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We Realized 130% On LQMT, Look At The Money Subscribers Made

On Wednesday April 18th, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. EST my chat room moderators noticed an article on Liquidmetal Technologies (OTCBB:LQMT) that we knew would drive the share price significantly higher. After an early morning run and textbook retracement I bought and alerted it as a swing trade at $.209.

To date I’ve been scaling out into strength and actually sold a bunch of shares at $.47 just off Friday’s high of $.48 meaning I’ve REALIZED almost 130% profit – my biggest realized gain since I started this service a year ago. I still have a small basket of free shares and am roughly up an amazing $20,000 profit on this trade now.

This service isn’t about me though, it’s about my subscribers of which I have almost 1,000 – check out some of their results below. If you are on the fence about joining my service, it’s time to get off my friend. The speculation continues to build around LQMT which is great, maybe it makes a move into the $.50’s this week if it catches another bid but one thing is for certain, my service is based on 1-4 day holds and this is clearly one of my biggest realized winners ever.

Luke: J….I do not know where to begin. I bought LQMT at .20 from your alerts and since AAPL was involved I bought 100k shares. I sold all 100k today at .6259 for a realized gain of $42,590. Wow, less than a week hold and this is the biggest trade of my life to date. I am with you to the end!!!

Angel: Thanks to u Jason I can take my girlfriend to a nice steak in NYC with my +$15,000 in profit yea baby.

Tom: Thank you Mr. Bond, out LQMT @ $.28 for 24% gain.  Think I’ll take the rest of the day off…. Jason, was a +$3,600 gain for me.

Scott: My portfolio is up about 40% with you!

Joseph: out LQMT, 20k shares, from average $.222, sold $.295, for a +$1,121 profit. God bless capitalism. Whoa!

Bob: out LQMT +$2,100

Gregory: JB: I made +$1,000 on $LQMT thanks man

Nate: wow just came back to the computer and LQMT hit my profit stop at $.28, +1,000 THANK YOU JASON BOND!  Wow that feels good!

Pocolo: out of LQMT with 25% profit +$2,800 in a day.  thx JB

Chester: small position in LQMT yielded 20.4% gain

Riggo: I’m losing big money with liar promoters but making money with you. Thanks.

Michael: out of LQMT, +1,375, out of VG, +200

Gretchen: Jason, I’ve made so much money out of your trades since this Monday, if counting LQMT which I’m currently at +$2,880 profit (still holding it), then I’ve made over +5k just this week!

Arnold: out of LQMT for +$2,500 profit

Jake: sold LQMT @ $.28 for +$1,100 + $250 of VG making this a very lovely day… thanks JB!!

Denis: made $500 on HDY and $220 on LYSCF

Giovanni: just sold RSRS from this morning for $1,950, thanks Jason

Daniel: As I am new to your service I would rate this one in the top 10 . Thanks for your support JB

Jake: today’s JB winners washed out 2 of my personal bagger picks and paid for my subscription.. and I’m in the green.. JB rocks!

Loretta: Just sold half of our shares of LQMT for +$1,050 profit.

Cory: sold LQMT .378, was in at .21, 67% profit, thanks JB

Chad: just realized a +$5,600 profit on LQMT for a 50% return. Love it!

Puru: Everyone who bought LQMT Congratulations… BIG PAYDAY…

Daniel: took profit off LQMT thanks JB

Mitchell: LQMT was my first trade here and I made almost +$500, more than this cost me 🙂

Bristol: I’d have posted sooner but was doing Happy Dance!  With the sell of LQMT this morning (30K in .28 out .35) my portfolio is officially up 25% in my first week of your service Jason.  I think I’ll be staying

Mike: LQMT +$1,200 profit this morning.  thanks Jason

Kerry: The best about Jason bond picks service is, not only help you get decent profit but also motivate new traders to get confidence..keep going JB !!!

Kareem: right now I’ve made back everything I’ve lost plus some to pay for my subscription, just on the LQMT trade!

