CRRS $39,076 Profit
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"Holy crap Jason. Out of CRRS for + $10,900 profit in less than 2 full days. You're my new best friend haha. Thanks man!" ~ Paul S.

LQMT $19,640 Profit
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"Jason! I don't know where to begin. I bought LQMT at $.20 from your alerts and since AAPL was involved I bought 100k shares. I sold all 100k today at $.63 for a realized gain of $42,590. Wow, less than a week hold and this is the biggest trade of my life to date. I am with you to the end!!!"
~ Luke M.

RGSE $26,000 Profit
In Just 5 Days

"I am up +62% on RGSE in my IRA account... YIPPEE! Thanks Jason." ~ Karen H.

GEVO $10,000 Profit
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"Hey Jason. Thank you for alerting GEVO. I bought in both accounts. In GEVO at $1.89 and out at $2.40 with 10k shares and in the other account in GEVO at $1.91 and out at $2.41 for over $10,000 PROFIT. All together it was a fantastic Wednesday and profited over $12,000 for the day. Thank you for what you do and keep up the great work." ~ Michael G.

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