The 10 Week Affiliate Competition Is Over Sunday; Who’s Going To Win The 55″ TV, MacBook Air & The new iPad?

Back on April 15th I kicked off a member affiliate competition. After only a few months there’s a number of subscribers already making well over $5,000 a year with me.

While the competition will end in 5 days, the member affiliate program will continue on for as long as I run this service. If you do the math, some affiliates will be making well over $25,000 a year in early 2013.

Here’s the leaders with just 5 days to go in the competition for the 55″ LCD/LED TV, MacBook Air & The new iPad.

1st – Lance $6,800 in sales, $2,100 commission

2nd – Wes $4,000 in sales, $1,200 commission

3rd – Martin $3,400 in sales, $1,000 commission

In the running…

Scott $3,100 in sales, $900 commission

Matt $1,000 in sales, $300 commission

Took my profit on SAPX, quick $1,500, awesome pick J, thanks man.

Cristian H.

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