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From beginners to experts, Jason Bond Picks is a money making machine and offers the biggest stock chat room on Wall Street with over 500 traders using the service daily.

The stock chat room is a systematic well oiled machine with day trade and swing trade alerts on stocks and options in real-time, all indexed an announcements log making the trades very easy to mirror.

The stock chat room even has an audio option for the alerts making multitasking easier for clients. Additionally there’s voice, screen sharing and a coffee lounge to discuss things like trading strategy and penny stocks.

Luke Murray is the head moderator and oversees the stock chat room assisted by Matt, Marjorie and Ross. Together they’re consistently helping clients find winning day trades and swing trades and I’m proud to work with them. The goal of day trading is $500 a day keeps the job away, but it’s not abnormal for $5,000 profit days to be reported. Here’s a little more on the men and women who run the stock chat room.

Luke Murray – Head Moderator

Location: USA

Luke obtained his Master of Science in Instructional Technology  at Texas A&M University. He attended Park University in Parkville, Missouri where he obtained his Bachelors of Science in Management and Information Systems while on active duty in the United States Marine Corps.

Luke began trading in 1998 while on active duty in the Marines.  He did computer work so he had access to computers at all times and I quickly began day trading. He started with a $15,000 account from money his wife gave him. In less than 1 year his account had grown to almost $200,000. He kept rolling it over trying to grow his account as he had visions of retirement. He had never experienced a stock crash, had read about them but that was it, the market may be down for several days but it always came back. So when the “Tech Bubble Burst” began his mentality was don’t sell here it will come back. Well it did not and many of the stocks he held went bankrupt as he was trading OTCBB stocks. By the time he had realized what had happened he had less cash than he began with. Looking back he had no clue what he was doing, spent a lot of time on and was buying blindly.

After watching all his gains evaporate he decided he wanted to learn the technical analysis of trading so he could feel comfortable placing trades on his own. He spent the next 3 years spending his free time studying candlesticks, charts, and paper trading. That was the best 3 years he could have spent regarding his trading future.

After learning charts, momentum spikes, and identifying break outs he decided to put his computer knowledge to work and develop a stock scanner that took a lot of the tedious work out of being a successful trader. He has a scanner that is being used in the chat room with very good results. Many  hours were spent developing the scanner to the point of where it is now.

Matt Galpin – Moderator

Location: USA

Matt has more than two decades of operational and financial management experience and has developed a sharp eye for identifying investment opportunities. His six sigma project management has led to create successful market and business forecasting tools.

Matt holds two degrees in Financial Management and Human Resource management as well as a minor in accounting. While analytical by nature, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking has given Matt the ability to become and work alongside leaders within the Fortune 500 community. As a financial investing self-starter himself, he empathetically donates his time as Chief Investment officer for several investment clubs. He is a trainer of MS Office products, an accomplished business consultant and a loving husband and father of four.

He has learned the balance between life and work and his passion and dedication are strong in both. His motto is “No one knows everything but everything is knowing.” and secretly longs to beat the world’s record of most movies watched in a lifetime.

Marjorie Zwak - Moderator

Location: USA

For almost 22 years, Marjorie served as the chief financial officer of an extremely successful business. As the years went by her business grew strong and they acquired many of their competitors. Wall Street, however, wasn’t as kind and she watched her retirement fund get chopped in half under the management of a financial advisor.

It was as that point Marjorie decided to take matters into her own hands and tackle Wall Street by herself. Like any smart investor, Marjorie started with a paper trading account, searched the Internet for help and found Jason Bond Picks. After attending webinars, reading many books and studying any information she could find, she finally opened a small account at E*TRADE to test the Wall Street waters. Trading with “real” money and a small fund was much different than paper trading and required a whole new trading style. Marjorie quickly mastered swing trading utilizing Jason Bond’s methods and saw her portfolio grow. Her quick success swing trading small cap stocks motivated her to expand her knowledge into options, which she’s currently paper trading.

Marjorie has been trading successfully for about three years now. She has always had a fascination with charts so after reading Steve Nison’s The Candlestick Course it became second nature to her. Marjorie has quickly gained the respect of the traders in chat and she alerts winning trades on a regular basis. Marjorie’s knack of picking winning trades has gained her a nice following of traders into her trades.

rosscameronRoss Cameron - Moderator

Location: USA

Ross is a US equity trader with a focus on short-term momentum bursts.  He obtained his Bachelors degree in Fine Art and worked in Manhattan at a design firm for several years.  During that time he invested part-time and actively followed the stock markets.  In 2011 he left his career as a designer to focus on full-time investing and trading.

Ross studied Steve Nison’s Candlestick Course and developed a strong foundation in charting and technical analysis.  He also studied the mathematics of technical indicators and began writing formulas for custom indicators and automated trading.

Ross has developed strategies for day trading based on momentum and news catalysts.  He strongly believes in writing trading plans and strictly adhering to the plan.  He learned the secret to long-term success is discipline and composure.  He trades with a calm and steady mind and isn’t afraid to close his positions and walk away during difficult market conditions.

In January of 2013 Ross began the year with $50,000 in his day trading account.  By June, he had made over $45,000 for a return of 90% in 6-months.  Ross plans to continue refining his strategy and improving his skills as an investor and trader.  He is also looking forward to working with new traders and offering them insight into his approach.

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