Thursday July 14, 2011

Heading into Thursday I have 4 open trades, 2 short and 2 long.

I’m getting squeezed on POTG and ZAGG but I’m holding onto both because I think I’m right. Price action is all that matters so if they don’t turn down in my favor soon I’ll be forced to cover for a loss. I have 20k POTG short at $.80 and 2k ZAGG short at $12.77.

After cashing in XSNX for a small gain, I picked up 10k MCZ at $1.47 with a goal of 10% short term and a tight stop. Also still have my bid buy PPRTF, 10k at $.60.

2 trades averaging out to 50% gains for $1,147 profit.  I hear others did better but 50% over 2 days for me is awesome. I don’t expect 50% all the time but since joining  3 months ago – even though I made some learning mistakes –  I am way up.

Jim D.

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