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Out CDTI $3.22 from $2.92. Love it Luke.

~ Ronald B.

Awesome Luke, +$550 profit in the first 30 minutes for me, thanks man.

~ Jeremy B.

My buddy driving just made $750 profit in 10 minutes with lifestyle trading. Thanks Jason and Luke.

~ Greggory M.

Out ACI  calls  +62%  thanks JB.

~ Ronnie A.

Sold ACI +12% profit, thank you Jason.

~ Ronnie A.

Jason, great swing trading videos!

~ Wayne V.

Took my profits on ACI at $1.96 with JB, thanks.

~ Dr. Philip P.

Out of ACI with +6% inside the day, thanks Jason!

~ Joseph N.

Cool! Out of ACI +$.10 on 10,000 shares. Quick +$1,000 profit. Thanks JB.

~ Richard D.

Did my one trade with @EliteDayTraders in RGLS for what used to be a weeks wages. Done for day. Thanks Luke and @JasonBondPicks

~ Ron B.

Hi Jason, I thought about your service, and you have really impressed me with your straight forward manner and willingness to acknowledge your mistakes.  Also your manner of dealing with customers. I have been trading for about 50 years, I am 70, and I like your style.  Looking forward to making some money and having some fun.

~ Paul L.

Jason thanks, I joined your service yesterday and bought VSR at $2.26, sold it for $2.72 for an overnight gain of 20%.

~ Juan S.

Thanks JB, meeting or exceeding my goals here almost every day up $14,000 this month just slow and steady taking the nickels, dimes and quarters. I try not to get greedy and I’ve learned to take profit. I can always get back in the trade if it continues to run.. You’ve taught me well and I thank you. See you next week. 8)

~ Greggory M.

Hi Jason, thanks again for the great service.  The chat room is like a “sports team”, the comradery alone is worth the fee.  I made a little over $400 on NXTD this morning.  That’s over $1,400 this month.  Under 25K, so limited to 3 trades per day.  Always looking for the swing too.

~ John B.

You’re killing it man! Out YGE +.27 and out NEON +.70! First month trading with you and Luke and it’s already paid for the 3 month subscription 10 times, and it would have been more if I had a bigger account hah. Thank you for all the help. Watched all your videos and it’s been incredible to see it in action.

~ Jeremy B.

I appreciate your teachings…you really make it easy to learn and I am really looking forward to putting everything to practice.

~ Ken T.

My E-Trade account is up 20% since joining your service less than a month ago!!!! Thanks JB

~ Robert N.

JB – for a former gym teacher you sure know how to write! And people complain about the decline of American education.

~ Jonathan K.

Just doing my math here and up $2,700 for the week. Thanks JB. You are a good teacher.

~ Ronald B.

Out of HART @  $9.95 + $3,212 4K shares . I need to go to  work good luck everyone and great stock pick Jason B. Thanks. :)

~ Patty G.

JASON just gotta say 4 words…YOUR STOCK PICKS ROCK!!!

~ Jim C.

My first big win with Penny Stock PRO and I’m so excited, UTRM delivered 34% for me. THANKS!

~ Elizabeth V.

I sold UTRM for $3,200 profit +41% on the position. Thank you so much Jason.

~ Corey L.

I am personally up $5,585 in the first month of Penny Stock PRO, thanks Jason.

~ Jaime R.

JB, I have been with you from last year my husband joined this, from last 3 months I left my part time job, I experienced that your picks always work for me.

~ Preeti V.

I was with a different site before joining JBP.  Never learned anything and lost money.  Since I’ve joined JBP, I’m up quite a bit of money and following Luke is amazing.  Thank you guys!

~ Kyan T.

God Bless you, Jason!  If it weren’t for you I’d be out in the middle of BFE driving a truck.  After 25 years of being away from family playing cops and robbers, it’s good to finally be home!!

~ Jay J.

Thanks JB … I’m up $11,200 for the month of February!  I’ve decided to do this instead of day job.

~ Karin S.

Jason, thanks for the info on PLUG! Just paid for my daughter’s 2nd semester of college!!!

~ John P.

Your lessons have changed my life! Made $7,200 today on FITX !! I love you man.

~ Hung T.

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