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Over $70,000 In Profits Today, Jason Bond Picks Is Smoking Hot

Why is there 410 in chat you ask? The answer boils down to 5 words… LukeMAttOTToCLIENtsPROFITS! We have an AWESOME family at Jason Bond Picks, use your affiliate link and bring in some of your family and friends to join us. Look at how much Lance, Wes and Martin are making!!!

And head moderator / lead day trader Luke Murray took full advantage of the bull market crushing Wall Street with a 94% win rate today and over $40,000 in profit today. Keep in mind – EVERY trade is alerted in real time with a ding and indexed for your convenience so you can check back and see what he’s in and what he’s not in. How about Otto’s alert on CLSN – that was his BIGGEST win ever!!! What an awesome team!!!

[03:58 pm] Luke M (P2D): “32/34 for trades today +$5,700 in stock plays 50% came from VLNX, options were killer today right at $35,000 in option plays today. All my trades had $10-$15k in them as an FYI.

Out OCZ for 10% overnight at $5.25 ~ Halfahad

$2,000 gain on OCZ good pick J ~ Gustavo D.

Out OCZ $1,200 gain 5% thx JB ~ Jo M.

Just got back to my computer, put in a sell order on OCZ at $5.40, got filled. $1,500 profit, that was 12% for me! Thanks J! ~ Cristian H.

Out CSCO calls +135% thanks Luke ~ Kiran D.

Nice calls on OCZ & ZAGG boss +$2,000 so far ~ Jim H

Out OCZ +$300 thanks JB! Making it happen with a small account ! ~ Berney A.

Out OCZ with $720. Great pick JB/Luke ~ Jared M.

Out OCZ $$420 profit!  Thanks JB! ~ Eric C.

Out OCZ +$505 ~ Smith M.

Went ahead and took profits – out OCZ +$230 bucks on a 2,000 share position. bahdahbuhbuhbuh Im Lovin’ it. Thanks again JB ~ Zack M.

Out OCZ +9% from yesterday +$3,860 thanks JB. ~ Eric B.

Out of OCZ +$.35 per share. THANK YOU JB AND GANG!!! ~ Christian I.

Thanks Luke out  CSCO Calls +$2,813 ~ S. I.

Just got out of CSCO calls, +$2,500! Thanks Luke. ~ Jeremy P.

Limit hit on CLSN +10% +$3,822 thx! ~ Eric B.

Out CSCO + $4,726 all time best trade for me. In at $.46 out $.95 – thanks Luke. ~ Kason S.

Out CSCO calls +$700. (100%  gain?) Thanks Luke. You rock. ~ Zack M.

If you’re on the outside looking in with skepticism, you might want to read this and this… I’m pretty sure you’ll benefit from both. I can’t make this stuff up, I’m less than 2 years removed from a decade of teaching elementary school in the State of New York. I have a masters in education and have built this army of traders 1 at a time.If you’re willing to learn and apply yourself, I can teach you this. Join us now or later but do join us… I promise you will not regret it.

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