What’s Working Now – Friday July 27, 2012 @ 12:50 p.m. EST

CEDC – Up 8% not my favorite but could looks like a trend reversal and a possible move to $3.50’s from here. I’m looking at a bid around $3 possibly.

MOTR – Up 4% candle over candle I’m thinking a bid at $.50 swing $.60 – it’s out of oversold recently so there is some resistance at $.52 from the last consolidation.

JOEZ – Favorite on this list decent earning recently and I like the setup just above $1. I’m thinking swing to $1.17, take half and swing the rest to $1.30 or so.

I’m up over $10,000 with all your calls JB, in less than 2 months of trading!!! I didn’t know a thing about the stock market before then!

James S.


  1. BlairBraverman says:

    I am glad you are always trying to turn dollars for your subscribers…day that stops is day I leave

    • Jason Bond says:

      It won’t stop, all I care about is subscribers winning because if subscribers win, I win.

  2. RobertMarch says:

    Are you suggesting or recomending these as something that we should consider getting into today. Or are these stocks to keep an eye on in the coming days?

    • Jason Bond says:

      It’s more along the lines of what I’m watching. Since I can’t advise… I’m sending that list in the afternoon as stocks I’m watching for trades… almost like an updated watch list midday to prepare those who aren’t in chat.

  3. tina says:

    Not convenient to leave chat and come here during day. Also, chat very difficult to follow. Can’t see what people are saying without scrolling back and only 25 at a time.

  4. karenbrisson says:

    Love the new “whats working” JB. Most days i can’t be in chat. – this helps alot!!!

    • Jason Bond says:

      Excellent Karen, we’ll make it better over time too once I collect more feedback.

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