Bristol: Jason I want you to know this is last day of my first week here, I’m up +$2,600 on a $30,000 account.  Now don’t blow it today – LOL, seriously though just wanted to say thanks during this lull before the market opens.

Steve: Wanted to thank you for helping me double my starting account balance and at the same time adding another zero.  Just awesome.  Next step day trade status.  Thanks man.

Felix: Unquestionably your website is the best, I made +$1,754.16 with LQMT yesterday and I don’t know how the page work.

Billy: Good morning Jason, thanks for the hard work you do. I’ve made about 400.00 in the past two weeks following a couple of your picks on just 5-10% return and pullout.

James: Wow! I joined last week, today I cashed out on LQMT with +$6,300 Profit, Thanks JB! I just earned enough to pay for me and my girlfriends trip to Hawaii in one day! Amazing! Thanks for offering your great service!

Ryan: I made a 70% profit +$300 on LQMT alert. I started your service with $200, now I’m up over $1,000 in 3 months. Thanks.

Bristol: Here’s a quick run down of what you did for me this week. LQMT 20,000 shares in @ .24 held overnight out @ .29 made $1,000… LQMT 30,000 shares in @ .27 out @ .29 made $600… VG 5,000 shares in @ 2.07 out @ 2.10 made $150… LQMT 30,000 shares in @ .26 out @ .35 made $2,700… LQMT 30,000 shares in @ .33 out @ .41 made $2,400… that’s +$6,700, 26.8% increase in my now $31,000 portfolio in 3 days.

Gregory: Over the past two days I made just a little over +$2,500 swing trading LQMT. Talking about a confidence boost for me. Thanks Uncle Jason.

Tracy: I had a fun first day (as a member) today in the chat room and watching your picks on E-Trade Pro. I joined  too late to get in on LQMT. But, the enthusiasm and, dare I say, Family feeling of your team makes me even more excited to belong. Thanks for offering the Trial Membership. It’s a winner.

Joe: This was my first real week with your service.  Made $140…getting my feet wet on VG…and then…followed you into LQMT as soon as you re-alerted… in at .22 out today right before close at  .435!!! For me that was +$3,140…that is absolutely nuts.  Was going to hang on with the BraveHearts over the weekend…but your words….”Pay yourself…and…5-10%…and...rinse and repeat” were nudging me. Thanks again bro! P.S. Oh yeah…and the Bond music at the end of chat…CLASSIC…that is definitely YOU…but in reverse bro…”Stirred…BUT never SHAKEN”   Enjoy your dinner tonight….I’d treat if I was in NY…LOVE that town!

John: Hey Jason.  This is my first month as a subscriber and I’m really enjoying your service.  I work 10-12 hours a day in my regular job, so your swing trading service has been great for me, giving me the key info and alerts but also allowing me to dive in deep when time permits.  Still getting used to getting up at 6am though. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that based on your great advice I scored big on LQMT over past 2 days +$1,800 and am still holding onto 9500 shares at .38 avg for what will hopefully be a nice pop next week as well.  Have started telling folks about your service so hopefully they join as well.

Jim: JB, Rocked LQMT for +$1,400. Thanks agin bro!!!

John: I can’t believe how much I have learned through the webinars and chat in just 3 months.  It’s absolutely amazing!!  By the way AWESOME trade on LQMT.  Sold a little quick but still made $1300! Thanks J.

Nick: I signed up for your service a few months ago but never really took the time to look at all the content and teaching tools that you offer until recently. Oh man have I missed out on some huge winners! I scored +44% in profits from your VRNG alert and that definitely got me motivated. Just locked in +17% this morning on HDY after buying it yesterday. Didn’t jump in LQMT but I’ll be ready for the next one. Being a novice trader I’ve been able to learn so much from your site.  Your video lessons are great and easy to understand and the chat is awesome. So many people with so much knowledge. Thanks for the great service and count me in for Atlantic City!

