The High Cost Of College Education

I’d like to think Jason Bond Picks is like college, realistically a client pays a fee and must apply themselves to get results. That got me thinking, what would the cost per credit be for Jason Bond Picks if 6 months equaled one college semester? Given that guys and gals make upwards of $1,000 a day in chat regularly… you’d be shocked at what the potential return is.

With that in mind, I believe Jason Bond Picks is equivalent to taking two 3 credit college courses. I also believe I’m uniquely qualified to make such a comparison. No you won’t get 6 ‘Bond University’ credits per year, but I believe what I’m offering is just as valuable, here’s why.

In 1995 I graduated high school with a dream to play professional baseball. After a discouraging tryout with the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Atlanta Braves it was obvious I’d spend my 20’s and 30’s somewhere other than the Major League Baseball. Without a plan for my future, I did what many other ‘lost souls’ do and went to college seeking answers. Despite coming from a middle class household, I was the first in my entire family to go down the higher education path. Between 1995 and 2001 I changed majors quite a few times and jumped from one school to another… it was during that time a rude financial awakening came across me similar to an unexpected lightning bolt followed by thunder boom – college is expensive!

With that said, let it be known I’m a firm believer in education. I’m happy with how everything has turned out but I will say, Niagara University was my favorite school by far, not Brockport. When I finally graduated I had amassed over $70,000 in student loans. I was hired to teach elementary school just after graduation… starting salary $33,850. I suppose I could have made my way through faster and therefore cheaper but remember, I was a ‘lost soul’ back then, evident by the majors listed below.

Yes you heard me right!!! $70,000 in student loans… making half of what I owed in student loans and oh wait… that’s not counting the Masters in Education I was starting my first year of teaching.

I definitely WAS NOT swimming in cheddar back then!

I bring all of this up because I treat my service like a college classroom. Yes I put real money behind my trades, that’s necessary to show clients I believe in my system. Yes the portfolio is up a steady 37% since inception and 22% in 2012 or just over $90,000 profit. But the foundation of Jason Bond Picks isn’t how much money I make… last time I checked clients don’t get a piece of my portfolio… the foundation is education because all that matters is how well my clients perform on their exam beating Wall Street using my strategy.

Now in addition to my college preparation in education, I actually taught in public schools for 10 years in the state of New York before leaving to teach on Wall Street… adding further qualification to my claim that Jason Bond Picks is designed after or very similar to a college course. Think about it… Jason Bond Picks has a huge community (400 in chat alone i.e. office hours), bi-weekly webinars (Classes), building block video lessons (Resources), a master watch list which daily lists are built… (Homework), the list goes on and on how my service is a legit 3 credit course per semester or two classes per year.

Okay, so I know I’m biased but if I’m even remotely right… the value I’m offering clients with my fee is peanuts compared to the more than $70,000 I paid to make $33,850 / year at my first job. Look at how I match up to private universities, state schools and even community colleges.

[table id=7 /]

I went to all of those schools and those were my majors.

So when I graduated college the math was all wrong… more than $70,000 to get a degree in teaching (That does NOT even include my masters in education, another $10,000) to come out making half that, kinda funny I majored in stats at one time right?! I mean, those numbers just don’t add up. But it didn’t take me long to figure things out so I started “Bond University” in which I charge a small fee of $1,584 per year and trust me… many of my clients are coming out making way more than my annual teaching salary in a week making that fee look like peanuts. Bottom line, with a reasonable portfolio and application, you should be able to make 5x my fee per year which in my opinion is a college course worth taking!

Cliff: First purchase with your help LEAP in today, 10k @ $4.99, out at $5.90, yes sir !!!! Locked in $10,000 in one sweep, the chart lit up like Christmas !!!!

Larry: I am done for the day biggest day on Jason Bond Picks for me  $16,485 sweet. Thanks to everyone in here you all contributed to my success today.

John: This is my largest day ever! In 300 PCX PUTS at .25, out at .87. Turned $7,500 into about $27,000… TY Luke!

James: Sold the KWK Puts +$2,200 … thanks again JB!

Luke A: ATPG has now paid me 4 times this month for $14,424 profit! 6/1-6/7 +$3,815, 6/14-6/15 +$4,141, 6/26-6/27 +$4,156, 6/28-7/2 +$2,312. Thanks JB!

Black: Locking in $8,000 profit on OCZ, thank you JB, you’re the best! Lifetime member here!

Eric: Sold MEET  + 9.2% and FBC + 9.9% total profit $4,210 in 2 days. Thanks, JB

Luke M: Out IBM $190 call @$5.50 in at $2.15 +$3.35 *150 contracts = +$50,250

James: Out IBM call from yes +$4,853!!! Thanks Luke!

