Chat Guidelines

How Chat Works

During market hours (9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST) the sole purpose of the stock chat is to spot and share important money making information quickly. Chart setups, significant news and solid future catalysts should make up the bulk of the conversation. If it’s not relevant for to the group, then simply don’t say it. Copying and pasting information is discouraged, instead put it in your own words as it relates to trades you are making. Remember, if you’re in the chat you’re there to make money, the information you’re sharing should be directly related to that, otherwise it’s off topic.

Luke Murray and Matt Galpin are the chat room moderators and alert / archive their trades in the he ‘Announcements’ tab. Their day and swing trade alerts come with a single ring so if you’re not looking directly at your computer you’re still notified a new trade has been made. When I make a swing trade I send an email, text and chat alert. My chat alerts come with an ongoing ring to distinguish them from the moderators.

You can learn more about the moderators here.

General Chat

Stock chat that is relevant for the group only! Moderator chat text is a different color for an easy visual. You can filter the chat so you only see the moderators general chat and announcement messages by going to ‘Chat Options’ and selecting ‘Show Only Moderator’s Messages’ followed by clicking ‘Save’ – this will give you all of the announcements and general chat messages from Luke, Matt and me.


This is where all moderator trades are announced / archived in real-time and they come with an single audio alert. My swing trades go out by email, SMS text and chat so they’re archived their as well.

To see a running log of the announcements (trade alerts) make sure you’re in chat before the open and keep the chat open throughout the day. If you leave and come back the last 100 announcements will be shown. When the market closes that day’s announcement history is loaded to the documents section of the chat bottom right. At times the chat needs to be rebooted and when it is the announcements history is cleared but you can find all previous announcements archived in the documents section of the chat bottom right.

If you enter a trade based on an alert in chat, leave and come back, before you ask the moderator or me if we’re still in a trade, please reference the announcements and / or announcements document. This is the most efficient way to communicate the myriad of trade alerts going out daily.

Coffee Lounge

Off topic conversation which should generally be related to stocks. Civil behavior is still expected similar to if you were at a Starbucks cafe.


Connect to your Twitter to share important information with your followers directly from the chat.

Chat Guidelines 

Please make sure you fully understand the chat guidelines because they’re designed to help the group make more money than loosely run chats generally full of losing traders. Remember, about 95% of traders lose money trading regardless of what they tell you. That means in a chat room of 100, 10 traders make money while 90 do not. The people in my chat rooms win because they listen, treat trading like a job and are disciplined.

The vast majority of my clients have large portfolios or are working on building large portfolios and are very serious traders. These clients expect a professional environment to chat and are of the belief that LESS is MORE. This means don’t chat unless it’s something meaningful for the group. For it to be meaningful, it should somehow assist the group in making money.

Failure to follow chat guidelines does not come with a warning. We’ll simply gag your ability to contribute to chat or kick you out of the room for a short period of time. I have and will permanently ban clients from chat and my service for disruptive behavior.

