The Price Of My Service Is Going Up; What You Need To Know

I love my subscribers, so before you think I’m being greedy by raising my price I’d ask you take a moment to process the history here. The $297 / quarter swing trade service is the core of Jason Bond Picks and while the $497 / quarter day trade service is a specialty product, it still had almost 200 subscribers since I started it or about three months ago.

Recently I combined the two products and comped all the day trade customers because almost all of the day trade customers were also swing trade customers and managing two intensive products like that was simply too much for me – even though I’m a workaholic. It wasn’t only me though, I felt I was overcharging those 200 customers at  $794 / quarter, people I’d consider family.

So I combined the $297 / quarter swing trade service with the $497 / quarter day trade service just before my recent vacation at the swing trade price of $297 / quarter and told everyone I’d be increasing the price upon my return from paradise. Please understand I could have very easily just kept charging $794 / quarter for both services and I’m 100% confident it would have continued to grow but instead I decided to take a big loss on this combo move which doesn’t phase me one bit! Why you ask? Because finding the perfect price for what I offer customers is more important than padding my bank.

So my friends, I’m back from vacation of course and the time has come to adjust billing to reflect the newly combined service that is currently $297 / quarter will be priced at $397 per quarter starting Monday July 23, 2012 which is about 5 days from now. ALL existing customers before Monday’s price increase are locked in at their current price i.e. grandfathered into my service. Let me be clear – all customers are setup on recurring billing through my merchant PayPal the day they sign up – you’re price is locked and IT WILL NOT GO UP – this blog post is directed to NEW customers. This price increase is for future customers and it’s still a considerable savings over the $794 / quarter I was charging about 1 month ago.

I believe $397 / quarter is fair but hey, $297 is cheaper so that’s why I’m taking the time to make everyone FULLY aware as there will be no exceptions come Monday and trust me – despite this detailed blog there will still be requests.

Today there were 377 customers in my premium chat room alone, all working together to beat Wall Street in what I’d consider one of the only family trading environments on the Internet. To join this massive group at $297 / quarter you have 5 days to act before the price increases 34%. Remember – this is STILL 50% off the $794 / quarter I was charging.

I realize $297 / quarter might seem like a lot of money to you – but when you see what I offer for that price I do believe you’ll be blown away. But it’s more than that… you can make a simple $1,200 or even $1,600 in 1 trade at Jason Bond Picks. Just look at these monster wins reported daily!!!

I walked out on 10 year career as a NYS elementary education teacher 16 months ago to teach on Wall Street… in March of 2011 there was 10 people in my chat room… in 16 months the chat has 377 users and it goes up monthly… that’s a 3,670% increase for a reason and I assure you one thing – it’s growing because we have something special – it’s more than Jason Bond now, it’s the group and I’m proud to be a part of it.

You have 5 days to lock in $297 / quarter and please know – I’ve never run a special that included a discounted price.

In summary – ALL current customers are setup on recurring payments the moment they sign up – recurring payments is the only plan I offer. If you are a current subscriber you DO NOT need to do anything but inform any of your friends and family the price is going up 34% and they have 5 days to act.

Out AONE  20,000 shares +.22 or +$4,400… thanks!

Alex M.


  1. james says:

    Your worth every penny. Been a member 3 days and alreasy made my money back.

  2. vikb says:

    can you include a link for existing members to make the subscription recurring Jason? i cant find any.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Vik, all customers are recurring when they sign up. If there was ever an error there in the merchant we’d figure it out but existing customers need not worry about price increases, even if a CC expired we’d figure out how to manage billing. Not sure I answered your question though???

  3. Chris L says:

    JB – very pleased and impressed with your work ethic! Hope to meet you in A.C. In August.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Thank you Chris, I’ve gone down a lot of paths in my 35 years and I am 100% honest when I say I absolutely love working here at Jason Bond Picks. Thank you for being a customer, A.C. is going to be a blast 8)

  4. josephchancio says:

    I joined this quarter and paid for my subscription by credit card. To retain current pricing you stated we need to set up a recurring paypal payment. Should Iswitch and pay my next quarter on ppal? What is the email to use for payment? Is it obvious on how to set up recurring payments (didn’t see it as an option)? Thanks

    • Jason Bond says:

      Recurring is setup the day you subscribe so you are all set – I will clarify that in the blog post sorry.

  5. JosephNinowski Jr says:

    Jason…this service is priceless. You ARE the real deal in a very uncertain world. Thank you!

  6. RobinBurrough says:

    Yes–that was my question as well . I signed up about 2 months ago but dont remeber that it was recurring—glad that it is !! Thank you Jason !

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Robin, yes all subscriptions are recurring – to hard to manage billing if they weren’t. You’re welcome, appreciate your business.

