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Weakness Of Attitude Becomes Weakness Of Character!

Albert Einstein said that and Winston Churchill said this, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Now I’ve been saving this testimonial for a rainy day, well it’s raining here in Fairport so it’s time to share. What I want you to take from this is how Mike didn’t blame me after being caught up in two of my worst trades. Sure, I’ll bet he was mad as hell at me but not once did this guy blame me and he even came to the Atlantic City conference.

Also note how Mike’s no nonsense approach following my service guidelines has helped him double up off his low following two of my worst trade alerts. I want to thank Mike for sharing this. Most would blame me and not talk about the big losses, Mike however, he focused his energy and his attitude in a different direction and the results are amazing! Thanks again Mike, it was truly a pleasure meeting you in Atlantic City and you better I’ll be calling to get those beers next time I’m in your neck of the woods. Mike is seen bottom right from the 2012 Atlantic City Meet & Greet at the Borgata Hotel and Casino.

“Hey J, just dropping a note to update you on my progress. I never bother u during the day because you’re always swamped with new customers asking the same questions over and over! God bless your patience. Lol! I know that’s your job though.  Anyway, hopefully my story is going to be a great one for u when done…here’s the update:  I lost almost 3/4 of my portfolio in the TVIX and UVXY disaster. Went from $28,000 down to $10,000 then I lost another $2,000 with RARS trying to score a big hit. So I was down to $8 G’s.  Since then (to be frank) I don’t really give a crap what goes on in chat besides what you and Luke have to say.  People are getting too caught up in big scores. Every single day people are pissed or whine because they sold too early and miss the double digit returns. It’s freaking ridiculous sometimes. Anyway, here’s some positive news for you and the way you teach…. I have worked my account back up to $16,000 in a little over 5 months. That’s 100% from my bottom. And here’s the icing for Jason Bond Picks…I’ve never scored more than a 9% winner. Not 1 time!! I’m always out 50% of my position at or below 5% and then dump the other half somewhere between a gain of 5 and 10%.  Or if it goes south, I’m out before it goes red on me. I’ll be honest, not all my picks are from you but many are.  Stay true to your roots and don’t get too caught up in the options big return numbers. Yea, I’m interested in Luke’s options too, but I have to stick with what’s working for the majority of my trades. You know your swing system works so stay grounded my friend. My goal is to get back to $28,000 by year end. I’ll keep you posted… And you better call if you ever get back down to AC so we can throw a couple back. ~ Mike I.”


  1. StevenAlvey says:

    Good strategy. Will try it.

  2. shirley says:

    I don’t have a comment, this is my first time on your blog. I just want to learn how to trade in a senseable way and make some money to take me from rags to potential!!

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