  • Per SEC regulation, I am not an investment advisor which means I’m definitely not your personal investment advisor. Therefore, DO NOT ask me to look at your watch list / portfolio in chat or by email, I simply won’t answer. Please treat the chat moderators in the same manner.
  • The chat room is for statements, not questions. If you’re confused during market hours you’re better off paper trading until you know what you’re doing. Wall Street does not give money back. Please don’t ask, “Is anyone in XYZ or ABC” questions because all it leads to is a myriad of ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ answers. Use the coffee lounge for portfolio discussion, not the general chat.
  • Swearing or implied swearing is not allowed, period. There are no warnings, you’ll simply be kicked from the chat.
  • Questions regarding trading styles, how to find stocks, brokers, etc… should be learned by watching video lessons and attending webinars. Market hours simply isn’t the place for that conversation.
  • From 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST limit off topic chatter. Extended off topic discussions about brokers, pattern day trading, general market conditions can be done through private messaging or discussed after hours in the chat room.
  • Chat has been built around keeping off topic chatter out and real time important information in. I will not baby sit, if you can’t abide by the rules you will be gagged and if it keeps up, you will be banned.
  • For the most part the focus on liquid small caps between $.25 to $10. No stocks under $.25 unless specifically approved by the chat moderator. DO NOT discuss illiquid stocks; this room is for momentum traders. Dollar volume should be over $500,000 on the day to be in discussion and preferably $1,000,000. Again, stocks that aren’t liquid will not work for a group and therefore are not relevant to the group.
  • If you make a contribution to the chat room please use CAPS for symbols and give a brief explanation for the reasoning behind the alert. Tickers should be posted normally such as XYZ or ABC so they are easy to copy and paste into a chart, level 2 or watch list of your own.
  • Outside links are not allowed in chat, period.
  • The chat room is NOT for research reports meaning don’t copy and paste a press release when you can simply say, XYZ or ABC had news. We all know how to find news and read, just point out the news. I do not want long paragraphs pasted in chat.
  • Acronyms are lower case to avoid confusion with upper case tickers.
  • Refrain from asking the same questions time and again throughout the day. The moderators are traders too. Watch the video lessons and come to webinars if you’d like to ask questions, my system isn’t complicated if you apply yourself.
  • Again, the chat room is not the place for your in-depth due diligence on stocks you are trading.
  • Everything that is not a stock alert or a brief discussion (two sentences or less) of a potential stock trade is off-topic during the trading day. There is no tolerance for off-topic posts in the main chat room. Off-topic posts will result in a gag, without warning. The only people allowed to post anything off-topic is Jason, Luke and Matt, however, you’ll notice we do very little of this cause we’re all business.
  • No pumping, promoting or bashing stocks. If there is relevant news, then summarize it in a sentence or two but do not just copy and past press releases.
  • You’re not a cheerleader – which means do not say things like “Come on XYZ!” or “ABC is a fraud.” If you are discussing a stock we’re only interested in what the stock is currently doing, what it might do and why.
  • Do not alert stocks that aren’t moving or don’t have interesting charts.
  • Anyone violating chat room rules or just being annoying will be gagged (anything they type will not be seen by others). Significant abuses can lead to completely banning a subscriber from chat or the service completely. Significant abuses that will lead to banning from chat include but are not limited to: spamming, harassment of other users, use of sexually demeaning or racist language.
  • Before the market, during lunch and after the close I’ll generally get on the mic and answer questions about open positions or anything related to the strategy. Check the calendar for webinar dates and times, video lessons are posted as needed.

Key Terms And Acronyms

In the chat, make sure your acronym use is always lower case leaving upper case use only for tickers.

52h – new 52 week high

52l – new 52 week low

a/h – after hours trades

a/n – afternoon

adr – average daily range over a # of days, larger the # the more volatile

b/o – breakout

c/c – candle over candle video lesson 1 and 2

curl or creeping – coming out of consolidation in a continuation pattern

d/d – due diligence, do your homework and chat isn’t the place to share extensive d/d

d/t – day trade, hold time minutes to hours

e/r – earnings report

eod – end of day

green – price is above previous day’s close

green to red – stock was above prior day’s close, but now has dropped below it

hod – high of day

itm – in the money

l/f – low float, lower number of shares actively traded increase volatility

lbb – lower Bollinger band

lod – low of day

nhod – new high of day

nlod – new low of day

o/n – over night

o/n – overnight

otm – out of the money

pre – pre-market trades

r – resistance

r/r – risk to reward

red – price is below previous day’s close

red to green – stock was below prior day’s close, but now has rose above it

s – support

s/r – support and resistance, e.g. s/r $7.50 / $11

s/s – short sale

s/t – swing trade, hold time one to four days

ubb – upper Bollinger band

w/o – a washout refers to when a stock starts to tank hard

Don’t see a key term or acronym here? Let us know!