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Mike R.

Actual trader development - JB leverages his teaching background to help traders learn the skills needed to perform this successfully. It is not about just taking all his trades; it is about learning the WHY behind the trades he takes. Not to mention, he is in it right along side the traders with real money at stake. Highly recommend.


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Why Do Our Algorithms Trade Alerts Work So Well?

Our system employs computer-generated algorithms to transform complex stock data into simple yet effective trade alerts. Here’s how we achieve this:

1. Accuracy and Fewer Mistakes: With minimal human intervention in algorithmic trading, the risk of dangerous trading errors is significantly reduced.

How It Works:

– Our algorithm scans thousands of stocks every second.
– It seeks a 5 to 1 risk ratio, meaning we risk $1 to make $5 on each trade.
– We generate 15 trading opportunities daily and alert you to the top 3.

Getting Started:

– You can begin using our algo alerts with as little as $100/day.
– Once your trading becomes profitable, you can start to scale up.


– In this chart, AMAM, our algorithm detected a massive spike in Ambrx Biophrama that no human could have foreseen, highlighting its advanced predictive capabilities. AMAM was later acquired by J&J in an all-cash offer at $28 per share.

2. The Algorithm is Hard At Work 24/7:

Our trading algorithms operate continuously, analyzing the markets and identifying trading opportunities around the clock, as long as the market is open. This constant vigilance ensures that no qualified trade setup is missed, providing you with timely alerts even while you sleep.

For example, our algorithm detected a promising trade in PHVS at 7:00 AM Eastern Time, a time when most people were either getting ready for work or still asleep. This alert led to an incredible opportunity for a 232% gain.

3. Emotionless Trade Decisions:

Emotional trading often leads to unnecessary risks and potential losses. When you lose capital due to emotional decisions, you might engage in revenge trading—making impulsive trades to recover losses quickly. This approach can result in even greater losses.

By using “Algorithmic Trading,” you eliminate emotion-driven decisions from your trading process. Instead, all trade decisions are based on statistical analysis and a proven method, ensuring a disciplined and rational approach to trading.

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Did you know that 85% of all stock trades are executed by computer algorithms?

There’s a reason why you're not seeing the same trading success as the big Wall Street institutions. The average everyday trader lacks an edge. Many traders rely on mainstream media advice, random trade alerts, or worse, stock picks from Reddit or unqualified Discord groups. This puts them at a significant disadvantage compared to institutional traders who use sophisticated tools and strategies.

No wonder 95% of traders fail.

* Results May Not Be Typical and May Vary From Person to Person. Making Money Trading Stocks Takes Time, Dedication, and Hard Work. There Are Inherent Risks Involved With Investing in the Stock Market, Including the Loss of Your Investment. Past Performance in the Market is Not Indicative of Future Results. Any Investment is at Your Own Risk.

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