Rod: Great first few days with your service…Locked in 12% on HDY and 19.4% on LQMT.  Hit another on my own…UNP May Call for 24.9%.  Picked up 3,000 GLUU today @ $4.17….hope it runs next week!  Needless to say, I made back the subscription fee several times over!

Leslie: Txs for the tip on LQMT got in late Friday morning but was still able to pull out a +$900 profit.

Peter: Dude you rule, I’ve been watching your service since Dec. Paid for your subscription at the end of March and Made +$2,479.96 profit on LQMT. My first trade with you. Making money while learning to trade, Friggin Awesome!

Paul: I consider myself to be a novice trader.  Tried day-trading with a 25K account last Fall.  After two months I was up $50, and my nerves were shot !  Last month I did a search for stock newsletters and found your website.  I signed up, then a week later I got the email saying that you were taking more subscribers and paid immediately.  I was up about $1500 after the first two weeks on a $50K account.  Just hit LQMT for +$7,200!   Glad I stumbled across your website !

Raul: Great call on LQMT!  Made +$4,800 profit.  I decided to call in today 😉

Chinedu: J I just want to say thanks on LQMT. I lost $1,200 on Wednesday and made back +$900 of that on 15500 LQMT entry @ .22. Started offloading from .27 to .29. Wish I held longer. But thanks too. I know you’ve had a tough couple of weeks with profitly and all. Just want to let you know that we have faith in you!!!!

Buddy: Thanks. i just signed up for your service and LQMT was my first buy! Bought in at 0.285 and sold @ 0.44

Helen: I scored +$1,950 with LQMT yesterday.  Great alert!  Thank you so much!

Ryan: I made over +$5,000 in less then one week trading and learning with Jason Bond!

James: In LQMT (4000 shares) at 0.22. Just sold 2000 shares at 0.44–letting the other 2000 take me to moon or higher. Great call!!

Dave: Bought LQMT at 0.2249 after your second alert on it.  Was already up 11% just minutes after I bought.  Almost sold it the next day for a 30% profit, but held on for another day because of your confidence that it would hit the 0.40s.  Sold at 0.418 today for a profit of 86% or +$3,266.  You made my day!

Bristol: I quit my Software Architect day job last month to try my hand at day trading and was reconsidering my new career before joining your service last week.  You are directly responsible for adding 25% to my $25K trading account this week.  It took me days to consume all your very informative and well done training videos, but it was time well spent.  The fact you explain the rational behind every alert gave me the confidence I needed to execute my own trades, based on actual data, instead of just click and pray.  Thanks!

Henk: I traded with Binck Bank in Amsterdam for more than 15 years. I gained some but at the end I lost € 60,000. I subscribed to your service about 4 month ago. I have a small budget but I’m up € 20,000 now, dealing through an other broker in Belgium. Your service and follow up and support is a real professional service and what I like is that you take a stand against pumping and dumping. I really do believe that you stay far away from that. Keep it going my man and excuse my terrible English.

Jared: Thank you for your alert on LQMT… played it twice for 25% and 30% respectively. Great week man… service is better than ever since the move back to jasonbondpicks.com I am learning a ton and having a blast in the process.

Rick: JB  WOW  an incredible alert on LQMT – bought  25k shares at .225 and set my sell at .41 and BAM a +$4,625 profit  TX!

Brett: Hey Jason, one pick and my subscription is paid for and now I am making a mortgage down payment!  Thank you so much for teaching me how to profit.  You are the best teacher and you actually deliver!

James: LQMT on fire, almost up +$5,000 🙂

Raghu: Thanks for LQMT alert, made +$700  %24 gainer 🙂

Jude: Just joined a couple of days ago and took the same position that you did with LQMT.  I made +$1,320 in 24 hours.  bought at .22 and sold at .28.  I am new to investing and learning more and more each day.  Thanks again.

