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Thanks JB … I’m up $11,200 for the month of February!  I’ve decided to do this instead of day job.

~ Karin S.

Jason, thanks for the info on PLUG! Just paid for my daughter’s 2nd semester of college!!!

~ John P.

Your lessons have changed my life! Made $7,200 today on FITX !! I love you man.

~ Hung T.

Nicely done JB! Good luck to you and us all. Appreciate it all – everyday Sir! Brings so much fun…even when I lose I enjoy the learning’s. Up over $10,000 in January.

~ Anuj K.

JB, thanks for the heads up on PHOT last week- Played in Friday .24 out today +$2,400 from a coffee shop as internet down at home :)

~ John P.

JB, Sold NIHD today from 2 weeks ago or so…for a net profit of $7,880. Thank you so much for all that you do. It is much appreciated, Sir!

~ Anuj K.

Great video lesson and so clear, Jason, I love that you don’t leave your members “hanging out on their own”. You EDUCATE THEM you teach them to fish, rather than JUST GIVE THEM FISH.

~ Dr. John S.

Bought PHOT @ $.172…still holding…up 195%….thanks jb.

~ Andy W.

Would like to thank JB for PHOT. bought at $.13 and sold at $.35. Added 35% to my small portfolio.

~ Gabriel L.

Out PHOT +$4880 thanks JB!

~ Stephen P.

Sold 35k shares of PHOT +$7,500, average $.43, in since JB’s alert, Thanks JB!!

~ Kevin E.

It’s a beautiful thing when your profit stop is at +40% (PHOT). Thanks JB & Luke!

~ Daniel P.

JB…it’s only 11:00 am, and it has been an amazing day for me.  The best since joining the room back in July.  Up over $3,000 in less than 2 hours.  Thanks so much!!

~ Mark S.

I made total of $17,000 on trades from you in few days.  They should call you James instead of Jason.

~ Michael K.

Out NQ @ $14.32 up $1,533. WOW!! biggest trd for me!! Thanks Jay!!

~ Carol O.

Made $2,000 on TTS out 2,450 shares $17.25. Started off with 1,250 yesterday at $15.80. Off to the beach. Thanks for introducing me to TTS Jason.

~ Carlos C.

Nice run-up on NQ this am…early here but glad I was up. Sold near hod for over $1,000 profit. What a great way to start the week…thanks JB!

~ Karen H.

Just sold my TTS  + $2.36 from Fri. 10K shares  $23,600 from Friday.  Thanks JB.

~ Jimmy B.

Internet high five to Jason Bond Picks and everyone with his service, glad I stumbled across his service earlier this year.

~ Michael P.

Out TTS +$.44 tu Luke from yesterday and Jason from today, I luv this room, what a day, thanks guys!!!

~ Bob G.

JB – I can’t even believe how much I’ve learned trading with your community for the past year or so, and after all this time I’m noticing the training is becoming second nature instinct in how I trade. Thanks!

~ Mark A.

Out AAMRQ, long term play from $3.75 in September out at $12.50. Thanks to JB of course!!!

~ Jeffrey M.

Third day here and I’m up $1,060. Thanks for CAMT, it was an awesome alert.

~ John H.

Jason, in all seriousness, you, your traders and your newsletter as a whole absolutely rock! Closed out over $5,000 in profits today that came from your subscription. I’ve learned so much since 7/4/13 when I signed up! Sincerely stoked!

~ Eric O.

As a newb, want to say a HUGE thanks a million Luke who alerted me to VISN. I made $1,360 after cost of trades, in and out twice $12.34 to $13.00 and $12.91 to $13.65.

~ Helen W.

Where else can you make $540 in 15 minutes (legally) on your lunch hour? Your Fibs Retracement video (and patience) made me that on PRKR today after the big upswing. Chat rocks! Thanks again for this site.

~ Kent T.

Up 62% on RSOL in my IRA account…yippee! Thanks Jason.

~ Karen H.

So glad I found this place. The education provided is awesome, you really are helping people to change theres lives…huge win on PRKR. I’M JUST FIRED UP MAN!

~ Justin V.

J , you are the master teacher at this game!!! Keep it up!

~ Max M.

Thank you very much for this place JB, I just want to cry right now. Banked huge on PRKR, been holding since Wednesday, am I dreaming?!

~ Justin V.

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