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Over 450 In Chat Today! Important Service Announcement

Over 450 clients in chat today! What an awesome community of traders we’re building 1 winner at a time. I believe we’re the biggest paid or free stock chat on all of Wall Street and are starting to attract some high profile names to go along with plenty of beginners. High profile experienced trader or beginner, of course you know we welcome both and there’s something for everyone.

Head moderator Luke’s $30,000+ win on QCOR options was a monster. Look at this snapshot of what these clients reported today.

[03:48 pm] Javier de Leon: SALES: Shares ZNGA +$800. OPTIONS: BBBY put -$200. GE +$250. WYNN +$2,500. QCOR in 2.50 out 4.10 +$16,000. TOTAL: $19,350. Tks a lot JB, LUKE and all the room.

[03:54 pm] Gary Mccartney: WYNN +$500, THLD +$150, VRNG -$495, FDX +$285, QCOR +$6700, GRPN +$525, $7,665 best day thank you Jason and Luke!!

I’m trying hard to run the most professional well rounded service for $1,200 a year on the Internet. While everyone’s account size is different, the two testimonials above illustrate how my annual service fee can be covered in as little as 1 day. Now I’ve been sleeping on something for a while and come to my decision.


I’ve decided to roll Bond Large Caps into the swing trading newsletter putting Bond Day Trades, Bond Swing Trades and Bond Large caps all under one roof for $297 / quarter. I’ll call Bond Large Caps ‘Bond Notes’ which will be 2 week to 2 month holds on mid to large caps using the same strategy I do on the swing trades. Recently I bought and alerted FB in the $18’s for over 15% profit, MCP for 25%. Bond Large Caps is 7/7 but I’m going to be honest with you… I don’t have the time to market it apart from my core swing trade service… I’m just spreading myself too thin and DO NOT want my core swing trade service to suffer. So instead, you get more for less. If I don’t have to market Bond Large Caps, all I need to do is inform you of when I’m taking a new Large Cap 2 week – 2 month position and you can decide what you want to do with it from there. Like I said, I’m 7/7 since inception so it’s working. Add in Luke covering options and honestly, this is quite possibly one of the most well rounded services on Wall Street – yes I’m biased but I work hard to deliver and this move should benefit our family of traders, hard not to be excited. Not only does it free up my time but it gives clients more for less. Bottom line is this, if you make money I make money and to me, creating a community of winning traders is what I left public schools to do and sharpening my saw is what I’m doing tonight.

Here’s two chart illustrating real trades I did with Bond Large Caps recently that you will now see as a part of your swing trading subscription – keep in mind not 1 Bond Large Cap was a loser from inception or 7/7.

How many analysts messed up Facebook? This was my only buy and it’s still going.

I have 10 video lessons as a part of Bond Swing Trades – this pattern is video lesson #1 and it’s so simply you’ll be shocked!

You know I love trading the rare earth plays. Don’t fear higher prices, 25% is always 25%!

I have 10 video lessons as a part of Bond Swing Trades – this pattern is video lesson #2 and while it’s slightly harder to get right than the chart pattern in video lesson #1, it’s still so simply you’ll be shocked!

When I left teaching in NYS public schools about 18 months to teach on Wall Street my core belief was outwork the competition and provide the best service on Wall Street. I assess my service daily and evaluate it quarterly. Tonight’s shift is a result of months worth of assessment and a detailed evaluation with my mentor. What your reading here is the outcome of that hard work and in this situation, I’m excited that it benefits everyone. With that said, not running Bond Large Caps as an individual service frees up my schedule so I can do some day trading again, one of my favorite hobbies in chat during the day.

Laser focused, I’m on a mission to be the best and want to thank you for putting your trust in my decisions. You’ll always get my best, that I promise you. Finally… you might be wondering if I ever lose and the answer is YES! I win and I lose but I win more than I lose and that my friend, that is what I can teach you.

I just finished up the open trade analysis for Thursday and today’s scoop of GRPN is sure looking good, plus I posted Wednesday’s chat logs. My watch list will be out a bit later but I needed to finalize this migration of premium services tonight.


  1. Brock Starr says:

    15% profit on my account today from QCOR options today!!! Thanks JB!

  2. jason calhoun says:

    Great addition to an already excellent package. Thanks JB!

  3. HunterShankle says:

    JB is a hero baby. His hard work makes him the best in the biz as far as value and commitment to clients. Lifetime member here!

  4. SudhirMulpuru says:

    JB – Any plans for starting a mutual fund? Great job with the lessons, and sharing knowledge. Hands down – best hands on training one could get.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Morning and thanks. No, starting a fund means not being able to run this service and I like what I’m doing so no plans to change anytime soon.

  5. gary mccartney says:

    Just when I thought the service could not get any better….. You, my friend, are amazing. Always looking for ways to improve and working so hard for your clients, I’m so excited to be part of this. (Oh Yeah, and the Cheddar is good too!!!)

  6. Joe says:

    JB mirrored you into ZAGG yesterday, up over $1000 today!! Ive learned so much since joining and of course from all the moderators as well!! Thx again for this service

  7. JerryDay says:

    Awesome Jason. Thanks for adding the Bond Notes Large caps. You are destined for massive success because you GIVE GIVE GIVE to your subscribers!.. I am also excited about the DVD and look forward to the release. My account is small so track percentage gains instead of dollar gains. So far in September closed trades EXEL +8%, XCO +8%, VRNG +7.6%, TVIX -11%, GRPN +14%, JRCC -3.9%, OWW $4.5% So you can see the trend is up. Thanks JB

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