James: Cashed out with +$6,300 profit. thanks JB

Janet: You da man!  I got into LQMT at .218 after your alert.  Out now at .51, 134% profit = +$2,411 pure profit! That’s Bond, Jason Bond, double o-7 million! In all seriousness, thanks!  You’re doing a great job!  And that’s from one Western New Yorker to another!

Jared: Thanks for the trade. Got in late and still made +$894!

Keith: Jason – this was the best trade I think have ever had with you. Thank you very much! I played it 3 different times during this run for about +$4,000 profit.

Scott: Made 107% on LQMT.  Pulled the trigger and got out with +$5,700 in profits. I still cant believe it!



  1. William Cauthen says:

    OK. Give me a trade tomorrow and if I make a profit then I agree to join your service. Anything between 500-1000 would be nice.


    • Jason Bond says:

      Sorry William I have just under 1,000 subscribers right now and letting people in for free to test just takes way too much of my time away from them. I do have a 1 month $99.95 trial that converts to $297 quarterly recurring if you’d like to toss $100 out and give it a shot.

  2. andy says:

    297/ quarter maybe be measly to you…how about helping fence sitters make enough to pay for the quarter FIRST!

    • Jason Bond says:

      Sorry Andy I have just under 1,000 subscribers right now and letting people in for free to test just takes way too much of my time away from them. I do have a 1 month $99.95 trial that converts to $297 quarterly recurring if you’d like to toss $100 out and give it a shot.

  3. A. Wells says:

    Jason how do we join your 1 month service for 99 dollars.. Also if we continue with your services it’s 297… If we want to stop after a certain period how do we do so

  4. JacquesGoudreault says:

    Alright…can’t wait for the next “Liquid Cheese” ! 8)

  5. Siddiqui says:

    Jason I dont have large capital, in fact too small. I can invest more later but dont want to invest more than couple thousands now. How much do you suggest to invest initially? I will register for your service and need to take that amount back from trades 🙂

    • Jason Bond says:

      I think an account with $2,000 is fine to swing trade, a few small positions at a time with liquid stocks between $.01 and $.50.

  6. Dj says:


    I’m new to trading and work as a school teacher so you know I don’t have the time to sit and play on the computer. It seems that I would need to execute trades when doing swing trades to catch the right numbers at the right times. How can I manage this and do it while working so I can ultimately make money like it sounds like everyone who follows your lead does??

    I need the help because I truly am a novice and like to learn.

    Thanks for your time,


    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi DJ, I’d say the best thing you can do is map your trades using the watch list and use your lunch to monitor your progress. The biggest thing we do right here is avoid big losses, most of the stuff we’re looking at has a good chance of working. Sometimes not being able to watch the swing trades is the best thing you can do, many traders over analyze like I did Tuesday into Apple’s earnings only to miss a bull rally open Wednesday. So use the watch, map your buys and sells and trade support and resistance, honestly I think you’ll be fine that way. But before you make any trades, learn the system and about 10 stocks inside and out and stick to them… this will increase you success rate. Finally, before you bet any money, paper trade this for a month and see if what I’m saying works, if yes start with small bets and go from there. Cheers, J.

    • Kim Johnson says:

      DJ , I’m in the same position. I’m sitting on about 10k but where does one find the time to trade and make it meaningful. I would love teaching but the income is no way to build real wealth. Tired of just getting by.

  7. Hubes says:

    I use zecco brokers, who discourages some pump and dump stock, because they may cost a trader up to $700 , do you only deal with genuine stocks of listed on wall street like NYSE? Or other reputable exchange?

    • Jason Bond says:

      Yes, 95% of my trades, maybe more are NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX but I will jump on an OTCBB no problem if I spot a winner. E*TRADE is the best broker out in my opinion.

