People Say I Have An Addictive Personality

Genius?! Idiot?! Who the hell knows! Happy, yes. I’ve never fit in, don’t really care to. Rules! Been there, done that! Quarterbacked football team, threw 4 interceptions in the sectional playoffs, oops, sorry fellas! Sat the bench in basketball, 5′ 10″ ha, love that sport. Captained the baseball team. Too small for the Gamecocks, not good enough for the Braves. NCAA, okay. College! Public schools, 10 years. Hate unions. In out, in out… hate indecision! Penny Stock Live, finally! 15 months, hard work. New friends; Matt, Heidi, Luis, Kelvin, Tom, Luke and more. Celtics 2012, argh!!! Harpoon IPA, yes please. Boston = blast, good friends and good times. Dislike Heat. Love Seaside but that’s north of Miami! Solar saved, er made me good money today. Teach, teach, teach, do even 5% listen? Tom does! I’d like to meet him. Luke attends, he’s military, I like him. I have another military friend. West Point, he’s serious, but funny, sometimes too serious for me. Military guys don’t mess around. I think I’d have done well in the military, well maybe. My dad was a marine. We don’t talk. I read The Altucher Confidential daily, it makes me feel normal. I like James, he’s smart, real and oh ya, real. Tim’s nuts, brilliant and real, he gives me shit like an older brother. I’m fine with that, I like Tim. He doesn’t like me. I don’t care. Strategies, scanning, patterns… need a break. Break from stocks? I listen to songs, lots of songs… and am addicted to this one. I think I’ve listed to this more than 1,000 times. Is that bad? Does that mean I have an addictive personality?

Like this chart…

With Jimmy Kimmel – not bad…

This cover rocks…

¬†Ellen Degeneres agrees…

By far my favorite chart…

Sold the KWK Puts +$2,200 … thanks again JB!

James Y.


  1. Christopher says:

    You sound pretty normal to me.

  2. Anthony says:

    Aloha Jason:

    Your synopsis, the song “Somebody that I Used to Know” are all part of living life. Brings back memories to me.

    Wish to you absolute best trading tommorrow.


  3. JasonAdams says:

    You’re awesome.

  4. Joe C says:

    LIve High, Live Mighty, LIve Righteously … Jason Mraz
    Now lets go to war – thats what playing with the bears and bulls is.
    Thanks – a new member – like your style

  5. BeverlyHusted says:

    The way to succeed at life is to find what other’s call a fault and turn it into a success. Addicted? So you study charts and make money with that behavior…It is now a positive thing and the fact that you teach others to WIN shows that you are just a good person because I’m sure you could make a lot more money without us taking up your time. BTW, I talk too much and am way too opinionated, so I went to school and became a therapist so people would have to pay for my opinion. Its all a matter of perspective. I like what you do, and am making money even after only 1 month, I thought it would take a lot longer. Rinse and repeat JB, you’re the best!

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