combined into 1 service at $297 / quarter.

There were hundreds of people paying $794 / quarter to get both services so you can bet the combined $297 / quarter price will be increasing but once you’re locked in your price NEVER increases.

You should be aware: This is the lowest membership rate I can offer you at this time. And this special offer won’t last long. So, please don’t risk missing out.

To participate in the 4 LIVE 4-hour instructional webinars, lock in this 66% discount to both my premium services and get the $497 16-hour instructional DVD absolutely FREE… make sure you’re 1 of the next 100 customers through the door.

With thousands of free customers on this list, I assure you this will sell out fast.

Due to my $11,202 winning alert on KWK this week I expect this to fill up quick, so again, please don’t delay if it interests you, again, once it’s full it’s closed.


The Swing Trader!

Jason Bond


  1. dan says:

    i am going to become a member at the end of next week, waiting for my funds to clear from my 401k. i will only have $3,000.00 dollars to invest but worth the risk compared to my measley gains or should i say losses in my 401k. so what exactly is a webinar, and do i need to have anything downloaded on my computer to watch it? and do you think it is possible to turn my $3,000.00 into $8,000.00 within 12 months? i am at work all day so i would have to rely on your txt alerts, doing swing trades. thanks for the free alert on qtww made 9% in a couple of days.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Dan. Excellent happy to hear it. A webinar is an online video conference and no, you don’t need anything other than a computer to attend, a mic would be good too if you’d like to talk. I think $3,000 into $8,000 in a year is reasonable but getting off the ground with an account that size doesn’t leave much room for error. If you’re new you’d be better off spending 3 months paper trading my alerts, see how the timing works and learn the stuff I’m looking for, then try real money if you like what you see.

    • MartinWeiss says:

      Hey Dan! Congrats on joining soon! I personally believe turning 3K into 8K in 12 months, is completely do-able! The key is too not just doing the dumb things that I did when I started and others new probably do (e.g. push things; chase things etc). Once you join definitely reach out to me and I’d be happy to share my experiences. I have learned and made much via Jason! If you are going to join and don’t have a sponsor, please use my affiliate link code! (Hopefully this is fine with JB — he allows in chat, and hopefully here. 🙂 http://www.jasonbondpicks.com/dap/a/?a=931

    • Jason Bond says:

      Absolutely Martin, love the initiative and thanks for chiming in.

  2. Rob (now a subscriber) in Madrid says:

    I would also recommend reading Stan Wienstein’s Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets. book as well. Personally the biggest lesson I took from there was money management. it’s a heavy read at times, but essential if you to become a top trader.

  3. Rob (now a subscriber) in Madrid says:

    Besides that I would recommend watching all his current videos, are very good, as Jason mentions he is a former teacher and it shows!

    BTW what about current customers? May not be able to make it to the webinar but would love the DVD set!!!!

  4. robertlederman says:

    just a suggustion but can you use something to highlight the mouse on the webinars and training videos, eyes aren’t what they used to be and can be hard to follow at times


  5. Rajat Dhull says:

    Just became a member. Hi from toronto. Will be disheartened if didn’t male it to the live sessions list. Looking forward to sharing knowledge. Cheers – RD

  6. Victoria says:

    How can I know if I’m in the first 100 to sign up prior to signing up, or is this not possible?

    Also, I’m a teacher on Maui, so 6 hour time difference here….honestly, how much impact do you think that could have?

    Mahalo for your advice.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Victoria, I’m starting to get a lot of customers from your neck of the woods – great place to teach and trade from, I’m sure many will be jealous. I have customers from all around the world and they seem to be able to follow along fairly well from what I hear. The nice thing is a lot of these trades we’re in for 5-10 days at times so that time frame makes it easier to follow.

  7. Kevin Lamb says:

    Hi Jason. I want to sign up for the special for both of your services, swing trades and day trades, for $297 quarterly. But when I click on the buy now button it shows I’m just purchasing Bond Swing Trades. What’s up? Thx, Kevin

    • Jason Bond says:

      BondDayTrades as of last week is complimentary with BondSwingTrades so you will have access to the webinars, video lessons, chat and alerts once you purchase BondSwingTrades at $297. Cheers and thanks for joining our family.

  8. Sean Liang says:

    Hi Jason, I don’t have option account. Can I still get full benefit to join in?

    Thanks Sean

  9. Karriann Graf says:

    I can’t wait for you summer classes….very exciting! Thanks for all that you do JB!

    • Jason Bond says:

      Thanks Karriann, I’m thinking 4 Saturday’s across the summer probably starting late July. I’ll have a schedule out soon.

  10. NicholasBogolea says:

    i signed up the 11th…will i be receiving the 16 hour set?

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