  7. Luigi says:

    Worth every penny I’m glad I’m grandfathered in. Learning everyday

  8. Eric Blum says:

    I still feel like the “grasshopper” and the “master” but I have learned so much from you, your service and the other members. Thanks for doing what you’re doing. My only question regarding the new pricing is that your link gave me the impression that I have to re-join, even though I’m a member already. So, do I do nothing or rejoin?

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Eric, if you are a current subscriber you need to do nothing. The email was to let existing customers know their price will not go up and to inform their friends and family it will be going up so they can take advantage of the lower price should someone be interested.


    Jason I am going to sign up as an affiliate and blow your service to the sun. Was with another service but not even close to yours.



    • Jason Bond says:

      That’s what I like to hear!!! I’m on ClickBank too if it’s better for you… but have to submit a new product this week to reflect the new pricing – should be ready by Monday. Thanks for writing PennyBuddha 8)

  10. Paul says:

    Jason, how about those who already are on recurring yearly subscription?

    • Jason Bond says:

      Great question, all legacy products are locked recurring… I still have guys / gals from 16 months ago when I first started. It only stops recurring when the customer decides to stop billing.

    • Paul says:

      I have been with your service from day one 🙂

    • Jason Bond says:

      Yes you have Mr. Garcia and I appreciate it. So you remember the old PennyStockLive days right? I believe we’ve come a long way in 16 months, can’t wait to see where we’re at in another year 8) Thank you for your continued business.

  11. Julia Z says:

    Hi Jason – The service is solid and definitely worth the subscription in multifolds, so will be strongly recommending to people I know. Before Jul 23, will my friends get the $297 price if they register through the regular site, not the affiliate link (for some I prefer not to use it for unique reasons)?

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Julia and yes, you can send them directly here before Monday and they’ll be billed at $297 / quarter recurring. Monday morning is when I’ll be rolling over to $397. Thanks for asking and more thanks for referring my service – it’s greatly appreciated.

  12. JCMacalino says:

    I make my quarterly fee every day daytrading with you, Luke, and the group. No joke JB. Then there’s the swing dough, too! Man, seriously, joining this team (yeah, the word “family” definitely fits, too) was the best thing I’ve done since I started trading. For anyone reading this… these posts aren’t BS. Yeah, we lose some, but we win more than we lose, especially if you’re careful and STUDY the system. In the shark infested waters of Wall Street, I’ve found my island — an island where I’ve learned to navigate the waters, share my trades, and receive hot picks — all in a professional, fun environment.

    I will be a subscriber for as long as I trade. Let me put it this way — it’s more expensive not to subscribe. Wishing you all green days ahead.

    ~ JC Mac

  13. RichardKeim says:

    Jason, You are very generous. I know you have to be business like, especially on Wall Street, but business only goes so far. Your service is ingrained with your personality and compassion for those who don’t know as much as you. I wanted to thank you for that also. You care, is shows, and it is easy to begin trusting you. I guess it called integrity. That’s you. Thanks, Rick

  14. ToddPetitdemange says:

    Great deal!

  15. NolanChauvin says:

    I don’t even need to read the rational for the price increase, I know I am still getting a great deal. I have seen nowhere on the internet the level of service you are providing for the price. You’re not just selling a service, you are truly trying to help people become more successful in making money in this complicated profession [maybe hobby for some] of trading. Thanks Nolan

  16. Paul Oke says:

    I’m in my third quarter with You and seen a few ups and downs but in the end your service is the only one I’ve stuck to through more than 1/2 a year in the 12 years I’ve been trading stocks . Great Stuff Jason.

  17. vik says:

    Sounds good Jason. It answers the question.
    if there is a challenge with the billing later we can figure it out. the price is reasonable for the service.

    • Jason Bond says:

      Thanks Vik, email me if there is but you should be all set grandfathered in at your lower rate.

  18. Alan Hummel says:


    My sub will not expire until next FEB. When I renew I assume I will get $297 / quarter ?

    Do you offer a discount for Yearly ???

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Alan, yes you will recur at $297. I used to have annual but merchants had the long time frame so I’ve found quarterly to be the best so no, there’s no annual plan anymore sorry.

  19. GrantClark says:

    If you’ve got this far and are still undecided about whether to join or not DO IT! I echo the comments from other subscribers above “it’s more expensive not to subscribe.” (JC Mac) “Your service is ingrained with your personality and compassion for those who don’t know as much as you. … I guess it called integrity. That’s you.” (Richard Keim) Jason Bond and his moderators are the real deal. I’d cancel every other trading related subscription I have before I gave up being a subscriber to jasonbondpicks.

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