Watch List For April 13, 2011

Watching ZOOM, GTXI and PSTI as possible dip and flip momentum plays this morning. All three are up in the premarket on good news… so like my day trade of INVE yesterday, there could be opportunity where the traders are.

Outside of that I am keeping the watch list thin today due to all the open positions I have right now. As you know, I only like to carry 3-5 stocks at a time, so having 7 right now means I’m focused on those and not finding anything new today.

The worst mistake a trader can make is over trading and it almost always results in losing money… stay focused and small to win at this game because it’s not how often you trade but how smart you trade.

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Jason, since you started swing trading only, you are just perfect! You have a true talent on that! I am with you since last year, the service is at its best now! GEVO +7,000 for me! THANK YOU!~ Bill L.


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