  8. Nolan says:

    I am a new investor looking to learn the ropes of the trade. With a small account and new to this, I am weary of it all. I have read all 100+ reviews and seem to like what you have to offer. Where do you suggest I start…and don’t say buy your subscription. Thanks…NG

    • Jason Bond says:

      Laugh out loud, buy my subscription! With about 1,000 customers free coaching isn’t a part of my service sorry. You get what you pay for in life, sign up and I’ll give you my best daily.

  9. click says:

    Have you considered including several social bookmarking buttons to these sites. At the very least for twitter.

  10. JeffryGriffin says:

    Wow… if you do not want to pay $99 – $297 for your trading education, you should NOT be trading.

  11. NicholasBogolea says:

    Worth every last penny ten times over. This site will probably be called Bond University eventually LOL…and the service worth a college education. Not only that but our moderators are actually in the fire with us and online in a live chat. Iron sharpens Iron. Dont buy some cheap second rate website because your account will flatten out like lead. Jason goes to bat for us everyday. I would say you cant afford not to be apart of this community if you’re new to investing. Bond picks are on point. We’re having fun makin money. Hope you come along for the ride with us.

  12. david henry says:

    Is it possible to simply follow your subscription alerts and buy when you say buy and sell when you say sell (without having to learn everything about charting, etc.)? In other words, trading for dummies.

  13. Doug McC says:

    I am going to try your service, i am unemployed and only have a little under 3,000 in my etrade account. Subscribing to your service will cost me 10% of everything i have, i am married, father of four, and on the verge of loosing my home to foreclosure,i was impressed by your apology and i hope learning from you can save my family from total financial ruins.

    • Jeff Lee says:

      The following is simply my opinion based on your financial situation. Personally, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t be trading. That is a pretty big burden you’re carrying right now and trading could led to a more dire (or not) situation. Just be very careful is all that I’m saying.

      I will say that JBP is a great service to be exposed to as you get your feet wet into Wall Street.

  14. Sudip Majumdar says:

    i would like to start trading, I am very newt trading and I am interested to start with $1000,do you think it is enough to start with.?Also i would start with $90 monthly and from there i will go for quarterly.do you have any link for monthly pay.

    • Jason Bond says:

      In addition to your real money account I’d get setup with $100,000 paperMoney at Think or Swim.

  15. Michael says:

    I only came across swing trading yesterday from browsing on YouTube. I am extremely interested in getting involved to build my finance however all I want clarified is that. If I sign up is merely for you to give me email alerts on when and what to buy and sell. As well as being able to interact in the chat rooms.

    • Jason Bond says:

      There’s education, a chat room, webinars, watch lists and much more. Then there’s alerts when I buy and sell too.

  16. Sydney says:

    Hi Jason, I’m actually new and a beginner at stock trading and been trading alone w/ no guidance. Over the past months, I’ve gained a lot, but then that gained turned into a lost. It is because I got caught up with other things and didn’t pay attention to the market when the stocks were going down. Now I’m ready to start fresh and I decided to shed out ~$300 to learn from you. Compare to the amount that I lost, 300 is nothing. With an account of $5K, what account would you recommend, swing trade or Penny stocks? Note, I have access to the computer/internet all day.

  17. billy says:

    hello Jason bond picks. I just singed up for the newsletters. As some of your testimonials have said I am old school like your self. Currently I have 50.00 in a real account if I can turn this into a full years subscription, I plan on becoming a member. I know 50.00 is not much. I will be adding to it in the same increments. I am a really good man. just looking for my a break in life, I am willing to pay for that break. I have spent several thousand with no returns, here’s hoping the tide has changed. Good luck to you and yours.

  18. what subscription do you need for penny stocks?
    what account size is it?
    what is the subscription for swings trading?

  19. Jego47 says:

    Hey Jason, jego47 here and looking forward to an exciting 2015! I was with u before as jenisch10 but never could scrape enough together to invest. Different this time. i’m having a problem finding your video lessons, tho. i need to study becouse i cant remember enough to do anything right. Sorry to be a pain, and I’ll try to keep my whining to a minimum. Thanks,Greg

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