Jason: IBM call options 10 contracts @ $2.15 out next day @ $4.20  +$2,050! Luke is the man lol!

Matt: I am not one for kissing anyone’s ass but I must say… you are making this a very successful venture and it’s all you. I am proud just to be a part of something that can become if not the number one service then at least a model for all other services to mimic.

Linda: Sold my last position in ANTH held it from yesterday… $18,000 profit! Thanks Luke!!!

Ryan: I made over +$5,000 in less then one week trading and learning with Jason Bond!

Luke M: J….I do not know where to begin. I bought LQMT at .20 from your alerts and since AAPL was involved I bought 100k shares. I sold all 100k today at .6259 for a realized gain of $42,590. Wow, less than a week hold and this is the biggest trade of my life to date. I am with you to the end!!!

Angel: Thanks to u Jason I can take my girlfriend to a nice steak in NYC with my +$15,000 in profit yea baby!

James: Wow! I joined last week, today I cashed out on LQMT with +$6,300 Profit, Thanks JB! I just earned enough to pay for me and my girlfriends trip to Hawaii in one day! Amazing! Thanks for offering your great service!

Paul: I consider myself to be a novice trader.  Tried day-trading with a 25K account last Fall.  After two months I was up $50, and my nerves were shot !  Last month I did a search for stock newsletters and found your website.  I signed up, then a week later I got the email saying that you were taking more subscribers and paid immediately.  I was up about $1500 after the first two weeks on a $50K account.  Just hit LQMT for +$7,200!   Glad I stumbled across your website !

Clyde: Started day trading with Luke this week and “only” doing about $1,000 / day. Went back to my options roots with a Luke play on AAPL calls & did a double for $6,000 in a half hour. Big thanks JB & Luke. Hello out there – START THIS SERVICE TODAY IF YOUR TIRED OF LOSING MONEY!!!!

James: We did it again JB! I got into ATPG on your alert last week and sold my shares today on the squeeze for a total profit of $6,459.  Your service is the best thing that has happened to me. Signed up with you 3 months ago and am up over $15,000…WOW….this year and next years vacation paid for!!! JB i can’t thank you enough! You have taught me to be a successful trader, and I’m doing this all while having 2 jobs! You Da Man!

James: KWK NICE call JB!!! Up $4,000! Amazing JB, you got me hooked with your service. I’m with you till the end. I’m up over $10,000 with all your calls JB, in less than 2 months of trading!!! I didn’t know a thing about the stock market before then!

Bristol: Luke, Jason, all thanks for an incredible day!  After fees I’m just short of the $10,000 goal for the day (I was joking this morning) my best trading day ever!!!  I’ll be killing brain cells in celebration now :)   have a great weekend.

Tom: Jason, just thought you might like to know that it is working. Banked $11,287 this month.

Results may vary – hopefully YOURS ARE BETTER haha!!!


Awesome week for me, took some cheddar on NNVC 39%, and GNK 12% for a total of 51% for the week. Love your system J

Scott P.


  1. Dominic R says:

    Very informative 🙂

  2. RussellWinter says:

    Jason, that’s how I look at your course. It doesn’t take a genius to know a high-quality class, like your service, is well worth the quarterly fee. Although, being that people value what they pay for, a fee actually adds to the value of your service. Might I add, my education is coming along right well, right alongside my portfolio that is. Now that’s just how you like is, isn’t it 😉 Thanks for your time and effort.

  3. Scott says:

    I just signed up and think I might be you 10 years ago (I.e. teacher in debt about to finish masters degree but not certain where it will go.) Love your education and a
    gree about its Immediate potential value.

    I am a novice and I have looked through all your video. Is it beneficial to get into chat and trade immediately?

    • Jason Bond says:

      I’d spend at least 3 months learning and paper trading before ever putting real money on the line.

  4. Doug says:

    College is such a huge waste of money, I used to think it was a good investment for doctors and dentists, but maybe not do with all the malpractice lawsuits out there…..

  5. Doug says:

    Not to brag, but I dropped out of high school and retired by the age of 39.5 years old !!! There’s an old saying that the reason people are in school is because they are still stupid. When I left school I felt like I learned enough by then, so I left because I made it from stupid to smart by the age of 15 years old which was my sophomore year in high school, then I left. I couldn’t conceive staying there any longer since there was never a pay check at the end of the week !!!

  6. ZacharyEvans says:

    I wish I would have found this service before I went to school. I’m 70k in debt as well. =/
    The thing about stock trading, people think it’s some mystical, impossible to understand endeavor but it’s not. It’s real and people make a living doing it. It just takes the right knowledge, discipline and education in the matter. I am watching all my friends enter the same boat you did Jason…college really ISN’T for everyone- Just doctors and lawyers. Thankyou JB.

    ~Count Mondego

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