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Tuesday April 12, 2011

Still sitting on 7k shares of CDXC and it’s starting to climb a bit. If you recall, I bought it April 4th on the bid at $1.60. Still nothing major to talk about here outside of it’s ticking in the right direction. Light volume stock so be aware.

Had 5k shares of GFRE at the start of yesterday. Sold 2.5k shares at support on the pullback at $5.52 as indicated in my email / text. Then picked up 2.5k shares on the sell off at $5.19. As soon as it dipped, I sold that 2.5k share position immediately at an average of $5.09 for a small loss. So, in summary, I sold 5k shares yesterday for a decent loss and am sitting with 2.5k shares at $5.19. Despite the dip, I want to hold a position in GFRE because if they do in fact come out of this China mess a clean company, it’ll pay big. Of course the risk is they’re corrupt and get halted… so be advised, as I’ve said from the beginning, this is a risky bet.

Grabbed 30k shares of SHMX sitting on the bid yesterday at $.255, no alert by was sent due to my rule on low volume stocks. If I had to compare it to a recent trade, I’d say it’s a lot like CHTL was for us, a future momentum play. I wouldn’t consider the asking price though, which is why I sat on the bid and it took all day to get filled.

Due to all the bullshit surrounding China, I canceled the rest of my 5k order on CAST and sold the 420 shares from my original purchase last week. I am just not willing to risk anything else in China right now.

I am riding LOCM from my $4.30 entry, I have 5k shares left after selling half my position at support the other day. Once I see where it settles, I’ll probably grab 5k more shares for the next bounce.

Finally, I grabbed a small 5k position in JOEZ yesterday at $1.15. I chose not to alert because it was a black/red bet and too risky, possibly even stupid on my part. Glad I didn’t alert it since earnings sucked after close and it dropped 10%. Possibly one to flip today if it gets down to $.85 so I’ll be watching close. I’ll get rid of this one soon, was just a quick bet and I picked the wrong color.

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