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Welcome to Jason Bond Picks. You’re now a part of our growing family of active day and swing traders who are learning to maximize their potential by trading stocks both long and short.

I can’t promise you’ll make money trading, it’s illegal and unethical to do so, but let’s be honest, you’re here to make money and the more the better. This is not a game, I take this responsibility very seriously and put a lot of effort into trying to help make that happen.

I’m here to serve you and intend to do it better than anyone else on Wall Street. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from my service.

Jason Bond Picks is active trading specializing in day trading and swing trading stocks long and short. Here’s what to expect from this service after you sign up:

Day Trading

Perfect for greedy, trigger-happy traders who need profitable intraday ideas. The goal is to be in all cash by the end of the trading day – everyday! It’s the perfect complement for my swing trade alerts. The goal here is $500 a day, which keeps the job away. This is a chat based only service and subscribers generally need a portfolio over $25,000 to participate. We’re targeting small caps here as well but will move on anything that can produce profit and will make as many trades as the market allows. All alert entries and exits in real-time and indexed in the chat announcements tab making it easy to follow along. This service is NOT for beginners. The day trading service is run by head trader Luke Murray and assisted by Ross Cameron and me.

Access to chat and our video lessons – http://www.jasonbondpicks.com/day-trading

In 2013 Luke’s Day Trading performance was a staggering +125.70% or $762,999 in gains compared to the S&P 500 +29.60%.

Swing Trading

This is my flagship service and core strategy in which you’ll receive 3 – 5 swing trade alerts per week by email, text and chat in real-time. I also spend a considerable amount of time teaching this strategy. Almost all of the alerts come from my master watch list, which I reference to build my daily watch list. In predictable markets my daily watch list goes out the night before, in volatile markets early the morning of. The goal is to provide working professionals with an active swing trading strategy designed to produce profits year in and year out simply trading 3 – 5 times per week with 1 – 4 day hold times. I specialize in liquid nano, micro and small cap stocks i.e. anything under a market cap of $2 billion, a price between $.01 and $10 with a Beta of 1 or higher. My profit goal is 5 – 10% rinse and repeat. I’ll definitely let a bull ride for 20 – 30% but in general I’m paying myself around 5 – 10% which would be between $1,500 – $5,000 on the winners for me.

Access to The Basics of Swing Trading, master watch list, daily watch list, portfolio and video lessons – http://www.jasonbondpicks.com/swing-trading

In 2013 my swing trading performance was +77.18% or $238,830 in gains compared to the S&P 500 +29.60%.

Specialty ADD-ON Service

The short selling service, where we bet against stocks, is an add-on to the day trading and swing trading services mentioned above. If you’re interested in making money from a stocks decline you can expect 5 – 8 trade alerts per month with holds ranging from a few hours to a few days. You will need a brokerage account at Interactive Brokers and / or Sure Trader to participate in most short selling alerts which is why it’s an add-on service that compliments our day and swing trading long position. The goal is to capitalize on temporary spikes in a stock’s price caused by hype and speculative promotion by short selling near the top of these predictable moves. My entries and exits in real time by email, text and chat. There’s big money to be made here going against the popular consensus taking advantage of mispricing in the market. Reference Day Trading and Swing Trading for content. Luke Murray and Ross Cameron alert their shorts in chat and mine go by email, text and chat, all in real-time.

My expertise is in education so I’ll do my best to teach you a system that works for me time and time again, with little effort.

I say this time and time again; I’m a part time trader teaching trading full time. You’ll see what I mean as you settle in.

All I do is swing trade long and short and I’ll ask you refrain from day trading stocks and options until you have plenty of swing trading experience. I see a lot of people get hurt trying to make money fast, that’s not how Wall Street works.

While we are on that topic, consider paperMoney by Think or Swim while you learn. Read how this client did it here.

You can meet my team here.  Our chatroom runs 500+ daily for a reason but there are guidelines so be sure to read them.

Inner circle meets in chat on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Bookmark the calendar here.

Want a free subscription for life? Pay for your subscription by following these easy steps. In fact, several of my clients are already making over $25,000 a year in recurring income – easy residual income.

Please LIKE me on Facebook, FOLLOW me on Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube. I like to be social with clients outside of the business as well and do run conferences.

Okay those links will get you started! Thank you for putting your trust in me and trying my service. I hope you’ll see how serious I take this responsibility and are a client for years to come.

DO NOT attempt to day trade if you are new to trading. Again, I can’t say this enough and experts agree with me, if you are new leave day trading and options alone. Swing trading works! Leave day trading for the pros. If you want to be a pro, great, but build a foundation first.

Here’s the 7 biggest mistakes I see beginners make.

Even if you only plan to mirror my trades, understanding what I’m looking at makes the process smoother. My system is simple but takes a little time to learn. The harder you study the more sense it will make which will add a lot of confidence in the trades you make.

IMPORTANT, add jason@jasonbondpicks.com to your approved email contacts to be sure you receive all future emails. If you use Gmail my emails will show up under the new ‘Promotions’ tab.

Sign up for SMS text here – it’s a great way to get fast alerts anywhere in the world.

Again, I thank you for joining my trading family!

Wall Street can be beat!  I’m proof of it, but I need you to set your foundation first. Take your time and settle in.

I look forward to working with you!

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