New To Trading, This Is A Must Read!

I love hearing from my subscribers who are working to improve their trading skills. I left teaching in public schools to teach trading stocks under $10 and I can honestly say, statements like this are just as rewarding.

Hello Jason,

Though right now it’s only on paper, I wanted to let you know that – thanks to your recommendations – I just sold RENN and SIRI for solid gains over the last couple of days equaling more than $7000. SIRI – held less than 2 full trading days = $3300+, and RENN – held less than 2 hours = $4300+ Can’t hardly wait till I can trade real money! 🙂

Though, admittedly, those numbers are based on max. $48k investments, it still feels great. 🙂

Even at a more likely beginning investment of $5k rather than $50k, that’d still be over $700 your recommendations would’ve earned me in the last couple of days. Helluva lot better than a near-minimum-wage, 9-5 job, y’know? Thanks!

Strive On,
Everett G.

Incredible service Jason, lots and lots of winners. Some days l can’t believe how much and just how easy it is to make money. You’ve been a lifesaver!!! Subscriber for life.

Branka K.

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