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You Got Served Cj897! I Want To Hear From You!

On Friday August 31, 2012 I let free clients into the #1 rated chat on the entire Internet. To my knowledge, we have the most biggest free or paid stock chat and on the 31st of August I wanted to display to potential clients.

So that Friday thousands of traders cycled through the chat. This, on 8/31/12, is a ‘review’ from a client… FREAKING classic and let this be a warning… I will defend the fort, my clients and my positions! I’m proud of my call on ZAGG and while he thought he was a hero that day, he’s yet to respond since!

Sorry, did this guy seriously say “Emini analysis” lol?!

“One Star Review Out of Five” ~ Cj897

I am rating Jason a 5 because I don’t feel like listening to him bash me. This is my review and you can take it or leave it.

I took his free trial and was very unimpressed. I actually got banned for posting a pick (will tell you later in this review). I have been trading for a while and I have 2 services I have found that are extremely accurate. I went in here today looking for some picks as I am always willing to add another service with a great track record.

Before I was banned I was in the chat room minding my own when he started to go over his longs. JRCC, ZAGG, AMKR all to the longside…. Well one of the services I subscribe to called ZAGG short yesterday 7.86 entry, 8.24 stop and $5.00 target. They also added to lock in half the profits at 7.07 and adjust stop to even. I was a little late so did not get in until 7.74. Being the fair guy that I am I kindly asked Jason what his stop was and got no answer. So… I asked him again and got no answer. So later as they were discussing in chat I mentioned my trade again to see if I could get any detail on the plan other than he is long because the chart is oversold…..

At this point they were mad and laughed at the target I gave. Then Luke *moderator” said I am going to pull my chart up and you show me how you are getting this. According to the other site I am with they said this is basic text book analysis when they went over the trade yesterday and they broke the chart down and showed 7 reasons the stock is technically doomed. So I told Luke “This is basic analysis” started to get into why the chart was bearish and Jason said “You made your point and you are here free an 8/31/12 I’m glad you have read a techncial analysis book, we all have. 

Well if you have read one why don’t you use it? The other service (not going to spam my review, proving a point) I am with called the top of the market 8/21/2012, then the service that called the ZAGG trade said 8/21 was the top the following day. I get an email from Jason saying “big rally coming” 2 days later. Too soon to know if this will be correct from Jason, but so far it is wrong.

His chart skills are so rookie it is not even funny. When going over everything he likes today I heard nothing about the market or a emini analysis or anything of the such. Just “This is oversold barried so looking for a catalyst to get long.” His catalysts on ZAGG is that it is trading at 9x earnings….

I emailed the admin of the site this guy is long and got all I got in response was “LOL.”

The guy asked me why I was short and I told him (Even though I can’t take credit for what is a solid pick so far as it is not mine) and I began to go over and he got very angry. It is obvious from other reviews on here he has no idea how to put a stop in, where to enter or where a target is. Oh yeah…. His target for ZAGG is $9 area. I guess he will keep adding if it drops since there is no stop. I asked twice.

I understand we all have different ways of chart analysis, but this day chart is very very obvious, even for me. I am glad I was alerted of the pattern.

Just from the services I subscribe too, have tried many and found most of them to be like Jason’s, the chart analysis is lacking big time.  From what I saw most of the guys in there were rookies. I also called a day trade I missed, but lost 7 cents on. Too bad I was banned, hopefully if any of his subscribers took it they know how to cut losses on their own.

Good luck on ZAGG Bond” ~ Cj897

WHERE ARE YOU, COWARD! I can’t believe you went and posted that review like a tough guy. Man I love this! Laughing at guys like you are is more important to me than making money. Even if I’d been wrong picking you apart would be fun still. Oh man… I could go on all night about this but you’re probably under a log somewhere so why bother.

If you are with me and you were in chat that day, let this fool know what we stand for! Here’s how ZAGG went down for me, Cj897 I feel bad for you and just so you know, YOU couldn’t pay me $1,000 / month to be a part of my family! Oh and just so you know, I made about $10,000 on the trade, that’s where my stop was!

Client comments from the review website… thanks guys and gals.


  1. Jason Bond says:

    Been a great ride gang!

  2. Angel says:

    Lol I remember that guy or girl shorting ur stock and then having the nerve to ask what ur stop is. Oh well J can’t let a rotten egg ruin our family

  3. Anthony says:

    Jason, ths is well done! CJ897, I hope you didnt quit your day job and start trading.

  4. Paul says:

    Congrats J..I was on free and remember him as well..its unfortunately human nature that we remember the a&?hats more than the good guys and gals..keep trading and #Winning ;).

  5. RandallPollock says:

    JB You were to easy on him–he had so much to says that day and also in his post !! You are very easy going man !!!! Been with you 2 months and after learning and watching –last 3 weeks, as I call them, green Friday CHEDDAR !!!!!!

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