Comments Like This Is Why I Work So Hard

Last night I sent this email to roughly 100 subscribers that have been with me since our company bought the website. His response says it all and motivates me to work even harder for my premium subscribers. There will be good days and bad days swing trading but when a guy paying $30 / quarter for almost a year is more than fine with paying almost 10x that at $300 / quarter you know you’re doing something right. Can’t thank this guy enough and I’m really happy to see these guys sticking with me since they been here since day 1.

My email to subscribers Monday night…

Good Evening!

If you’re receiving this email you’ve been with me since the day I took over the website and for that I’m grateful. I hope you’d agree that a lot of things have changed for the better in that time.  As you know, the $9.99 / month fee existed under the previous management and we decided to keep in place for the first year. Prices have gone up every quarter or so as I’ve improved my service to subscribers. I’m writing this evening to inform you that we’ll no longer be accepting the $9.99 / month fee starting January 1st because there’s simply too big of a gap with incoming subscribers and the demand on my time. As you know I spend as much time as necessary to make sure existing subscribers are taken care of and to do this I need to manage the size of my list. I believe I’m asking fair value at $295 / quarter for my service and hope you’d agree. Having said that, I realize that it’s a lot to ask for you to stay with me considering your previous price point so I’m willing to offer a 1-time 30% discount on the quarterly rate. I’m confident you more than anyone are aware of the hard work I’ve been putting in since I took over last December and would agree on my rationale here. If for whatever reason you’re not interested just let me know and I’ll close up your account for you right away. If you are interested and would like to stay on board, please let me know as soon as possible and we’ll cancel your old account and get your new account in place. Please let me know of your decision to stay or go as soon as possible. Many of you I know well now so I hope you can respect my judgment here and will stay with me as I build this business to be the best swing trade newsletter on the Net. I think I’ve proven how hard I’m willing to work for you, I sincerely hope you see value in this offer.

Jason Bond

One of many responses Tuesday…

I’m staying. You deserve it. Sometimes when I ask you something I asked to myself; does he know how much I am paying for this service? Well obviously looking back when I started with you things have changed, you have been a workaholic and I can certify that. My portfolio came from a negative average in the year I started to a positive this year. Keep it up, and let’s build a good wealth for our future. ( I am the same age as you are). ~ Luis

XCO was a great pick!  I have now made back what I lost on the dumb penny stocks. Even if it dips now, I have a stop that will still make me cheddar (as you call it ).

Tibor B.


  1. Steve says:

    Hi Jason,

    Although I’m not a subscriber, does the 1-time 30% discount apply to free members for a limited time? I think I know the answer but had to ask.

    Thanks, and yes, from what I’ve seen so far, you give your subscribers top notch service!!

    • Jason Bond says:

      Sorry Steve no it was only for those $9.99 guys cause they were here before we bought the NL. Thank you for the kind words.

  2. rick clark says:

    let me ask you something..of all the other sites pitching different stocks what would you consider your average as opposed to them and how much money should one start with?

    • Jason Bond says:

      Not sure what you mean by my average? As far as getting started trading most people do $2,000 and up.

  3. richie humphrey says:


    im trying to prove something with in my family in regards to trading.
    my father has done extremely well,amd my uncle franklin miller was
    the treasure for the NYSE.ive been studying ur picks but i need a couple srong penny stock picks ive done well for december but the family says i need to stay out of day trading,of coare he will never admit to my mom i made him 72,000 in the last 10 days his money
    if you can help me really get a grip on i can pay u more than ur asking for monthly dues thanks
    AMWI sure has been good to me last 5 days netting 1,500

    • Jason Bond says:

      Hi Richie. While I’d love to take more of you’re money $295 is what I charge and not a penny more. We can work together in chat on a Saturday and you should come to every Tuesday and Thursday night class at 9 p.m. EST week in and week out. Email me with further questions at – glad to hear of your interest.

  4. Rick Smith says:

    Hi Jason,

    Just wanted to make a comment on your price increase e-mail. I am 67 yrs old and have been playing in the stock market for a good 25 yrs. All I know about it has been self taught by trial and error and has cost me a lot of money in poor trading habits and lack of knowledge. When I found your web site I enjoyed all your free service and got so much out of it I signed up for your Premium Membership. I don’t know of any college that I could go to and get so much information with such hands on help for less than $1000.00 a yr. People need to know that you have to spend money to make money and this is one of the cheapest and best educations that they can get. With as hard as you work to share your knowledge and time with us I don’t feel like you ever need to justify a rate increase.

    Looking forward to hopefully being a member for many yrs. to come and may we all make a lot of money in 2012. Rick

    • samhanm05 says:

      well said, you have to spend money to make money. thats what i was just telling jason in an email.

  5. ef4550 says:

    Can you further elaborate on the advantages of premium membership?

  6. Rick Smith says:

    Jason is the most honest person you will find out there. I have signd up for a ton of newsletters, paid and free over the years and NONE has ever shown me whatr they have made and what they have lost. If you do as he does and and don’t wander off course till you really know what you are doing then you will make a lot of money. Since I joined I have started using stops on ever trade and getting out before it turns and I lose everything. If you listen to him you will MAKE MONEY. He is the best by far I have found in my 25 plus yrs. of trading. Join up, make money and have fun.

    • ef4550 says:

      Thanks for the tip. I will keep that in mind and try not to wander. I also have seen Jason’s review and many people wrote good things about him.

  7. ef4550 says:

    I just signed up yesterday on the premium membership. Lets make some $$$.

    • ef4550 says:

      Jason, since i am brand new to the premium membership, do you normally let us know when to sell too? Or you only tell us the goal?

    • Jason Bond says:

      Sounds good to me, welcome aboard!

    • Jason Bond says:

      Morning and yes. I send all of my buy and sell alerts in real-time giving the end user the opportunity to look at what I see and decide for themselves if it’s time to sell also.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I really want to join but I don’t have any money at the moment- in fact- I’m negative in my bank account and just waiting for my next paycheck; as that’s how I’ve always lived- paycheck to paycheck. Obviously- I’d like to break that cycle. Unfortunately, I was married to a man who took everything I had- home, money in the bank and after 8 years- once we were penniless, he decided to leave (without any warning whatsoever…)

    It’s been almost a year and I took my only $500 and put them in an E-trade account; hoping to start making some money. As others have noted, I subscribed to some free newsletters and bought AMWI and my $500 is now a little over $100 because I am not sure what to do!! (I wish I had seen your newsletter prior to my purchase but we can only learn from the past and move forward without repeating poor choices!)

    I am now dying to join and do believe in you and what you do. I will be a member soon enough… Hopefully you can help me build up enough wealth to once again buy a home for my family (me and my children)… I know I’m not alone and others have suffered but I’d like to finally be able to smile and know that I won’t have to beg, borrow, and pawn (as I don’t steal) to be able to pay my bills and move on with my life!

    I’m glad I came across your website and hope this New Year will be wonderful for all of us!

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