Tuesday July 12, 2011

Probably running up against the largest slump I’ve been in since I can remember. It’s part of trading but it sure isn’t fun.

Yesterday I failed to flip a few stocks successfully in chat and my COOL swing trade saw a 70k bid erased stopping me out there too.

Today I open with the same positions as yesterday.

75k XSNX at $.07, currently $.07, goal $.08-$.10, stop $.06. This was a bid buy.

10k PPRTF at $.60, currently $.59, goal $1.20, stop $.40. This was also a bid buy.

New member here. 1st trade with Jason Bond. Bought 100,000 LQMT @ $.17. Finally filled and sold @ $.19 1st trade profit $1,984 in 1 hour 20 min. Nice!

~ Mercer F.

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