Watch List Example For Potential Clients

Other than when I’m celebrating the growth of the premium chat room I’m building out a variety of watch lists for customers. Tonight I figured I’d post an watch list example for potential clients. See what I do each evening is research and chart 3-5 companies from the Master Watch List of 100 small caps I follow. By learning and then tracking 100 small caps you can move swifter when the time is right with confidence in your trading. Here just a small example of what I do daily. I also do video watch lists, short watch lists and even account builders or penny stocks from time to time. When it’s time to strike, I send an alert by email, SMS text and chat in that order and in real time. The goal is always the same, 5-10% rinse and repeat.

NEON – Textbook video lesson #2. If the 200 Moving Average holds swing back to $6. Need a bull market and candle over candle confirmation here first though meaning it needs to open above $4.96 and stay above $4.96 to be in play. This is my favorite chart, also like the company, just not sure it’s ready to bounce so tight stop.

AMRS – This one is accumulating just below the 20 Moving Average and while I’d rather pay around $3.25 I’d be watching close for an intraday uptrend to signal a break of the near term resistance at $3.65… if that falls which I think it will shares will likely revisit the low $4’s. Video lesson 2 here but apply video lesson 1 too, especially candle over candle entry / exit.

DRWI – Every time DRWI gets oversold it has a very big bounce. Video lesson 1 here. It’s not the most liquid stock in the world but it does enough volume that I’d be interested if this is the bottom. Stop is at $2.38 but if it started creeping higher I’m getting on the bid for 10,000 shares for a move to $3. Probably my favorite trade idea if it keeps creeping.

PWER – Watch $4.62, if that falls this one could be off and running to $5. Nice video lesson 2 pattern creeping toward resistance and then boom, breakout of the near term pattern to $5. As far as a stop goes if it gets above the 20 Moving Average at $4.55 I’d use that or intraday price action support from Thursday around $4.47.

VRNG – I still believe a move to $5 or even $6 is coming and this is one so I’ll be looking to jump back in, especially the longer it holds above $4 and tests $4.20 resistance. Once $4.20 goes and holds on the bid it’s off and running with a brief pause at $4.40 I think. Some of the best catalysts going are in this play right now so keep it on watch, could run big. Video lesson 2 and video lesson 3 here.

Jason: +$740 on VRNG call options brought yesterday

Eric: Out VRNG +11% +$4,132 profit less than 24 hrs on VRNG…thx!

Mark: out ZNGA  AUG 18  $5.00 calls  +$2,700

Geno: Jason, I love you man. You nailed ZNGA (a day earlier) and VRNG. I paid myself here total $4,300

S I: Hi jb today I make +$2,600 on SRPT thanks to Luke

Jedi: ZNGA calls + $4,100, 1/2 my VRNG calls + $8,000. Thanks JB

Jackson: I had an amazing run with VRNG. In $3.8, out $4.2 (just shy of HOD). Locked in more than 10% w/ profits $1,500+. 

Out RSOL from July, rinse and repeat +$2,300 total, THANKS JB!

Patty J.


  1. JenniferPowell says:

    Would you buy ZNGA at the morning low?

    • Jason Bond says:

      Those numbers were much worse than expected, not sure this is bottom so probably not for me.

  2. Aldia says:

    Hi, Jason I bought joez @ 1.14 and TAT@ 1.01 do you think I should keep holding or think about selling.

  3. David Apple says:

    Is DRWI going to bounce this week?

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